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What are some of the best Muslim restaurants in the world? You’re about to find out. It’s no secret Muslims live by a different set of rules and they extend to eating behaviors inside and outside of their sector.  

When it comes to deciding on a restaurant, certain restrictions prevent them from eating freely like non-Muslims. You may want to look at some travel tips before venturing off into unknown lands.  

Muslims eat halal foods, which means they eat red meat and seafood, however, the meat should be cut in a certain way and it should have a certain prayer read over it before it is deemed acceptable.

It also means avoiding pork and facilities serving alcohol.  The food Muslims consume cannot come into contact with pork or alcohol.  You can see how this can complicate eating out since most restaurants serve alcohol.  

Voted 10 of The Best Muslim Restaurants Around

Finding a top-rated restaurant that serves halal food without the presence of alcoholic beverages can be difficult.

In light of this, Muslims may have to eat at another location unless there is a private room for them to dine. Take a look at a list of the best halal restaurants around the world appropriate for Muslims.

Alif Laila by Bawarchi, Bangkok

If you want halal Indian food while visiting Bangkok, head to the Alif Laila restaurant if you want authentic Indian food from Thailand. The chefs use a range of spices to create beautiful, flavorsome meals that will fill you up and leave you in awe.

Dining at this restaurant, one can enjoy a serene atmosphere while consuming their favorite dishes and amazing specialties from the Asian cuisine menu.

The Alif Laila restaurant is located in the midst of a busy area where you can hail taxis regularly with easy access after your meal. Excited? You should be!

Seoul Garden, Singapore

This family-friendly restaurant is found on Victoria Street in Singapore. The owners aim to provide a happy and effervescent atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

This restaurant is all about meats and proteins so you can taste the healthiest and the best Korean food at the Seoul Garden.

Korean foods
Photo by Jakub Kapusnak Unsplash

Everything is halal and the meals are prepared by Muslim chefs who use all pure ingredients and serve a huge range of succulent and gorgeous meals at affordable prices. They even provide a Korean-style barbecue so you can feel like you are home.

The restaurant staff go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable. You are in good hands when you visit The Seoul Garden restaurant.

Urban Curry, San Francisco

Located next to Broadway and Chinatown, you can be sure your meal at the Urban Curry will be surrounded by phenomenal sceneries and backdrops. Not to mention, the exquisite interior layout of the restaurant. It’s why critics claim it to be one of the best Muslim restaurants in California.

You may feel like royalty while you dine in this fine establishment. The Urban Curry serves delicious Indian and Himalayan cuisines made by traditional chefs.

You can taste the authenticity and passion used to make a range of remarkable halal dishes. It’s the perfect way to spend the evening with your family or with a group of women travelers

Best Muslim Restaurants in Chicago – Murano’s

When you’re in Chicago and you just want a good burger, check out Murano’s. It’s the place to go when you don’t want an ordinary burger.  Not only does it need to be large and tasty, it needs to be halal style.

Try taking a trip to Murano’s for the ultimate Texas-style burgers. The burgers look stunning, leaving your mouth watering before you’ve even taken the first bite.

There you’ll be able to boast about the best burger you have ever put next to your lips. Murano’s have a halal huge menu, offering a variety of tender, awe-inspiring meals.

Sultan’s Market, Chicago

Located in the Wicker Park area, Sultan’s Market is famous across the city of Chicago for its delicious falafels. Paired with their decadent, fresh lamb, it makes for an excellent meal that will leave you coming back for more.

What if you’re a vegetarian? It’s fine, you can check out their immense salad bar or skim through their menu for vegetarian options. Seriously, the best Muslim restaurants have it all.

With affordable meal prices and 100% halal ingredients, you can be assured that you will be getting the deal of a lifetime by dining in this glorious restaurant. For the finest middle-eastern cuisine in Chicago, this is the place to be!

Chez Marc, Paris

Some people believe the best Muslim restaurants means high-end dining… in Paris. It’s halal, so you have everything covered! They serve traditional Lebanese food, and the interior of the restaurant is simply beautiful, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal with an incredible ambiance.

Lebanese food photo by Pooja Chaudnary-Unsplash
Lebanese food photo by Pooja Chaudhary-Unsplash

Scoring a 9.1 out of 10 on TripAdvisor and receiving TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, you can be sure that your time spent at this stunning restaurant will be time well-spent.

Maedah Grill, London

If you’re in London, you want to visit the best Muslim restaurants there for Turkish cuisine. Then head to the Maedah Grill. The restaurant is popular with Muslims and non-Muslims alike from all over the country. You will have to wait in line if you don’t book in advance to find a seat there.

Once you step inside, you will know the wait was worth it as the inner-beauty of the restaurant can render you speechless. It’s glamorous, it’s elegant and it’s stylish like everything a good restaurant should be.

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The menu is expensive, but it is SO worth it in the end, trust me. They have everything including outstanding customer service. The staff is friendly, and the food is simply divine, so if you’re ever in London, pop down for a meal in one of the best Muslim restaurants in London. 

Best Muslim Restaurants in London – Rosa’s Thai

Tucked away in the upper food court in Westfield, Rosa’s Thai presents the best Thai food. Your taste buds will thank you. You will leave Rosa’s in a wheel barrel as you will be too stuffed to walk.  This is why I think it’s among the best Muslim restaurants in the world.

Thai food photo by rawpixel
Thai food photo by rawpixel

What’s crazy is that you will want to come back for more! With juicy side dishes and amazing main meals, you will be guaranteed to have a great meal at Rosa’s Thai.

The food is always served promptly and brought out looking like a work of art. Once you’re done eating, you can explore Westfield, London’s favorite shopping center, and treat yourself to an outfit, jewelry, watches… pretty much anything, really.

So, if you’re up for a day of shopping, fun and food, head to Westfield for the perfect day out.

Best Muslim Restaurants in Chicago – Papacito’s Mexican Grille

Here at Papacito’s Mexican Grille, the food tastes as good as it looks, if not even better and the staff is all friendly. Papacito’s serves over-sized grilled meats, the juiciest skirt steaks, and the best Mexican food around.  

You and your companions will experience tantalizing flavors you have never experienced before from the top Muslim restaurants in Chicago. With an extensive range of flavors from sweet to spicy, you will want to continue eating although you don’t have room for another bite.  

Yes, the food is that good and you’ll feel as if you are really in Mexico as you sample their finest delicacies. Papacito’s uses local ingredients as its way of giving back to the community.

Spice & Rice Thai Cuisine, Bangkok

If you are after halal high-end dining, then this is one of the best Muslim restaurants around. The Spice and Rice serve classic Thai cuisine with flair, elegance, and sophistication that takes food to a whole new level of awesomeness. It’s a feast for your eyes, AND for your stomachs.

You can find the Spice & Rice located within the world-renowned Suk sol Hotel, so you can enjoy the glamour of the hotel after finishing your amazing meal at one of the best Muslim restaurants available in this area.

It screams luxury and style and the is presented beautifully and the food tastes amazing! The restaurant has won numerous halal food awards with its well-made menus, delectable meals, and fantastic service. Sounds amazing, right?

Owned and operated by Muslims, they use 100% halal ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the meals not meeting your Islamic needs. So, if you’re ever in Bangkok, why don’t you stop by to have the meal of the century?

The Best Muslim Restaurants Conclusion 

Ah, sorry… You’ve reached the end of the list, and are probably feeling really hungry. Why not head down to one of these amazing restaurants?  According to LA Weekly, there are a few Muslim restaurants in Los Angeles you’d be keen to visit.  Until then, Happy Eating!  

Source: TripAdvisor

Image: Flickr

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