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When a guarded woman pulls away, it’s devastating to the man falling for here. It’s difficult to know what happened because yesterday everything appeared to be fine. Today, she isn’t returning text messages or phone calls. You say it’s like she pulls away when we get close. 

Being a guarded woman, she may struggle with having to trust someone. It means she may have to be vulnerable and for her, opening up to someone is scary.

On the other hand, maybe she has way too much happening to entertain a relationship right now. You shouldn’t take that personally, but respect she has priorities. It sucks you’re not one of them, but you know how to back away from a girl without burning any bridges. This way if the opportunity presents itself again, you’ll be a friendly face instead of an ugly reminder of the past. So, with this in mind, let’s look at a few of the reasons why your girlfriend is pulling away.

You Were Overly Aggressive

A guarded woman knows when something’s off and she will pull the plug when she thinks it’s the best thing to do. You think that she’d be happy knowing she was your world. That you eat, sleep, and breathe only her, but that’s not the case. In fact, no healthy relationship operates under this principle.

This only means you have no life, no identity, and you’re too needy. It’s too much and no woman likes a man to call constantly, or text “wyd?” You already know she’s at work. You’re smothering her and all of what you’re doing is raising a lot of red flags.

Honestly, coming back from this could be difficult. It’s been my experience, the more you push, the more she will pull away. Realize you need to be confident in the relationship or it won’t work. She needs space as well as you do.

You can’t stop living your life because you met. If you didn’t have one, get one. This is for you, not just the relationship. 

She’s Seeing Someone Else

You’re at the dating stage and while you are having fun, you’re not committed yet, so she can date other men without guilt. Maybe you thought you’d won her over with your charm or social status, and all those qualities are good, but it doesn’t mean much to a woman pulling away emotionally. If you want to have a more serious relationship with her, you should tell her before it’s too late. Not only tell her but show her you’re ready for the next step.

Don’t assume because she likes to have fun, she’s the “fun” girl. Besides, she’s looking for someone special and since her heart has been broken many times before, she will move on quickly, often without saying “goodbye.” 

Too Needy

As a guarded woman, a man’s insecurities are a big turn-off. She needs an adult in her life… someone who can take charge and make good decisions. Be confident she does want to hang out with you again and suggest something to do for your second date. Don’t ask if she wants to go out on another date or ask why isn’t she returning your calls. If she doesn’t pick up, there’s your answer. She doesn’t want to date you again and she doesn’t want to talk to you. 

She’s Just Not Interested

Women are funny creatures. A reason why a guarded woman pulls away could be as simple as she changes her mind. It could be the way you dance or the way your ears stick out reminds her of an ex. Yeah, it’s petty, but it happens.

No Communication Skills

OMG, there’s nothing worse than talking to someone who has absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation. Their replies are dry, short, and meaningless. With responses like these, she may not respond to you the next time you text or call her. 

If you pull away to get her attention, there is a 50% chance she’ll call you again and a 50% chance she won’t. If she’s interested, she’ll send another text message, but you should be ready with some real talk. If texting is not your thing and you’d rather video chat, tell her before this guarded woman pulls away. She might not be a mind reader so you have to speak your mind. It really doesn’t take much for her to retreat, although it took years for her to build the wall. 

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