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Married women have other male friends, but is it cool? Can married men and women be friends? It’s been my experience that married woman male friend relationships happen all the time. Men and women work closely together, and depending on the situation; they work closely together.

Furthermore, in this day and age, men and women cohabitate more so for convenience. If you were living together, it’s cheaper to stay than to move. Just because two people are living under the same roof, doesn’t mean they are sleeping together.

Of course, I’m not so naive to say it could never happen. Coexisting is highly possible except when married women have other male friends in the same house, and one person starts catching feelings, it could become a problem.

Mostly, men say some men have hidden motives, but women, not so much as men. If the man doesn’t say anything, don’t let him fool you. He could be fronting, waiting for the right moment to make his move. You see, women are sometimes “Ray Charles” (blind) to the fact a man is interested in her, especially if she’s just not feeling him, but you never know what a man has going on in the back of his mind. 

Can a married woman be friends with a single man? It’s highly possible that a married man wants to be friends with someone who’s not his wife or his wife’s friends. 

Married women can have friends of the opposite gender while married. They don’t have to be physically attracted to their male friends. Besides, it’s easier for women to put men in the “friend zone.” 

Etiquette of Being Friends with Married Man

When you’re down and out, he’s ultra understanding and sympathetic, but we all know men don’t listen! If he’s hanging on to your every word, he has something up his sleeve. So really, what are his reasons for being attentive? Is he waiting for the right moment so he can grab some sympathy sex? Something to think about, huh. 

Can a married man and a married woman be just friends? I can have a deep friendship with married man still, my advice is to keep down confusion. Back in the day, it was not cool to see a married woman talking to another man. Some people believe they should never go out with a member of the opposite sex unless their spouse was present and only if it was work-related. What a stuck-in-the-mud, right?! What happened to trust your mate? 

I can see where a married man and married woman friendship could be questionable. Nevertheless, trust should be at the helm of any relationship right along with transparency. Also, to keep your spouse happy, it may require you to compromise, but it will be worth it in the end.

Can Men Be Friends With a Married Woman?

If you’re a male and your best friend is a woman, you likely confide in her about everything. You talk about sports, your job, and you may even discuss your relationships with other women. You talk about the same things you and fellas discuss, well, with a few exceptions. Whatever the subject may be, it’s reasonable to say you and this married woman would eventually form a bond. It’s natural… it happens when you have intimate or meaningful conversations with people. 

The problem with forming this bond is it could lead to one of you developing certain feelings. If this is the case, you could end up having an emotional affair. If you have a Bible-based marriage, the good book tells you about temptation and warns of friendships with the opposite sex outside of marriage.

However, you didn’t build a 20-year friendship only to say adios amigo because your husband doesn’t approve. Here you are trying to decide whether to keep your long-time friendship or to cut ties with the friend who’s been there for a lot of firsts, a lot of boo-whoos, and a few bad hair days. You were so close that he knows when to bring you that chocolate bar.

And sometimes, logical-thinking women will do crazy things to show they are not at all interested in anyone except their husbands. It can be all about fun for the woman, and men will take a woman’s invitation to lunch to mean something more. It doesn’t matter that you’re married or that she’s happily married, he will hear she’s interested in me.

Final Thoughts on Married Women Have Other Male Friends

Thinking about what’s been said, what’s your opinion? Should married women have other male friends? Can women have male friends? Yes, they can, but it may not be the wisest decision ever made; it’s a personal decision.

I think some couples can make it work, though. But keep in mind what works for the Jones’ may not work for the Browns. Whatever you decided, you don’t want to put your marriage in jeopardy because of it, and you don’t want to lose a real friend you’ve known half your life.

Should married men have female friends? I, personally, think it’s unfair to force anyone to choose between a spouse and a long-time friendship, but sometimes, it’s necessary.

Can a married woman have a male best friend? I think so, but since your husband has not yet decided on your male BFF, stay away from trouble. Keep the dust down by never putting yourself in a situation where your husband could question your behavior. It may mean keeping your male friend at a distance, however. Always be honest with your husband, but realize you must trust each other at the end of the day and realize married women have other male friends. 

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