How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Style 101

Are you tired of wearing skinny jeans? Can’t seem to enjoy your second serving because your pants are too tight? Don't feel bad; me, too, but I wouldn't give them up.

Gorgeous girl sitting on floor with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and white tennis shoes
We all want a pair of our boyfriend's jeans, now we don't have to ask anymore.
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Maybe you have to unbutton your boyfriend jeans after eating from the buffet. That’s normal and you’re not alone. My skinny jeans fit me like a glove, so they are not the comfortable fit they once were before I ate a slice of chocolate cake or after the last helping of shrimp pasta.

How boyfriend jeans should fit

Although, boyfriend jeans are comfortable but wearing them is a little tricky. Since they have a straight cut, these jeans own a boyish style and some men would say they prefer tight jeans on a woman of color because they look more feminine.

That’s right! They don’t want their girl rocking a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans remain the serious craze in the fashion industry. Women of all sizes look magnificent in these hipster styles. However, you have chosen a few of the best ways to wear boyfriend jeans for women:

What goes with boyfriend jeans?

Monster high heels

This is the most common shoe style accompanying a pair of boyfriend jeans. It is a mix of masculine and feminine style; they are fierce and comfortable at the same time.

What makes this style appealing is the combination of tight fitting jeans and the stiletto heels. It makes you taller and slimmer.How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Style 101

The boyfriend jeans are stylish with high heel boots as well. They slide smoothly over the pants without bulging out at the knees to look edgier. You can play with different colors and textures.

Suede shoes or boots look classy and elegant, which is a contrast to the masculine style of the jeans. You can pair the jeans with any heels you have, the distinction of this match is fearless style.

Pair with sexy top

Boyfriend jeans look so good with a nice tank or a crop top. A nice fitting shirt or a shirt that reveals your belly button goes well with boyfriend jeans. I would recommend a shirt in any color.

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This ensemble goes well with high heels. However, if you plan to wear it with a loose top or over-sized shirt, it would look great if you couple it with a basic black, gray, or white shirt. Choose the shirt that shows the silhouette of your curves.

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Partnering high waisted jeans with the right shirt work wonders! It gives women an androgynous image that some men find sexy. The little red dress, floral outfit, or over-sized shirt with boyfriend jeans just proves that it is not just about the style or the clothes, it’s about who wear them.

If you are comfortable with your body, no one can stop you. Personally, I love to wear black boyfriend jeans and I feel good wearing them.

Yes, I have those moments when I don’t want to look girly or flirty but want to take a rest from body-hugging clothes, so these kinds of jeans are my carefree jeans.

Choose the appropriate cut

Distressed boyfriend jeans have a variety of cuts and styles but the most popular jeans are black ripped jeans the fringe. I love the type of boyfriend jeans with the cuts and holes in the front.

You can wear fishnet stockings with the fringe style because or any cute stockings underneath and the pattern is seen through the holes in the jeans. You can try this but be creative with what’s underneath.

Another style that looks sexy and edgy is the re-purposed boyfriend jeans. It’s a new style they cut under the cheeks of the butt to show a little more skin but still covering most of your lower body.

Crochet Flower Splicing Jeans

Since most women of color have different preferences, tastes, and styles we also provide tips for the bold ladies out there. The women who feel more comfortable in ragged jeans than in dresses, do not want to compromise their femininity.

A woman who is both classy and sassy “shines bright like a diamond!” Show people you can pull off a raw style.

If you want ideas on how to wear boyfriend jeans, check out my favorite shopping place, Pinterest.

Image source: Pinterest

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