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Why anyone is dealing with jealous insecure women in relationships probably has a lot to do with past experiences. We attract what we are, but it’s normal to feel some type of way when your lover calls you by another person’s name. I mean, that’s hurtful whether you are in a dangerous or casual relationship. 

Or how about when they flirt with someone else in front of you? I mean, stuff like this happens every day, and you want to know why am I so jealous and insecure in relationships? Seriously, cause he’s talking about this girl from work, and we’re supposed to dating! How insensitive is he? 

Typically, you’re a relaxed and laid-back person, but stuff like this rubs people the wrong way. It doesn’t always have to be about possessiveness or insecurity, but when your gut instinct starts kicking in with some strong vibes, it makes you wonder what is going on. It’s even worse when you can’t stand the other person. Still, lately, you don’t know how to stop being jealous of your boyfriend’s female friends

It’s to the point where my friends are asking, ‘why am I so jealous and insecure’ when he’s home every night? He’s doing everything a good man would do. I’m an intelligent and confident person in every aspect of life, but relationships, I’m better at advising rather than taking my own. With that said, how many of us know when a person is jealous? What are the signs of jealous people exactly?

What is Jealousy in a Relationship?

Jealous feelings are awful emotions. They come out of nowhere and sometimes for no real reason. Jealousy can become an obsession for some people and drive their partners to commit the sins they were accused of doing. Or at least that’s the excuse they use. I’ve never done anything I was totally against doing, so I haven’t ever slipped and fallen into a relationship I didn’t want to be in. Some people say they have but go beyond and become violent.

Living with a jealous husband who’s also violent, ain’t no fun. You must have space to breathe. I hope that’s not the case with you, but it is, please get help. I mean, there are so many ways to leave him, and you have places to go now. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in a relationship, and please don’t reason it out, talking about how you love him. You can enjoy a violent man from a distance. Just think of it this way, one day you may not wake up to tell him how much you care. Okay, enough of that sermon and back to jealousy.

There are many types of jealousy or jealous behaviors, primarily romantic jealousy. However, you can have friend jealousy and work jealousy, but there is also abnormal jealousy.

What is Jealousy a Sign Of?

Dealing with jealous insecure women in a relationship is tough. Jealousy is most often an indication of a person’s vulnerabilities rather than about their partner’s doing, but not all the time. You could be a jealous person if you’ve experienced a high level of traumas in the past. If this is the case, April Eldemire, LMFT suggests telling your partner what happened, so they understand your jealous behavior.

With this in mind, find out if there is a distinct pattern of jealous behavior, or are you surprised by your feelings and actions? If you’re honest and you are jealous all of the time, whether your partner did anything or not, then you probably are a little psycho.

Reasons for Jealousy in Relationships

What causes jealousy? If you’re suffering from low self-esteem or have a ‘pity me’ mindset, it’s easy to understand why you have feelings of jealousy. It’s difficult to believe anything good about yourself. If you don’t feel attractive and self-assured, you probably don’t feel as if you are good enough. In this case, you might not believe your partner when he gives you compliments or even tells you how he genuinely feels.

We feel jealous when we feel threatened. Sometimes the feelings are logical and other times; they are not. When dealing with jealous insecure women gets to be pathological, we have a problem. Extremely jealous people are problematic, and they end up losing the ones they love. Believe it or not, there are different types of jealousy, so let’s go over them briefly.

Types of Jealousy

If you are in an imaginary relationship, you’ve given this person more control than they deserve. It makes sense you’re going to feel jealous a lot, but it’s for no reason! Stop imagining situations that are not real. So, ask yourself, is it real? Are you obsessive, it will be tough, but you can control your thoughts.

You must let go of jealousy before your relationship becomes problematic. Jealousy affects how you behave and how you view relationships. Signs of unhealthy relationships or toxic behavioral are when:

  • You check your partner’s phone behind their backs
  • Accusing your SO of cheating and lying
  • Constantly insulting your partner
  • Thinking negatively about your mate
  • Interrogating your spouse

Paranoia is a form of jealousy, and for the Schizophrenia-Paranoid Type personality, it’s difficult to manage.

Some people refer to abnormal jealousy as morbid, delusional, pathological, or psychotic. You can attribute these conditions to an imbalance, mental illness, obsession, or extreme insecurity or immaturity. If you see yourself behaving this way, or your partner, try to get to the root of the problem, seriously. Sometimes, it’s hidden or even forgotten, or you don’t even realize it affects you.

How to Stop Being Insecure and Jealous 

If you’re not a jealous person typically, chances are you’re not an unreasonable person. It could be that your hunches are on point. Our instincts kick in, and we pick up on signals that says something’s not right. Seth Myers, Psychology Today, means you may be in a relationship with someone you shouldn’t put your trust in.

If you’re dealing with jealous insecure women, talk to someone. When you’re feeling jealous, it’s also an excellent time to speak with your partner. Don’t be afraid, be honest and upfront. Just take a deep breath and spit it out. You’ll be more secure if you keep the lines of communication open and set some boundaries if you don’t have them already. Here’s a video that has some tips on how to control your feelings.

If you have a sound, logical partner, you should be thankful. Be sure to show your appreciation. There are plenty of singles who want love and can’t find it. Focus on learning how to love,  and overcoming jealousy and possessiveness rather than quitting and self-destruction. On the other hand, you may never feel quite right with the wrong person. Consider who you’re with, and why do we get jealous in relationships before you beat yourself up. It may not be all your fault.

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