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Most women confess to wanting to marry a man who’s amazing, yet they do not know the true signs of a good husband. If we are honest, some dream of a man who is too perfect to even exist. However, there are some really wonderful men in this world and they will change your life if you ever meet one. But here’s the thing: although he may be a good man, he may not be a good husband or father. Women should know there’s a difference.

When you’re in love, small things seem larger than life. Your man showers you with attention on a daily basis and you deserve it, but it could blind you to what you really need. However, more men are making the effort to become husband material before taking a wife rather than “feeling” their way into becoming a good husband. They realize to have a successful marriage, they need to own the same qualities they require from their wives. At the same time, more women have learned how to be wife material.

These ladies recognize they need more than a bill payer and want someone they are more than slightly compatible with. And as a single female, they also realize they don’t know exactly where to meet good men. They know what they want and that’s a good start.

Women want a man who can’t wait to see them again and are happy when he’s the one making plans for them. It shows he’s thinking of more than himself. You may not be aware but, your lover is making a huge impact on your life. He doesn’t have to tell you how he feels, he shows it. It will be hard for anyone to compete with his style. There’s no doubt this is the kind of person you want to be with the rest of your life.

Signs He Is Husband Material

A woman wants a man who’s committed, honest, trustworthy, responsible and of course, faithful. But you want to pair those qualities with these signs you’re dating a good guy to get the complete package.

He’s an Inspiration

Of all the clues to look for, the one that’s most important is one in which he brings out the best in you. If he does this, consider yourself a lucky woman. If he makes your blood flow and your heart beat fast, then you’re probably thinking about a future with him. With that said, you’re doing everything you can to ensure you both live a healthy, long, and abundant life.

Signs of a Good Husband: Honesty

If you find a man who lives by his word, you’ll find a man of integrity. This goes a long way when it comes to security and trust. You’ll need both to enjoy a healthy relationship.

He Controls His Spending

Before you decide on marrying anyone, get to know how they manage their finances. It could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He can’t pay the rent if he wastes money on frivolous items or gambles it away. Those are definite signs he’s not husband material.  

The Family Man

The fact he’s a good man is great, but is he willing or ready to be a father? Some couples wait a few years before having children or decide not to have any. Another option is to foster or adopt a child. What do you guys want to do? Don’t know yet? Just have the talk before getting married so there are no misunderstandings later on.

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He Plans for the Future

If you ask your future husband where does he see himself in five years and he doesn’t have a clue, he’s not taking life as serious as he should be. He should have some thoughts even if it’s not set in stone.

Signs of a Good Husband: He Has a Good Heart

The man who rants and throws temper tantrums or calls you foul names is immature. If he treats you this way, how will he treat your children? You don’t want your children to learn this kind of behavior. Your soulmate will lift you up, not bring or physically knock you down. But where do you go to meet this incredible man?

How to Find the Right Guy

If your father opened doors for your mother, you look for those same attributes in your husband. A lot of those men don’t even exist anymore, but it’s still possible you’ll meet a man who’s into chivalry. One of the key steps to finding the right one is to make sure your demands are reasonable as no one is perfect.

If you want to attract good men, start by writing down the qualities you’re looking for in a husband. Point out your deal breakers and what you won’t compromise on. Once that’s done, figure out where would this man hang out and go to those places. Do you see anyone you like? Go over and speak to him. You may be surprised at what happens next. If this doesn’t work out for you, there are other options.

You could stop looking for him. Remember, men like the chase. You should just be ready for when he does. Put on your best smile. Often, people can tell a lot about a person by their smile. Besides, there’s nothing sexier than a confident smile, not even a provocative dress which by the way doesn’t necessarily attract a man. Or at least, the right kind of man.

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