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What is NSA friend? I thought an NSA relationship was short for… well, I’m not even going to embarrass myself and tell you what I thought! Now I know what it means, and I can tell you. 

How do you do a no strings attached relationship? First of all, you wouldn’t bring your emotional self to the table as that could cause trouble. Since it’s like an FWB relationship, you are there just to have a little fun. It’s all about what’s between the sheets, back seats, or on top of the sand.

Being that it’s an NSA relationship, feelings are the last thing you want to have. If a ‘no strings attached relationship’ sounds like something you may be interested in, you can join an NSA relationship site. When you find someone you like, however, you must follow the rules or get burned.

Depending on your makeup, falling for your FWB could be easier than you think. After all, you’re human and controlling your emotions can be difficult, especially when you meet someone you vibe with. With this in mind, let’s go over a few significant guidelines.

NSA Relationship Rules

You must be emotionally equipped. The worse thing you can do is get into an NSA relationship with someone you have feelings for. At the same time, you don’t want to start this new relationship when you’re on the rebound from a breakup.

You can’t be jealous. Chances are you’ll see your NSA with another person at some point if you live in the same city. Whenever you do, you cannot confront him. Remember, he was a free agent when you met him on the NSA relationship app. Unless you both decide to take the relationship to another level, you’re both still free as a bird.

Because you signed on to a no strings attached relationship, it means you are both free to see other people. If you’re having a change of heart, you should rethink being in an NSA relationship.

Don’t expect much. What do no strings attached mean in a relationship? As difficult as it may be to stay grounded, it means this is NOT a real relationship. You can’t expect flowers on your birthday or Christmas gifts. In view of this person is not your friend, don’t even expect them to hold meaningful conversations with you.

Your NSA should not be your friend. It’s easier if you don’t know this person. Try one of the popular NSA sites if you don’t have anyone in mind. If it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to worry about salvaging a friendship. Besides, it’s easier to become attached to someone you already know as a friend.

Don’t confide in your NSA. Again, this person is not your friend. They do not need to know your secrets or your dreams and aspirations. When you open yourself up to personal aspects of your life, you cross the line.

Draw the line. We all need boundaries in our lives. Setting them with your NSA is absolutely necessary to protect yourself. Don’t text ‘just because’ or expect to go on a date. When you start thinking about your NSA with emotion, figure out how to end a no strings attached relationship.

Let’s Talk About Sex 

Now, my last bit of advice is to wrap it up. You don’t know how many others your NSA is dating or more to the point, having sex with. I would also suggest before getting into this kind of relationship, you should have the talk. We know certain kinds of protection is not 100% effective.

nsa relationship couple on bed min
Being involved in an NSA relationship, you don’t get your feelings involved… have fun and protect yourself.

There may be times when a condom is not available and you do it anyway. With this in mind, talk about diseases and pregnancies. You can even order an at-home STD kit to be certain you’re both free of infection. If you don’t want a lifelong commitment to a baby or disease, wrap it up and use another form of protection. And it’s just that simple, y’all. 

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