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Breakups are never easy, but somehow society dictates how men react to breakups, and the results say it will be complete opposites.

How Men React to Breakups

Women have always been accused of being the emotional ones. They own the dubious honor of taking breakups and emotional heartbreak with extremely more pain than men.

On the other hand, the majority still believe men are emotionless Neanderthals who move on right away without a care in the world. However, that’s not always the case, as some men will surprise you with their depth of emotions during breakups.

So, when you’re asking “How men react to breakups?” The answer—depends on the ripple.

How Men React to Breakups and the Ripple Effect

In science, the Ripple Effect is when an object drops into water and the resulting force is dispersed into ripples (waves).  This ripple expands outwards over a distance until it eventually stops. This same effect is felt in some men during breakups.

The initial impact of breakups sometimes doesn’t have an effect on us. However, over time men feel the effects of the impact including the ripples, or “waves of emotion.” Time adds to the pain, misery, emptiness felt from the realization of breaking up.

Mr Probz - Waves [Official Music Video]

Call us heartless but in the end, it’s not the truth. Having said that, how men react to breakups will surprise you. The sad truth is men feel the effects of the breakup much harder than women, even if we don’t know how to deal with a breakup.

Our heartache lingers like a poison, and by the time we miss the relationship, most times it’s already too late (no more waves).

This is me in a nutshell. It lingers within me and I’m hit with short-term depression, watery eyes (men won’t admit they cry, neither will I), and the feeling of being hollow.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

How men react to breakups is nothing short of horrible, and this is a prime example. Some men will take a quick way out, also known as the out of sight, out of mind principle. Simply meaning, men will cut all ties to you to avoid feeling the continued pain of a broken heart.

Ultimately, it’s a bit immature, but the results are surprising. I’m sure you yourself have experienced this one way or another.

Getting over a breakup is hard. It sucks having to sever ties to a relationship. We ignore texts and calls, blocking the now ex on social media, deleting every single picture of the two of you, including avoiding places he knows you’ll go.

However, chances are he’ll still keep something of you (probably hidden) to remember. We all do it, don’t lie.

King of the One-Night Stand

How men react to breakups? Well, most men plan on having lots of one-night stands after a breakup, yet we both know they probably aren’t that smooth.

Then again, some guys have a gift, or an exquisite jawline and rock hard abs. The select few will take to frequent hookups and drunken one-night stands to forget the relationship.

Perhaps it’s to rub it in your face, or the more likely reason is to feel human contact. It’s a fact, some men look for physical contact as an emotional release. This is because they aren’t experienced enough in handling and dealing with emotional pain.

One-night stands quickly after a breakup should not necessary tell you he’s moved on, but that he’s deeply emotional and hurt. This is how men react to breakups… sometimes. 

How Men React to Breakups? He’ll Act Like A Hee Haw

If the breakup wasn’t already hard on you, you may come to find that he’ll start acting like a donkey to you. Or, maybe that’s how he always is (’cause we know your taste in men is not that great). 

This is common for some men who have taken the breakup extremely hard. Any change of personality like this screams emotional trauma!

As you may expect, a rude boy is easy to spot. Chances are a confrontation will bring up a lot of hurtful situations, break up text messages, revenge breakup pics, unneeded name calling, even becoming a bit nonsensical with how they talk or react to things you say or ask.

When women and men break up, the man lacks the ability to be rational with his emotions and that turns him into a great big donkey.

Dives into A New Relationship

Lastly, how men react to breakups? This could be the worst of them all – he dives into a new relationship right away. This could be a sign of why your relationship ended or his way of not dealing with the pain. This new girl could have been his side chick the entire time.

Making the feeling of your eventual breakup a bit diluted to the point where it might not have mattered. On the other hand, it could be that he’s jumping from girl to girl as a method of coping with a breakup.

By starting another relationship, he doesn’t have to let the ripple effect hit him, or even let himself feel any pain. This new relationship is his way of not feeling pain instead of aiming his feeling into positive emotions. Either way, how men react to breakups still sucks.

How Men React to Breakups is Crazy

In the end, how men react to breakups is quite amazing. You probably still think we’re cold and heartless, but maybe, just maybe, you have a deeper upstanding into the psyche of a man’s emotions.

We may not be overly expressive when it comes to our emotions, but we do feel the effects of a breakup. It may be in some of the stupidest ways, but I never said we were smart when it comes to breaking up. Remember, how men react to breakups?

Depends on the ripple.


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