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Everyone has their pet-peeve and one of mine is I don’t like answering questions and I’ll tell you why. When you answer one question, most of the time another one follows… and then another one after that. Before you know it, you’re getting on my nerves with all these questions. On top of that, they are questions that sometimes don’t even need an answer. With that said, I’m sure you all know someone who asks too many questions. 

Like when you see me with my purse and keys in hand heading toward the door, someone asks if I’m leaving. I have to bite my tongue sometimes cause I don’t want to be rude for no reason, but you already know I am, so why are you asking me that and do you really want an answer?

Or here’s another example: I say I’m going to get some cigarettes and I’ll be right back. Then I get back with the cigarettes in hand and someone will ask me if I have any cigarettes. Sigh. All I can do sometimes is to shake my head, take a deep breath and answer their question to the best of my ability. But just in case you’re wondering what other questions I hate, here are a few more below.

Do you remember me?

I’m sure this is one of the questions everyone hates. It really puts you on the spot because no one wants to say, “No, I don’t remember you.” Or they lie and say they do and pray they say something that jogs your memory.

Can I taste that?

Um, no. You had the same menu. Why didn’t you order it? What’s worse is they reach over and take a bite with the presumption it’s okay because you’re lovers or good friends. 

How do you feel about crowds?

I panic… I find some social situations a bit alarming although I’m okay if I’m there before the crowd. This is one of my most hated questions because it’s a little personal. 

Can I ask you a question?

You kinda just asked me a question. Was that the question you wanted an answer to? I suspect not, so you actually have two questions. Ugh, and sigh. Okay. Go ahead and ask, but next time just ask if you could have my undivided attention because you need to discuss something with me. This way, I’ll prepare myself for what’s coming or at least brace myself and put away anything that would distract me.

What are you doing here?

Well, let’s see… maybe the same thing you are! Just think about it. (Another question that ranks high on my most hated questions.)

How old do I look?

To my experience, you shouldn’t ask this question unless you look younger than your years or can handle the truth. However, some of us look like the Botox injections failed and you’re searching for complements to overshadow the fact you know the doctor botched the job. I hate being asked questions like this, don’t you? 

Is it hot enough for ya?

I don’t like being asked questions like this as if I can do anything about the climate. Yes, it’s uncomfortably warm outside. 

What are you eating?

Do you really want me to answer that? I mean, you are sitting next to me and can see the chicken salad on my plate. I don’t mean to be sarcastic, or maybe I do, but why are you asking questions you know the answer to?

Are you having a good time?

Of all the questions anyone could ask, this has to be one of the top-ranking questions I hate. I’m smiling, laughing, and rolling on the floor. Is it not obvious? I love you people, but come on. Use the common sense you were born with.

Final Thoughts on My Most Hated Questions

Now you know I hate being interrogated. I’m sure you have questions you hate being asked, too.  It doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you human. 

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Mikki Donaldson is a southern girl, born in “hard time Mississippi.” She, like her town, has seen many hurricanes, but bounce back each time. Mikki is no different from any other person with a passion, late to bed and early to rise. The writer adores her family and seeks to leave her mark on this remarkable world.