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Bahar Kizil is a singer and among the top IG influencers in the music industry.  Most known for being in a pop trio “ Monrose”, this young woman has a lot more to show and share. At the start of her journey, Bahar set herself apart with her raw talent and bubbly personality.

Four years in the band gave the singer a head start and a platform to start other projects.

Mandy Capristo and Bahar Kizil
Mandy Capristo and Bahar Kizil

Today, Ms. Kizil is a public figure of Turkish origin based in Germany. She has become a successful Instagrammer with over 50,000 followers. The singer’s social media content combines the showcase of her music and lifestyle, while also touching on beauty and fashion.

In her mission to motivate people, she fearlessly shares her thoughts and experiences. The main message in all the posts, however, is to be happy from within no matter the circumstances. Bahar always aims to set a good example for her fans and followers urging them to embrace themselves and strive towards set goals.

After a short hiatus in music the songstress is currently preparing to release her first solo single titled “What Eyes Cannot See.” It’s a delicate and intricate cover. The singer keeps us guessing. Will her single sound anything like her previous work in the band? A ballad or an uptempo? We will have to wait and see.

Follow Bahar’s Instagram and stay tuned. You can also head on to her YouTube channel and to her outstanding, powerful voice. There you will hear a new interpretation of well-known hits such as “ God is a woman “ by Ariana Grande and “ New Rules” by Dia Lipa. 

Mandy Capristo

Mandy Capristo is second on this list of IG influencers in the music industry. The singer has a unique tone of voice. At the age of 11, a little girl stepped on a big stage and vowed the contest judges with her incredible vocals and charisma. The Kiddy Context talent show was Mandy’s first experience and first “ first place “ on the big stage. Five years later, Capristo will win the hearts of the audience once again. 

3 IG Influencers in the Music Industry You Should Follow
3 IG Influencers in the Music Industry You Should Follow

In 2006, a 16-year-old Mandy Capristo became a member of a pop girl band trio “Monrose”. The band was widely successful in Germany and is still considered one of the most successful European girls’ bands up to date. 

After countless hits with Monrose, in 2012 established herself as a solo artist releasing her first album titled “Grace”.  Grace was a very personal album for Mandy. It was a fusion of a variety of musical styles and directions. 

Right now Mandy is topping the German charts with her latest collaboration single.

Sies Amor” was recorded with a well-known hip hop artist Larsito. The song is a fun upbeat party anthem quickly climbing up on all digital platforms in Europe.

 Follow Mandy’s Instagram to stay up to date.

Tucold, feat Studa Dre 

We always save the best for last and now for the hip hop lovers, we have a real treat. Up and coming artist Tucold is ready to take over the rap scene with 50k fans on IG. His music stands out with sharp lyrics and catchy beats.

3 IG Influencers in the Music Industry You Should Follow Tucold
“I Juss Wanna Be Yo Favorite Rapper” Tucold

With legends such Tupac as his influence this young man is stepping out clearly knowing what he wants. Tucold is honest with his listeners and we like that. He shares the hardship of being in a relationship in his collaboration with Studa Dre titled  “Mess Around”.

Verse after verse, Tucold takes you along on an emotional roller coaster of a breakup. His rap reading skills are right on point – with his soothing voice, he never misses a beat.

With passion and talent at his disposal, Tucold is on his way to dominating the charts as one of the leading IG influencers in the music industry. Drake, Kevin Gates, and Young Thug… y’all be on the lookout for a new artist for your label. By the way, you should Become Motivated With P2L Apparel for XXXTentacion Hoodie & Sweatpants Jumpsuits, and Tucold’s own Seazon Short Sleeve Tees. He’s got the hookup on Nispy Hussle tee’s, too. 

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Follow Tucold on Instagram

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