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What Happens When Women Lift Heavy Weights?

For fear of bulking up, women avoid the gym, but you need to know what happens when women lift heavy weights. These women are basically no different from you or me.

She is a woman lifting weights to lose weight, feel better, and look her very best. They are mothers, wives, educators, entrepreneurs, and career professionals who go the extra miles in the weight room.

These women eat incredibly appetizing foods and look like a million dollars in a potato sack (in my opinion). They could easily be a fitness-model for a top brand.

To be honest, I’m envious of their curves and tight bodies. We could be one of those women if we lift weights and eat healthier. We need to eat more fresh or natural foods instead of prepackaged junk.

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Women lift heavy weights and inspire other women to be strong. Before society said women couldn’t be strong and sexy, too, but times have changed.

Heavy Weight Lifting for Females

Are you thinking about going to the gym to lift weights, but you picture women shaming you away? Stop doing that. You’re going to talk yourself out of exercising before you even try.

Lifting heavy weights is not a man thing… it’s a health thing and no one should stop you from picking up a set of dumbbells or barbells.

In fact, you may find gym-goers and bodybuilders like Tia Robertson helpful. She was more than helpful when women came to her for advice about their bodies. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone in the gym about their secrets or keys to workout success.

Tia just happened to be always athletically inclined, but because of her passion for others, health, and working out, she took it a step further than most women who lift heavy.

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The Master Body Architect started from scratch and started her own brand, Incredibooty. Tia “became a certified ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Personal Fitness Trainer in 2014” so she could do things the right way and reach more people.

Tia believes “we are truly honoring God when we take care of and cherish the body he has given us.” In fact, you should read her touching story. You never know what’s behind the journey, just that Tia Robertson and women like her look terrific.

Just remember, even she was not born with a perfect body or with a low BMI. With this in mind, you shouldn’t feel insecure, nor should you compare her journey with yours. We’re all different and what works for one woman, may not work for you.  

However, you do want to take pictures of yourself while weight lifting before and after 3 months. This way you can see your growth.

What I know is building lean muscle, and staying sexy takes plenty of dedication. Women lift heavy weights and maintain a desirable feminine physique. There are plenty who do it, but to be one of these women, you need training and discipline.

Be that as it may, where do they find the time? What makes them go back day after day?

Some women lift heavy weights because it lowers bad cholesterol, diminishes the possibility of a stroke by eliminating signs of stress, depression and high blood pressure. That’s not all. It improves body composition, joint mobility and bone density in women who lift heavy.

What is Considered Heavy Lifting for a Woman?

Heavy lifting for a woman means “the heaviest weight you can lift for eight to 12 reps of an exercise can be considered lifting “heavy.”

Sounds scary, huh? Well, don’t be afraid. You won’t look like a WWE wrestler just by lifting a few weights. I know you hear the stories (emphasis on stories) about what happens when women lift heavy weights. Allow me to put your mind at ease with a blunt fact check.

If you’re bulky, it’s not because you lift heavy. You’re simply overweight! The person who said you’ll look like a man if you lift did not tell all the story.

The fact of the matter is this – women are not built like men. Men are likely to have 16 times the testosterone than females. The female body contains less of the hormone that affects the muscle. What occurs is that women will gain definition, strength, and tonicity, but not the supersize biceps women have when competing in bodybuilding contests. 

Will Lifting Weights Make a Woman Bulky?

Women lift heavy weights because they compete professionally. These ladies go through an entirely different program so these will not be your results.

They spend years training, including using specific supplements (anabolic steroids), to beef up their bodies. This is not the common outcome of the average person wanting to define their bodies.

With that being said, let’s put out another fiery myth. “Once you start lifting heavy and gaining muscle, you can’t quit or it will turn into fat.”

After you have developed the body you want, sure, you must maintain it, but simple resistance exercises will help keep you fit and living longer and healthier.

Weight Lifting for Female Beginners

The key to lifting weights is to do it on a consistent basis. Starting out, lift light-to-moderate pounds. Later on, you can progress to more reps to build endurance. Over time, you can build new bone.

Lifting more weight will increase definition, not build large muscles. As a woman, your testosterone level is just too low to make that happen naturally.

How much weight can a woman lift? The woman who’s new to weight training should be able to lift at least half her weight. In about a year or so, she should be able to lift over her weight by 20 or 30 pounds.

You’ll be happy to know women bodybuilders lose more belly fat than those who ultimately concentrate on a cardio workout according to a completed study by the University of Alabama.

The advantages of a flat stomach range from lessening your chances of contracting cancer and diabetes to looking remarkably well in a startling two-piece bikini.

Women Have the Power to Change

Women lift heavy weights, yes, but, they have the keys to unlock heavy low self-esteem chains. Yes, we walk differently… we wear our skin with more confidence. When we look good, we feel better. It’s just that simple.

We start to change how we feel about ourselves and it shows. Your attitude will inspire others and imitation is no better form of flattery.

We suggest you follow Tia, The Master Body Architect on IG for her latest advice, videos, and events. She’s developed a routine to help you build a better body fast. You don’t want to miss out. 

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