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Most people are afraid of losing the things most precious to them, and sometimes we take such things as love and personal space for granted. Right now, millions are trying to figure out how living with someone who works from home can maintain a happy and healthy relationship. These are times when experts predict divorce rates will soar due to the isolating coronavirus. 

As news reports reveal, some scientists were aware of the virus as early as 2003. If more people prepared for this outbreak and about its cure or possible vaccine, not many people would have died. Now we’re faced with the pandemic, and we have to stay productive during isolation.

Because of the all-time high unemployment rate, tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have made and reconstructed work-from-home policies for their employees from different corners of the world. Couples are taking advantage of them while they can.

So, if you’re living with someone who works from home or if you’re one of those “unessential employees” who never worked from the comfort of their homes before, it can be difficult to switch all of a sudden. At first, it was my husband works from home and I don’t, but now, we’re in it together. With that said, we have some tips for you, which will help you gain laser focus and keep your eye on your tiger.

I can’t find a good, quiet, and relaxing place to work from

All you have to do is find a spot that has the least disturbance; areas near windows are preferred, as they’ll help you stay relaxed. This space could be in your she-shed or man cave. Set up your office there, even if it is a small desk and chair. 

Bring items from the office or desk from your workplace and add to your new home office. This way, you’ll feel as though it’s work as usual, and it’ll help you set the mood and concentrate on the task at hand. To make things more realistic, continue to call your spouse at work, and decide on dinner plans or whatever you usually talk about during the day.

I get distracted easily; it’s difficult to focus being around my family

When setting up your home office, let everyone know your working hours. Remind neighbors, friends, and family you are still at work although you’re at home and budding in at any time they choose is not helpful. They are distracting you from being productive, and you need to use your working hours for work. There are all kinds of ways to invent an office space and room dividers if you don’t have another room to use as a home office. 

Take Breaks and Lunch Together But Not All The Time

Living with someone who works from home can be challenging. Both spouses working from home means you’re spending more time together. More time can be nourishment for the relationship, or it can put a damper on things. Keep your days close to pre-coronavirus. Have lunch with your co-workers or girlfriends via Facetime, Facebook, Skype, or Google Duo while eating from the dining room table.

Living With Someone Who Works from Home 2
Living With Someone Who Works from Home 2

Well, you could eat outside since it’s beautiful and warm. Take up a few parking spaces at the beach or park. As long as you’re 6-ft from each other, you can still visit with each other. The whole point being is getting away from the “office” and partner for a moment to refresh your brain. 

Who are they at work? Do you even know this person?

Now is the time you find out who your partner really is at work. I can’t work with my husband. (hahaha) Yeah, you thought things were different when you moved in together, but now, you’re seeing a different side of them. It’s like they have three or four different personalities, and you’re amazed at how you could love every one of them.

Cherish this time with your partner. While it’s good couples work from home, it’s easy for everyone to become agitated and well, get on each other’s nerves. We want you all to stay productive, healthy, and above all, stay happy. Use these tips to help you stay on top of things professionally and personally.

Tips to Help Productivity While Working From Home

Your partner works from home now and you need new equipment. What kind of tech/laptop would work best for the job at hand? Well, it depends on your work. If you’re working on Word or Office Software, then you won’t need a high-end specifications machine.

A standard laptop with sound processing and internet speed would work great. These laptops will work best for you. If you’re into graphic designing, video editing, or programming, a high-performance notebook with high-end specs and a long-lasting power-reserve will be great for your needs.

I haven’t worked in 30 years; I wouldn’t know how to start now

Since the coronavirus, my husband never leaves the house! I don’t know how to handle him and all of this idle time I have. (smh) Someone said to check out freelancing websites. Millions of people rely on them every day to bring home an income. You can easily create your account within minutes, get approved, and start working today. No matter what you do, they have categories for all kinds of work. It could be as simple as narrating a commercial or story or even writing a blog such as this one. 

I have employees/managers that are in different time zones

Meet with your employees/managers where you can each set working hours according to the appropriate time zone or one you’re comfortable working. No one wants to wake in the middle of the night to attend meetings.

Let’s say your work schedule starts from 8 am to 2 pm according to UK time, but you live in Pakistan. The time difference means that in Pakistan, you’ll work from 1 pm to 7 pm. 

Final Thoughts 

Just one last thing. While you’re at home like the rest of us, you could be one of the lucky ones and are already living with someone who works from home. How couples work from home is none of my business if you know what I mean (wink, wink), but don’t forget to date each other. If you’re generally off on the weekends, take that time to get comfy with the one you love. Tune in to a few of your favorite comedy or crime shows and binge-watch them. Humor helps to relax the mind, cheers you up, makes you more energetic and productive. Why we watch crime TV, well, that’s another story.


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