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Don't be afraid to ask the questions you've always wanted to know.

I must admit, the questions you’ve always wanted to ask women are somewhat predictable. Then again, men sometimes ask the strangest questions but on the other hand, some questions never leave their minds. You want to know and how else do you find the answer unless you ask?

Well, you can read these answers to questions you’ve always wanted to ask women but are afraid to ask. Hopefully, they will put a stop to your pondering, so keep reading!

The Most Controversial Topics Between Men and Women

10How do I know she’s interested versus just being nice?

She gives you full attention whenever you’re around. She smiles a lot, doesn’t pull away when you lean in close and hints at when she’s available. A good way to test the water is to mention a possible date situation – a store, a club, something you’d like to show her.

If she’s interested she will be very enthusiastic. Anything lukewarm, like a “Yeah, sounds nice”, usually means she’s not that interested. Of all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask women, you need to know this. 

9Do I keep pursuing a girl who cancels a date (with a perfectly good excuse)?

No. If she’s interested, let her initiate another date, and if she really likes you, she will. Otherwise, it might just be a way to tell you that she changed her mind and was trying to let you down easy.

8When should I let her know that I’m not looking for anything serious?

I’m glad this is one of those questions you’ve always wanted to ask women. When you ask for a second date, you should tell her or at least by the third date. There’s no point ruining the mood of your first date with this notion.

You should put it out there and make it clear before the second date.  This might be a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s fair and safe for both of you. This way she knows where you stand on relationships goals right now. 

A good way to put it is: “I’m not looking for anything serious now, but I think you’re amazing and would love to spend more time with you!” If she refuses, don’t be upset she doesn’t want to be friends. We’re all entitled to make our own decisions.

If she’s looking for commitment, then it’s best not to waste time on a relationship that could possibly go nowhere. If she agrees, great! You’re now on the same page!

7Do girls really like nice guys?

Of course!  But you must first understand there are two types of “nice guys.” There are “real nice” guys, who are good human beings and who make the world a better place. Girls are lucky when they get these kinds of guys.

Then there are “nice guys” – a euphemism girls tend to use for guys who they don’t find attractive, but they hang around, believing she is truly interested.

6Do PUA (Pick Up Artist) techniques work?

Unfortunately, they do – but, only girls who are insecure. If you’re looking for a relationship with a girl who will make it worthwhile, PUA techniques are a bad way to go about it.

Even when you’re just looking for casual encounters, chances are you will only pick up needy, clingy girls who have low self-esteem and come with a whole load of issues from past relationships with other pick-up artists. Do you really want to go there?

5Why is the toilet seat thing such a big deal?

As a girl, if you try to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning on the lights, having the toilet seat up can result in an accident with you falling into the toilet, which is a very unpleasant experience.

If a guy goes to the bathroom when the toilet seat is down, the worst thing that can happen is a mess. The stakes are different! Plus, guys use the toilet with the seat down sometimes, but girls never [well, almost never] use the toilet with the seat up. Majority rules!

Okay, the serious answer is: no, it’s not that big of a deal. I hope couples don’t have to fight over this. If it’s up and you need it down, just put it down. Is this really one of your questions you’ve always wanted to ask women?

4No, nothing happens when girls go to the bathroom together!

I have no idea how this became a huge conspiracy. There is nothing interesting to do in the bathroom. hahaha!  Silly of you to think there is anything going on in there. Well, okay… sometimes it does, but it doesn’t happen all the time. [Did you just have a flashback?] haha! 

Okay, anyway, the reason why girls spend a long time together in the bathroom is that they are touching up their makeup, talking about you or the couple sitting next to you. Sorry to disappoint, guys. That’s about it.  

3Why can’t you make up your mind? 

Mainly, because there are too many good choices and we want them all, and we have to make a snap decision.  Question for men: Why can’t we have them all?

2Why do women cut their brows only to draw them on?

That’s a good question and I don’t know the answer so ask them who do it and let us know. 

1Do women watch men walk away?

I’m so glad this made the list of questions you’ve always wanted to ask women. Yes, we do!  A man with a sexy walk is a sight to see.  It’s not enough that he is sexy, but he must walk that way, too.

Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Women Conclusion

Thanks for reading you guys.  Do you have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask women? I hope we answered at least a few of your questions.  

In the case we did not, comment below and we take care of it.  Keep it clean, though!  At the same time, don’t be afraid to tell us about the weird questions you’ve been asked before or wanted answers to, ladies.

You can find more questions like these by visiting my favorite read, the Thought Catalog.

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