What are some of your recipes for the summer drinks that help you stay cool? Apart from the ice, there are two things to remember about cooling drinks. The first thing is that sugar is a source of energy, so too much of it will make your body produce more heat in the long run.

Knowing what to avoid is not enough. We should also aim for ingredients that help you stay cool. While the scientific benefits of traditional Chinese medicine are still a topic to debate, my research shows that most of the “cooling foods” are quite intuitive and healthy, so they are always worth a try!

11 Summer Drinks to Keep Your Body Cool

111] Chilled chrysanthemum tea

Often the number one thing on the list of fun summer drinks is this flower tea is caffeine-free and delicious with a tiny bit of rock sugar.

If you can, try to avoid the commercially-available ones, as they tend to be loaded with sugar. Brew your own tea with dried chrysanthemum flowers for the best effect!

102] Watermelon Frappe

You can never go wrong with these flavorful, summer drinks. Simply blend watermelon (after removing the seeds, of course!) with ice in a blender. You can add a bit of syrup to taste, but most of the time the sweetness of the fruit itself would be enough!

93] Lemon green tea with honey

Brew a green tea, add honey, and let it sit in the fridge. Squeeze in a wedge of lemon before serving. Since your body can use energy from honey straight away, you will feel refreshed faster. Plus, that little kick of caffeine doesn’t hurt!

84] Zucchini pineapple smoothie

If you need to cool off fast, why not go for summer mixed drinks? For two cooling ingredients in one drink, blend zucchini, celery, and parsley together using pineapple juice as the base. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful tropical meal in a glass that is rich in vitamins! 

75] Filipino Cantaloupe Drink

Simply scoop out cantaloupe flesh and boil it together with water and sugar. Add a dash of vanilla if you like. Chill thoroughly before serving. This delicious drink is full of fiber, which helps the functions of your digestive system. It may become one of your summer drinks people rave about.

66] Peppermint tea

Peppermint helps you feel cool almost immediately and has heat-relieving properties in the longer term. The best thing is the peppermint flavor is often pleasant enough you don’t need to add any sugar at all to get that refreshed feel, making it a wonderful zero-calorie drink!

Once, ok… a time or two, I added raspberry weight loss drops into my tea… just to kill two birds with one stone, and frankly, I loved the taste. Maybe you can try it too! Check out OkReviews: Beauty and Skincare, Weight Loss, and Sports before you do, though.  

57] Strawberry lemonade slushie

Having frozen strawberries in your freezer can be a very handy thing this summer because it allows you to make this yummy slushie in practically no time. All you need is lemonade, ice, and a bit of sugar (or substitute). Blend them together for some frozen goodness.

48] Ayran

This Turkish yogurt drink made from yogurt, water, salt, and mint may sound dubious to the uninitiated, but it’s great for summers, especially after a meal.

Yogurt helps balance your digestive system and effectively gets that heat out of your body faster! For more flavor, blend in a bit of cucumber. Could there be such a thing as healthy summer drinks? If so, this is definitely one of them. 

39] Virgin Bloody Mary

If you like tomato juice, you’re in luck, as tomatoes are one of the most potent cooling ingredients out there. This is the same with the normal cocktail one, except just leave out the vodka. The spices in the drink might help you sweat and cool off a bit faster as well!

210] Virgin Tequila Sunrise

As far as simple summer cocktails go, this mocktail is extremely easy to make with almost zero prep time. Simply get yourself a glass of iced orange juice and add grenadine syrup to enjoy this pretty, non-alcoholic drink.

111] Virgin Mojito: One of my favorite summer drinks

I can never say no to a mojito, so this one needs to make the list. Crush lemon wedges with a healthy dose of mint leaves in your glass, add ice, a bit of syrup and soda water, and enjoy this popular summer drink at sunset.

These are some of the best summer drinks I know about. I hope you have a durable blender. Do you have a favorite? Comment below and let us know if you have any other favorite drinks!

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