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What I know is dating is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or a little on the heavy side, you will have problems. Still, being overweight and dating a heavy person will come with a different set of obstacles unlike dating “physically attractive individuals.” It’s almost like society frowns on curvy people being happy or having a significant other when in fact, society’s idea of dating someone overweight deserves a frown and a finger.

Opposite of those people are the ones in this world who think dating someone who’s overweight is the best thing since mom’s apple pie. Yep, they are physically attracted to another person even though they are not a size 10. So much so there are niche websites like BBPeopleMeet.com catering to the plus size dating world. “Plus sized singles can enjoy a comfortable and accepting environment to seek out other big, beautiful singles for love, relationships, friendship, and dates.”

Online Dating While Overweight

Ordinarily, people would register with online dating sites that didn’t make the distinction and found that people were just cruel. With dating online, people judge you on how you look and if you’re a BBW, the first impression you make could be your last.

We decide to either swipe left or right by the member’s profile pictures. Some people feel they can’t date someone overweight for whatever reason. It could be they are ashamed their partner is overweight. It may surprise you to know some struggles of being overweight and dating. 

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Being overweight and dating can affect someone’s self-esteem or confidence. Yeah, whoever said “words may never hurt me,” lied. Let’s take a hard and honest look at what some men and women go through just to date or to find love and affection.

Full-length Pics are a No-No

Post a full-length picture and you’re only inviting the crazies. These sad individuals irrupt other people’s lives only to look down on them. Although you know it was a good shot, you become self-conscious about your looks and remove the pics from your dating profile. The whole idea of someone messaging another person only to tell them they are fat is idiotic. Sadly, it’s just one of the many cruel things women go through being overweight and dating online.

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On the other hand, you will get a message or two from a potential match who’s sincere and loves your pictures. That’s what makes you feel this is all worth the effort and turmoil. When you post a full-body shot, he knows you’re overweight. He sees the rolls, the humps, and the bumps. He knows his potential partner is overweight, and it’s okay with him. 

Overweight and Dating Men with Fetishes

No one knows the number of men who have a sick desire to only date fat women because they have a fetish. These men are more interested in the cottage cheese and fat rolls than the person. It’s sick because they feed off a person’s insecurities and what’s even wilder is sometimes, women don’t care about their fetish. 

They are just happy to date and let’s keep it real, to have a sex life. Okay, I’m not mad at you, but there are men who will appreciate you and those are the ones to give your love to, not him. 

Suffer Emotional Abuse

Kids are not the only bullies. There are some adult-sized kids hating the fact that being overweight doesn’t offend everyone. Not only that, but they don’t get that not every fat girl has self-esteem issues. She is confident being a BBW and embraces her cottage cheese and rolls. Still, so many people are afraid to date because of weight. 

Overweight and Dating in Public

Everybody plays the fool sometimes, right? Yeah, unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. You meet someone and everything is great. You’re having fun… he comes over, you “Netflix and chill.” Only that’s about all you do and it’s generally after you let your guard down that you realize he never takes you out in public. Just the mere thought of it makes him cringe. There are some men who think fat women should just be grateful someone pays them any attention and they should take what they get.

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When a man says something like this, it’s time to ask him to take out the trash. When he does, gather his stuff, throw it on the other side of the door, lock it and don’t let him back in. If he can’t take you out, you can’t let him in. Plain and simple. You’ll feel so much better after you realize your worth and leave the knucklehead alone.

Being overweight and dating, you know someone will try to knock you down. This holds true even for top professional models. With that said, my best advice to you is not to wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You’ll meet someone who’s interested in your heart and he’ll love you for who you are. 

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