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A Fall from Grace by actor, writer, and filmmaker Tyler Perry is a heart-wrenching movie featuring some epic performers, including the legendary Cicely Tyson. The film, made specifically for Netflix, was shot within one week. If that is any indication of the professionalism, the movie will win record awards and accolades. 

The movie opens with a woman committing suicide. From that point on, the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what was next. No one saw the plot coming. It shows exactly how people take advantage of others, but especially vulnerable women. It’s a classic case of betrayal and triumph.

A Fall from Grace A Netflix Movie Review jasmine and grace
Grace played by Crystal Fox confessed to murdering her husband, but her defense attorney finds evidence of foul play.

The show stars not Madea but a character named Grace (Crystal Fox). She plays an older woman courted by a young photographer and artist. Eventually, Grace faces prison if indicted for murdering her husband. Shannon (Mehcad Brooks) is a few years younger than Grace and of course, that bothers her and makes her feel insecure.

Nevertheless, with Shannon’s and her best friend, Sarah’s (Phylicia Rashad), encouragement, Grace begins to embrace what’s happening to her. After all, she works hard and deserves to enjoy the fruits of her labor. And why not with Shannon? He’s mysterious, good looking, sexy, generous, and well, he’s everything a woman dreams of.

The two meet at an art gallery. Sarah, urging her divorced friend to get out, got Grace a ticket to go that night. Shannon struck up a conversation with Grace and eventually, asked her out. One thing leads to another and they are a couple, but the fairy tale doesn’t last for long.

A Fall from Grace A Netflix Movie Review shannon a fall from grace
Is Mehcad Brooks wearing a flat top wig and did it get messed up when she beat him with the baseball bat?

The loving husband soon changes and begins to reveal his true self and reason for dating and marrying Grace. He’s the reason Tyler Perry’s character assigns Jasmine (Bresha Webb), a young defense attorney, to a case she almost dismisses as another “cut-and-dry case.” Jasmine is a public defender known for taking plea deals, so her boss deliberately put her on the case.  Although Grace insists on pleading guilty to homicide, her confession almost brings the audience to tears.

This man tears apart her life… personally and professionally. The one thing she tried to protect, he tore down for no reason and she literally loses her mind. Fortunately, the more Jasmine talks to her client, the more she discovers information that could lead her to shocking evidence in this case. Surprisingly, to everyone’s dismay, there isn’t a body… they can’t find her husband dead or alive. With that said, Jasmine questions what really happened that night.

Trying to obtain more information to use in Grace’s defense, Jasmine goes to Sarah’s house but was sidetracked when she spots an old woman wandering the streets in the rain. Jasmine gets out of her car and her initial reactions are to get out of the rain and to help the lady get back to the big house, but she tells Jasmine she wants to go home. 

Jasmine assumes she means Sarah’s house, but what seems like crazy talk from an old woman with Alzheimer’s in the beginning, puts pieces of the puzzle together for the defense. Unknowingly to the attorney, the house number is the old lady’s home address, the abandoned house Jasmine is familiar with.

You can watch A Fall From Grace free now, so without giving the movie away, it has a lot of twists and turns that no one expects. It’s crazy… some say the script comes from a dark place in Tyler Perry. The reviews for A Fall From Grace are mixed.

The people say this film, a first from his studio in Atlanta, is a low-budget film that was thrown together. However, they give Perry praise for putting the iconic actresses together with the leading lady, Crystal Fox. She and Tyler work together on another project, The Haves and the Have Nots, and previously on Big Little Lies.

The storyline in the movie Fall From Grace was surprisingly complicated. Just when you thought you had it figured out, there’s a shift, which makes the film entertaining. The audience agrees the movie is best watched with a group of people to get that extra effect of being in a theater.

What you don’t want to do is confuse Tyler’s movie with another adventure-thriller, The Fall of Grace, a book by Amy Fellner Dominy. Critics say Perry’s movie is In short, it’s nuts,” said Christy Lemire, RogerEbert.com and Alonso Duralde, Breakfast All Day, says it’sUnintentionally hilarious.

Monique Jones says in her blog, colorwebmag.com, that the film was “terrible.” She goes on to say that although Perry brags on the film being shot in a short time, he shouldn’t. Instead, he should have put more time into filming A Fall From Grace. Maybe then the film wouldn’t be such a flop.

I enjoyed the film with my family. In fact, we watched it twice. Although it wasn’t as grand as other suspense movies, it wasn’t awful. Would we watch it again? Yes. Would we recommend the movie? Yes, we would and the good news is you can now watch A Fall From Grace online free.

Review by Janai McDonald, a student at MSGCCC, 2019-2020, Biloxi, MS 

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