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If you’re honest, you will admit that you think your boyfriend is gay or at least, bisexual. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t question his behavior. He may not even be your boyfriend, but someone you like. Although you two have been in a long-term relationship, you’re suspicious of his sudden “closeted behavior.”

However, it’s possible he’s not gay or bi, but there are ways to find out. Can you tell the difference between a straight, gay, or bi man? 

Read on to find out how to tell if a guy is in the closet or not.

Gay vs Bisexuality 

So, you think your boyfriend is gay or that he likes the same sex. What does that mean to your relationship if he is?

Well, for most individuals, the answer is obvious. But what if he’s not?

What does it even mean to be gay?

You would think the answer is self-explanatory, but there’s more to it than what’s on the surface. The answer is best explained by saying what it does not mean. 

  • Even though most guys are straight, there’s no exact way to know a man’s sexuality unless he affirms it himself. Sometimes, he doesn’t know
  • Being gay or bi doesn’t mean a man isn’t capable of loving a heterosexual female. 
  • No matter his sexuality, it doesn’t mean your boyfriend is an undesirable person. Although times are evolving, there are still way too many individuals in this world who make it tough for men to admit they are gay. 

What If Your Boyfriend Is Gay? 

If he has made no moves on you after spending a considerable amount of time together your boyfriend may be gay. However, you may need to ask him directly.  

Are you seeing signs a guy is pretending to be straight? It may be of relief to him as nobody likes to hide behind the truth for long. Have the talk, but don’t make him feel as though you’re judging him. Although it may not be easy, have compassion for him as the situation may be troublesome for him. Struggling with sexuality has got to be one tricky situation to be in.  

He could have several reasons for not choosing to tell you. It could be he’s battling with his own sexuality and doesn’t know how to talk to you. He respects your feelings and would do anything no to hurt you. 

If you think your boyfriend is gay and you care for this man, let him lean on you. He could use a friend although you may completely understand what he’s going through. However, if you confront him, and he altogether denies it, but you still have this funny feeling and the signs are staring you in the face, it may be time to put some distance between you two for a little while. He needs to figure it out and sometimes, it’s best he does it on his own terms. 

Signs Your Husband is in the Closet

What signs are you seeing, by the way? Use this checklist to determine if any of the signs your boyfriend is gay are present. 

He Doesn’t Look at Other Women…

How to tell if a guy is gay? He’s without a doubt gay if he ignores a woman that makes you gawk at her beauty. It’s normal for people to look at other people who are abnormally attractive. 

But He Looks at Men 

If the same man who kept his head down when a voluptuous woman walked by checks out an attractive man, there’s a really good chance your boyfriend is gay.

Yeah, he won’t want to be obvious but you saw him take a double-take. His expression implies an automatic or involuntary reaction. Was his eyes on the guy’s midsection? Did he make eye contact? How long did that last? All it takes is seconds to connect on a sexual level. 

Your Boyfriend is Gay if He Enjoys Touching Men 

Different cultures show affection in different ways, but most Western men don’t like undressing in the presence of other men or touching them. So, if your man seems happy to touch or view a room full of half-clothed men, the odds are your boyfriend is gay or bi. 

Your Boyfriend is Homophobic (Just a little too much)

One of the most obvious signs a guy is pretending to be straight is if he’s extremely homophobic. Straight men are comfortable with their own sexuality and don’t have issues with gay guys. With this in mind, if your dude is kicking and screaming he hates gay men, I’d watch him. This kind of behavior is a sign he’s not being honest. 

He Doesn’t Find You Appealing 

How to tell if a guy is gay? Well, are y’all intimate? If he isn’t interested in having sex with you, it could mean several things. Your bad breath? Is it your flannel nightgown? If he couldn’t keep his hands off you in the beginning and now, there’s nothing, it could be something has changed. Did he lose his job? Is it your/his weight? This sign by itself doesn’t make him gay, but add it to the other signs and you could sum it up as odd. 

Too Many Male Friends

You can usually tell if your boyfriend is gay if he has an abundance of gay friends. Men, especially on social media, have a lot of female friends. Single men have more women friends than men. Maybe you’re friends with a few of them and you know they are gay or have that look. 

After reading these signs, do you think your boyfriend is gay? Do you now know how to tell if your man is on the down low? If you’re still uncertain, you should ask him just to confirm your suspicions. If he denies it but you know deep down he’s not telling the truth, do the ‘two-finger’ virginity test and find out for yourself. 

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