Should you trust your manager because he wears a suit and tie
You can't trust everybody because everybody is human.
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Should you trust your manager in the workplace? Managers are humans and some can be deceitful. Should you trust your manager just because of a title? 

Almost everyone has a supervisor, and this person has the important role of moving the team forward, setting goals, ensuring the entire team meets the goal and they monitor everyone to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

They split the work into smaller tasks individuals on the team can achieve and they oversee a lot of the work you do. They are ALSO the people who decide whether or not you receive a pay rise, or a promotion, or any kind of reward. 

Managers also hold the reigns on whether you should be fired or not. So, getting into your manager’s good books would be a VERY good idea, seeing as they hold your career as a collateral. 

When You Can’t Trust Your Manager

Sometimes your manager may not be the best person. Now, if your manager does any of these things on the list, it’s best not to trust them:

If your manager always blames someone else

See, managers lead departments, and they should be accountable for what goes on in the department. However, when something goes wrong, they cannot handle the pressure, and they pass the buck to someone else.

When you can’t trust your manager, you’ll know because they put the blame on someone else, just to get their own superiors off their backs. And remember how I said managers hold your careers as collaterals? Well, if you are the person blamed… you may find yourself jobless.

Regardless of how nice your manager may seem, you must observe what they are like under pressure to know whether you should trust them- if they can’t handle the pressure- you may be in trouble.

If they gossip about other employees

Once a gossip, always a gossip. That’s all there is to it, really. You can’t trust your manager if he talks about people behind their backs.  How do you know they don’t do the same to you? You don’t know.

You can’t trust anyone with this personality trait- at all- it’s as simple as that.

When managers are motivated by fear

At work, you’re working UNDER somebody- the same goes for your manager, and you have to meet deadlines, and if you don’t… your job is on the line- so is your manager’s. If they continue to let fear rule them, they will do or say anything to get themselves out of a sticky situation.

You can’t trust your manager if he throws you under the bus or feeds you to the lions  A bad manager will do it so long as their boss is off their backs.

Your job may be on the line, but so is your manager’s. But the difference is, they have the power to get rid of you. Also, the fear makes it worse, as you are more vulnerable to losing your job. Seriously, if you have a manager like this, just try being the best worker you can be.

If they play favorites

To be honest, it’s quite simple for a manager to pick out a favorite, and it’s in our human nature, so who can blame them? But, it is critical to you and the other workers on your team.

If your manager does pick out a favorite[s], then they will constantly compare your work and everyone else’s work to the favorite’s work. If the “favorite” let the team down, then your manager may shift the blame onto someone else or brush it off as being unimportant. Say, What?! 

A person who does this is quite dangerous, and you should not trust your manager.

If your manager is too emotional

You may have one manager who decides to incorporate their personal life into their work life, or they may let their emotions dictate how they will work during the day.

If their partner left them, they’ll be grouchy the whole day. Because they couldn’t sleep, they will yell all day. Since they didn’t get to watch the match, they will fire someone. So, you pretty much have to tiptoe around them. Ugh, ain’t nobody got time for that! 

If your manager lets their emotions control them, you may not last very long because of their childish ways. So now you know what makes a bad manager, how do you know if you’ve been blessed with a good manager? Keep reading to find out! 

When You Can Trust Your Manager

Understanding the company is essential as a manager as they will have to create goals which move the company towards their vision.

If they understand the company and the company’s vision

If your manager understands the company, then you can be rest assured that they will have the company’s best interests in mind, and will only do things for the betterment of the company- rather than the irrational firing of employees.

They are behaviourally consistent

You can trust your manager if he acts the same way every day.  If he or she doesn’t have any unpredictable mood swings, then, likely you have a good manager. A manager should lead with their head, not their heart.  

When your manager is cool and collected, consistently- they are leading with their head, and you have a good, trustworthy leader.

If they seek feedback and ask for your opinion

More opinions are better, and if your manager believes in this notion, then you can be sure they are a good manager. If they openly look for opinions, that may even clash with their own, they are 100% a good manager.

A business is successful if it is constantly being improved, and if your manager takes your thoughts into consideration, it may eventually lead to the betterment of the company.

This type of manager is a dependable manager, as they truly want to improve and grow with the company.

You can trust your manager if they motivate the team

Both you and your manager must work together to succeed, and if a team is pessimistic, they will not try as hard as they should or reach their true potential. In order to keep the success of the team up, your manager will motivate everyone, and ensure everyone is on task. 

This is the mark of a true leader, and this is how you know you can trust your manager.

They have earned your trust

You should trust your manager if they have a good history with others, respects you and others around you.  If they sincerely want to earn your trust, then you CAN trust them, since having a better working relationship will lead to bigger and better successes, which is better for everyone.

If they keep promises and operate under a value and belief system, building trust – you should keep your manager. These are the best types of managers to have, and if your administrator is like this, you hit the jackpot.


There are so many types of managers in the workplace, some you love your manager, others make you dread stepping into work. Ultimately, you have to make the decision of whether you are comfortable in your current working environment.

Let us know if you can trust your manager and tell us why in the comments below. Rate are they great or do they make your lives a nightmare?

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