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The modern-day man is doing something totally unexpected and I’m not mad at them. It’s refreshing to see spa treatments for men on the flyers next to the ad for the monster truck show. Spa owners are expecting more men to schedule their next appointment in the near future and eventually, the grand opening of spas for men.

It wasn’t so long ago that a spa day for men would be unheard of, but now, men in ties are accompanying their female counterparts to the spa. With that said, it’s safe to say it’s not a ‘female thing’ anymore. Men just don’t go only to the steam room or because of women forced to go anymore. They actually see the benefits of holistic health care and they are on board with making this lifestyle their own.

It’s great to see more bearded men taking this approach to grooming and wellness. Still, it’s even more satisfying to see rugged men smash stereotypes. With this in mind, let’s look at what kind of spa treatments for men they have to offer.

Top Spa Services For Men

There are just as many men hitting the gym as they are enjoying a day spa for men. But what are they doing at the massage parlor? Well, they are cleansing their skin, detoxing their bodies, and getting in touch with their spiritual selves. Although the body has the power to heal itself, there are ways to speed things along.

Give it Some Steam

The steam room has benefits you may not know about. Spending time in the warm and foggy room allows you to breathe easier, cleanses the skin, relieves pain, and increases your metabolism. With the element of special aromas and oils, users are able to relieve muscle tension, clear the sinuses, and open pores.

Facial Treatments

Most men don’t think of moisturizing as a daily regimen, but a facial can change his mind about skincare. Women have known for years the advantages of facials, but now men know it, too. If it’s your first time at a male grooming spa, facials are a great place to start.

Salt-Water Baths

When I think about a men’s spa retreat, I picture a tan, muscular body wearing a black wide-brim hat taking a bath in salt-water and leather boots. Okay, so maybe I’m a little off with the hat, but come on, I know some of you ladies are with me on this. No? Well, I’ll just stick to the script then, I see you’re shy. 

Besides relieving stress, salt-water rejuvenates the skin cells, heals an array of sensitive skin issues, and pain. The minerals help to replenish dry, dehydrated skin while the salt stimulates blood flow and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Show me one person who doesn’t like massages and I’ll show you a person who hasn’t been to a massage spa near me. Deep tissue massages have been a favorite for men because of the physical aspects of a sports massage. This kind of massage soothes tired, muscles or muscles that were injured. It is also good for reducing pains due to stress or tension.

Reflexology Treatments

Of all the men’s spa day ideas, I believe a foot massage can change his world. There are many reasons reflexology made the list of spa treatments for men, but it’s mainly because men use their body parts more. They are more likely to suffer from muscular injuries than women, endure vigorous exercises and wear ill-fitting shoes. The reflexologist will work to decrease stress, improve blood circulation and bodily fluid evacuation.

Hydrotherapy and Thalassotherapy

These spa treatments for men are water-based and provide a level of relief that’s unbelievable. The high impact treatments open pores, increases circulation, tones the skin, and more. The blast from the hydromassage is massive, however, it’s exhilarating and post-treatment, it’s relaxing.

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