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You finally get the chance to go on the trip of your dreams but the question is what should be on your packing list for Jamaica? Well, my advice is to pack light but you should definitely consider Jamaican fashion trends, your agenda, where on the island you’ll be going and the season. 

Mostly, Jamaica has warm weather although a little humid. Relief comes after sundown when it’s cooler. With this in mind, bring a light sweater or a few long sleeve items. Nevertheless, your clothes should be lightweight (linen, cotton). This means shorts, sundresses, and sandals. You can bring dressy clothes for a special night out but the natives go for casual clothing. Having said that, here are a few travel essentials for Jamaica

Day Wear 

Swimsuits – Men and women alike with need Jamaican beach wear whether they are going for a swim or lounging by the pool inasmuch as beachgoers will need a cover-up for public spaces. 

packing list for jamaica blue print swimwear with cover
What to bring to Jamaica? Can’t leave home without a swimsuit.

Casual wear – Pack tees, camisoles, maxis, and shorts. Men bring your polo shirts, a few collared shirts, swim trunks, comfortable shoes, shorts and a couple of pairs of long pants. When it comes to wearing jewelry in Jamaica, leave your expensive jewelry at home and bring costume jewelry instead.

Headgear – Don’t forget to bring your favorite hat or you can pick one up in Jamaica. You’ll need the shade of a big floppy hat to help protect your skin from sunburn.

Sunscreen – Place this high on your packing list for Jamaica and bring it from home as you will pay double for it there. Get a brand that protects you all day.

Night Wear 

When the sun goes down, the insects come out. They come out by the hundreds and their bites make you itch something awful. Although women tend to dress casually, you don’t want to come out at night without long sleeves, pants, insect repellent, and some itch relief cream. It’s probably in your best interest if you don’t wear perfume either at least to the beach at sunset. 

We know strolling on the beach at night is a romantic gesture, but trust and believe you don’t want to go there after dark. Leave the sand and waves to the day hours. Besides, the weather is iffy. It may come a quick downpour during the evening hours so be prepared. Before you leave home, add a shawl to the packing list for Jamaica.

Foot Gear 

If you’re going to do any walking at all, pack comfortable walking shoes. If you plan to go to upscale events bring at least one pair of dress shoes. Otherwise, flip-flops and cute sandals are your go-to shoes for vacationing in Jamaica. Water shoes come in handy at the beach or around the pool.

ericdress sweet lady flower decorated ankle strap flat sandals
A girl must have a pair of cute sandals.

Last Tips on Packing for Jamaica

These are just the basic items you need to put on your packing list for Jamaica. However, don’t forget a beach bag to carry all your essentials in like sunshades, and a quality waterproof phone case.  It’s a must-have along with travel insurance. You may not ever need it, but you want to be safe, not sorry. 

What not to bring to Jamaica? Any form of camouflage clothing. It is illegal! 

You can avoid baggage fees by using this packing list for Jamaica. Put a limit on souvenirs as these items will weigh you down. This is why you want to leave home with less in your bag as possible. Your friends and family will expect you to return with some coffee beans, special seasonings, authentic artwork, CDs, and Rum. Don’t disappoint them.

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