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Long distance relationships are strengthened with IM apps and video chats.

It is a common stereotype to doom a long distance relationship. Most people view these relationships as troublesome and believe the outcome of a long-term relationship disastrous.

Therefore, it’s normal to feel some type of way if one partner takes a job in another state or in a faraway city when one of them goes away to college or even joins the military. There are many scenarios which could cause a distant relationship to happen, including online dating.

Dating Advice for Couples Who Are Distant

Is breaking up the solution when you’re in a relationship you don’t want to end? Of course not! Psychologically, it is plausible to have a sound relationship, even while overseas, if you engage in a little extra effort.

According to the Huffington Post, if two people are willing to work at making it last, chances of survival increase, but, you cannot live this way forever. While you two are working out the details, check out these long distance relationship tips and advice.

1Monotonous conversations

There may be moments when you tire of the routine talks and you may not have stuff to chat about, however, don’t panic. Instead of conversing on the phone, try video chatting or download an instant messaging app with quotes the long distance relationship.

Hike is a text messaging app and provides a broad spectrum of stickers, plus, you can download unlimited emoticons for free! There are several alternatives like Snapchat, IMO and Google Hangouts.

2Plan frequent visits

If your soulmate works in another state or is going away to college, plan visits. Try to visit each other at least twice a month (if possible). Schedule visits so it doesn’t interfere with studies or work schedules.

Organize your visits in such a manner it is free of anxiety to avoid awkward situations. Such visits will not only strengthen the long distance relationship but also provide a refreshing break from your busy job or curriculum.

3Stay connected but don’t be clingy

Now that you live in different communities, you will have contrasting schedules. The best long distance dating advice to remember is it’s important to talk about everything but respect each other’s space. Sometimes, your partner will not be available to talk when you are.

Keep in mind, he’s making new friends and that’s important. He will want to become familiar with his new environment and meet new people.

Also, avoid talking just to talk. This can lead to unnecessary trifles. If you don’t have anything to say, it’s okay to miss calling. Separation brings about appreciation, believe it or not! The longer you wait, the more you appreciate it because everything worth having is worth the wait.

“Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart”

4Long distance relationship gifts!

You don’t have to wait for a holiday to send or give gifts. Give your love little presents to surprise him when he least expects it! Now, remember: It’s not the gift, but the thought behind it that counts.

Your gift does not have to be an expensive one. It can be as common as a keychain he saw or talked about yesterday or a couple tickets for a movie.

5Support him on social media

Follow him on social media without seeming like a stalker, though. Just like and comment on his photos and status, tag him in your photos, tag him in public posts that represent your relationship, let him know you are always around.

Give him the opportunity to still be a part of your life as well and finally, let other girls know he’s taken. Yes, I said it… he’s taken, so back up.

6Let’s explore together

Can a long distance relationship work? Of course, they can and there are a bunch of ways to stay connected in this tech-freak era. It’s only distance separating you so try focusing on the factors that draw you closer. Try doing more activities together. You can play an online game together.

You can manage certain social media pages together and enhance partnership roles. Such activities will add substance to your relationship. Moreover, you’ll have more to discuss and these managing tit-bits will keep you occupied.

Long Distance Relationship: Conclusion

Some of the best advice comes from a military long distance relationship advice forum. Check one or two out for added help. You must remember miles cannot stand between two individuals who really choose to be together.

Yes, it may require investing in your relationship, but it is worth the hardship if your love is greater than the distance between you. Set an example before all those who think such relationships are a myth.

A long distance relationship reminds me of a rather beautiful saying I once read which goes: “Distance diminishes the weaker loves and enhances the greater ones, just like the wind puffs out a candle and blows up a bonfire”.


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