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That time of year is upon again and if you’re not married, you’re probably looking for the best destination for a summer hookup. Choosing the right spot to get away could make all the difference in the world. While you have a particular motive for going, you want to make sure you’d have a good time regardless if you hook up or not.

According to a study by a certain adult toy and lingerie dealer, at least 32% of men and women have had a one-night stand before while traveling to another country. The analysis by Ann Summers further affirms that 15% of the summer flings are with the barkeeper. Are you surprised? I don’t know why but I am.

It’s life though and not some movie or movie made for television. People actually get together where they think is the best destination for a summer hookup. Some look forward to doing it over the coming year. The motto is ‘You only live once’ or to keep it simple, YOLO. Fortunately, you’re never too old to have fun.

More singles over 50 are getting back into the swing of things after the breakup of a long-term relationship or marriage with a casual relationship. With that said, we will list several of the top destinations for a summer hookup.

Sosua, Dominican Republic Single Man’s Paradise

Picture an all-inclusive vacation at an erotic singles resort full of lush beaches and half-clothed women looking for hardcore single men to date. If this is your dream destination for a summer hookup, then Sosua has a good deal of resorts dominated by steamy Dominican women brought in specifically to take care to your every impulse.

Destination for a summer hookup Photo by Sajjad Hussain M from Burst hotel poolside checking phones
Photo by Sajjad Hussain M from Burst

Rio de Janeiro

If you didn’t know, Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil. I don’t know of anyone who would refuse a trip to Brazil in general, but Rio is perfect for a summer hookup. Rio de Janeiro is notorious for its spicy and hot singles, though the waterfronts aren’t awful to look at either. Don’t assume because the Carnival is over that the celebration is, too. That will never happen in Rio de Janeiro.

Ibiza, Spain

It’s of no surprise Ibiza, Spain is an attractive vacation idea. The clubs are open all night and every night is a celebration. According to the survey, 34% of single men and women say it’s “the best place for having sex with a stranger.” It’s also the place where 26% of the respondents spoke of sex on the beach in the true sense of the word. Yes, having sex in the sand was par for the course in Ibiza.


Paris is an auto-erotic destination for a summer hookup. Considering it’s one of the best countries for single guys in the world, you need to arrange for your departure ahead of time. Now is a great moment to schedule your trip to Paris. While in Europe, hop on over to Venice to see more attractions and let the fashion, cuisine, and culture arouse you.


I don’t know what you heard about London, but it’s a city full of liberated party animals. Don’t let television fool you, London is a provocative spot on the map. If you’re looking for that “International Lover,” you just may meet her, even though she may not be one of the foxiest chicks on the block.


Interestingly enough, Crete has about a 27% rate for summer hookups. The Greek Islands were infamous for being the most favored place for threesomes, though only 11% engaged in a ménage à trois. You can totally be yourself while vacationing in this judgment-free destination.


Portland’s nightlife is one of the reasons people upvote Portland as the best vacation for singles in their 30s. Get your daily grind on at the nearest Bikini barista. They have them sprinkled throughout so you can’t miss all of them. Look for the Twin Peaks logo and have a quaff of your favorite blend or brew.


Obscene singles have a beautiful time in the summer when they go to tropical Florida. Known for its steamy beaches, Miami is perfect for a summer fling. The city offers a variety of activities so you don’t have to leave the states to party. In fact, singles say Miami is one of the best vacation spots to get laid. So, party people, grab your swim shorts, bikinis, and cover-ups and get ready for a nightlife unparalleled to any other city nearby.

San Juan

Love spirited Puerto Rican women? For the ultimate night adventure, slice the tip of your imported cigar and go undercover in San Juan. Want to party until the sunrise? You’ll find plenty of erotic brown-skinned women ready to pleasure the single man. Yep, San Juan, Puerto Rico is undeniably one of the best vacations for single guys.


Montreal is one of the sexiest, laid-back cities in the world based on sensual entertainment. The city is free like Paris and the women are consequently gorgeous with their French accents. One of the best things about Montreal for the single guy is their strip clubs.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas might be touristy for some, but there’s no better destination for a summer hookup. Scandal, lies, and videotapes are sure to find you in the infamous Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman’s Club and Club Paradise in Sin City. Cruise the Las Vegas strip and get free access to some of the best vacation spots for single guys in town.

Remember summer vaca is only temporary which means seeing the person you hook up with again is slim unless you fall totally in love with each other. But for the most part, no matter which destination for a summer hookup you choose, there are no strings attached.

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