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Star was canceled? Somebody shut the front door! Not after three exciting seasons? I can’t believe Star was canceled after the insane season finale on May 8. The season was hot, show after show. We’ve been fans since the teens ran away from home and arrived on Carlotta’s doorstep.

The Lee Daniels/Tom Donaghy drama stars Queen Latifah, Miss Lawrence, Amiyah Scott, Luke James, Quincy Brown, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady, Brandy Norwood, and Jude Demorest.

The cliffhanger was jaw-dropping, but now I think my jaw is just broken. Y’all saw the show when Brandy’s character, Cassie, jumped in front of Carlotta and saved her from those bullets. Let’s not talk about how the bangers just sprayed Ruby (Juanita Jenkins) without any remorse for a praying woman who was raped! 

The innocent people who died or got shot at the ceremony include Simone’s husband, Angel who was played by Evan Ross and William Levy who played Mateo. In the middle of this, Star decides to not proceed with the adoption process and wants to keep Davis.

She and Noah race to hold him only to find Jackson knocked out cold and the baby was gone. Okay… I have a few questions: Where is Noah’s mom? Who broke ol’ crazy out of the nuthouse? Was it Alex’s dad in a sad attempt to stop the wedding?

Want to talk about a wedding disaster, this has got to be it. Poor Alex and Derek.

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The series was a 20th Century Fox Television production in association with the creator of Empire. Lee Daniels Entertainment was responsible for two series on Fox. Yes, they kept Empire despite the mess surrounding Jussie Smollett.

By the way, if you didn’t know Variety says Smollett is still employed with the show, but don’t plan on seeing him around next season. Word is he won’t be there.

If you think the Star was canceled because of ratings, it was not, according to Vibe who got it from Shadow & Act. However, the show did see a slump from last year’s 4.1 million viewers to an average of 3.5 mil. So if it wasn’t ratings, why Star was canceled?

Sources speculate it is because of the Fox/Disney acquisition totaling $71 billion USD. Fox also canceled a few other shows like The Passage, Lethal Weapon, and The Cool Kids, but if you’re like me, you didn’t watch them anyway.

On the other hand, they kept Empire, ugh, and OMG, Last Man Standing. Why man, Idk. I am happy they are retaining 9-1-1. That’s one show they should keep, in my opinion. Nonetheless, I can’t believe Star was canceled, Y’all. Will we ever find out what happens after this momentous season finale? Will Netflix or Hulu pick up the series? I hope they make a decision soon. 


No, neither Netflix or Hulu are picking up the series as of March 2020, but who knows what will happen after Empire. It seems Daniels didn’t want Star to interfere with what was going on with Empire and its final season. Wow… that was cruel and totally insecure of him.

Guess what, Lee Daniels? I still don’t watch Empire, so your little plan didn’t work with me and apparently thousands of others. The rumor is, however, Star will provide its fans with answers in a movie, but when is the question. I’m ready for the ending to begin. Actually, I want the show back. 

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