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Dating without drama… is that even possible? What does no drama mean anyway? Who’s got the answers because I’m almost sure it happens even in the healthiest of relationships.

Every now and again, you’ll run across a man who’s particularly frustrated with all that drama. However, there’s a reason why he says this. It’s because he is. Only he attracts the very woman he’s running away from. Yes, this is why he’s repeating the situation and somehow, he’s confused.

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Surprising, one day this same man will not only embrace this woman, but he will likely marry her. But until he learns to appreciate relationship dynamics and the woman he loves, he’ll be afraid of her brassiness.

Men can’t do too much drama. As a matter of fact, they are afraid of anything they cannot control. It takes him out of his comfort zone and let’s be real… we can’t have that. (eye roll)

He will reject all acts of emotional drama – meaning she starts arguments just to get attention. Or women who have the audacity to be stronger than he is or behaves in a way that makes him feel uneasy.

There’s bound to be relationship drama at some time or another even if he says, “I don’t want drama.”

Drama Men Don’t Do

It’s fair to say men will avoid women who are always stirring the tea. Yeah, the negativity starts to weigh a person down and who wants that? He certainly doesn’t.

He would much rather have a lady who’s rational and soft-spoken even when she needs to get her point across, but who’s perfect? 

With that said, you don’t want to bring him into every kind of conflict. Let’s find out what they are:

Endless Arguments

Okay, so you won the argument. He bought you flowers and your favorite candy. Now, it’s time to move on. The biggest mistakes… well, one of them is women bring up past mistakes during fights and it causes never-ending drama in a relationship. If you continue to do so, you may find that you now have no one to argue with.

Family Drama

He’s dating a Jamaican which means he wants to hear about how your family is doing not that you’re beefing with them. Although he’ll stand up for you if a situation arises, essentially, he doesn’t want to be involved or choose sides.

Facebook Drama 

What’s worse than fighting in public? Not much. It’s so embarrassing. If you must fight, do it behind closed doors and not on Facebook or any social media outlet.

What Does It Mean When He Says He Doesn't Do Drama laughing-friends-on-couch_925xIt really makes the person doing it look awful. Besides, he doesn’t want anyone to know you’d do something like this, especially his family.

Jealousy and Envy 

He’ll get tired real fast if you get jealous for no reason, especially when you’re dating without commitment. He won’t be flattered that you’re starting a fight unnecessarily with the waitress just because she smiled at him. It’s her job to be nice to the customers. There will be women who think he’s attractive like you do, so stay calm and enjoy it.

Friends Drama 

Drama early in the relationship is usually a sign there’s already conflict going on. Generally, it’s between ex-friends or even family rivals, but he doesn’t want to hear about this every single day. It gets old and tiring.

Understanding Relationships

Every man waits for a soul mate who adores him and accepts his imperfectness. He wants a partner who can see right through him and his flaws. But no man wants a SO who will just let him get away with giving her breadcrumbs. Either it’s all in or nothing at all.

When a guy calls you dramatic, consciously or unconsciously, he still needs someone to challenge him. Besides the chase, a challenge is the only other thing that will inspire a strong man to become the best he can be, so be careful not to take him on an emotional roller coaster.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels 

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