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It takes years to build a solid relationship but you can destroy it in a lot less time. Some men even develop a cycle of failed relationships and don’t even see the pattern. It’s even more difficult to stop repeating the same behavior that leads to relationship failure, but it can be done.

What men must realize is they play a huge role in relationships and if this is true, they are consequently a part of why they are failing. While it takes two to carry on a relationship, it only takes one to screw it up. However, the reasons for a string of failed relationships could be as innocent as work overload or distance.

In some cases, it’s because of another woman, but not always. The ambitious man will spend hours at work and miss birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Still, he can only miss so many before his partner gets tired and leaves. After all, it was he who forgot to come home. One thing’s for sure, it will only get more complicated if that’s the case.

But no matter the reason, there are lessons from failed relationships. If you want to break the cycle of relationship failure, there are a few simple tasks you must work on. But first, let’s go over the signs of a troubled relationship.

Early Signs of Relationship Failure

  • You stop socializing with her friends and family
  • Y’all argue all the time about the same old stuff
  • Sex ain’t even on your mind anymore
  • Sometimes, you put your partner down and make them feel ‘less than’
  • You do too much – you overreact to a simple statement or joke
  • Children come first or you make other people a priority
  • You blame your partner but never apologize when you’re wrong

Lessons Learned From Failed Relationships 

You can see the changes as they happen, but sometimes, they are quick and before you know it, it’s over. But if you pay attention, you can stop unhealthy emotions and relationship patterns from spiraling out of control. Here’s how to grow from a failed relationship. 

Know What Triggers Negative Behavior

With all negative reactions, you must start by getting down to the root of the problem. Find out what sparks the pattern of destructive behavior and you can stop multiple failed relationships. It may take some deep thought and brainstorming, but you can prevent conditions from getting out of hand.

What Part Do You Play in Initiating Failed Relationships?

Feeling like a failure in a relationship? What do you say or do to provoke your partner? You need to know this so you can change the way you speak to her. Often, it’s not what we say, but how we say them. Figure this out so you can make better choices. Stay calm and if you can’t continue the conversation another time or talk about something else.

Concentrate on the Positive Side

There are many reasons why you chose this woman. She has qualities that you admire. Remind yourself and her of them even while you’re arguing. Could one of her traits be her strength? Her ability to stand her ground? Focus more on why you fell in love with her than why you want to leave the relationship.

Stop Criticizing Your Significant Other

If all you do is criticize, you can’t expect anyone to want to be around you. Discuss the issues without pointing fingers and emotional baggage from past relationships. Change the way you say things so that you’re not putting all the blame on her.

Discourage the Pattern of Failed Relationships, Not the Person

Now that you have identified the trigger, you can move forward. Put a stop to the pattern as soon as you see the onset of conflict. Make up some kind of identifier that will signal it’s happening and refuse to give in to it. Remember, you’re on the same team.

Get Physical More Often

Give her a hug for no reason other than she’s beautiful. Hold her hand in public or kiss her on the forehead. It doesn’t really matter how you touch her, but the fact you’re showing physical affection is pleasing to her. At the same time, it releases the hormone that calms and reduces pain.


Now, having said all this, I hope you found this article on repeated failed relationships to be helpful. If so, share it. Maybe someone else needs to read this.

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