While some products may offer a quick fix, chances are the weight will come back on just as quickly. And what a disappointment that would be. Worse yet, most of those weight loss remedies are full of chemicals that can be harmful to the immune system.

How to lose weight the right way? You can turn toward food, natural foods that promote weight loss and help keep it off. If you maintain a low carb diet and eat more of the right foods, you will lose weight.

Natural foods that promote weight loss

You will jump start your metabolic rate and at the same time, give your overall health checkup a star rating. With that said, let’s explore five natural foods that you can easily add to your diet to promote and keep off that weight.

1. Salad

Supplement your dinner with a salad and a grilled steak

While not everyone love greens, when you look at the multitude of benefits a green, leafy salad has to offer, you might just change your thinking.

Salads, especially those with green leafy spinach, can provide antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C while giving you extra folate as well. The beauty in a salad, however, comes in the creation.

A salad can be anything you want it to be. You can add sunflower seeds, chicken, or even fruit like peaches or tangerines.

2. Good old-fashioned chicken soup

For many years, studies have shown that chicken soup has all the ingredients to boost your immune system, shorten the duration of a cold, and help promote weight loss. The reasoning behind the weight loss seems to be the fact that soup simply fills you up.

And, when you fill up your soup with beans for fiber and chicken for protein along with vegetables for antioxidants, you are naturally and effortlessly achieving many weight loss goals. If your stomach is feeling full, you are less likely to binge.

Yeah, it’s not just good for colds, but as a diet food, too.

3. Lean beef and chicken for weight loss 

Summertime is great for grilling, but did you know asparagus taste great off the grill?

Beef that is lean can promote weight loss as it provides the right amount of protein a dieter needs. Also, amino acids found in extra lean beef can assist with your weight loss program and maintain muscle mass.

Chicken, with the skin removed, is low in fat, high in protein and tastes great too. Meat and chicken can always be added to a salad for an all-around weight loss benefit.

4. Oats and whole grains

The fiber in oats and whole grains offers a full and satisfying feeling, which in turn allows you the opportunity to eat less. Rolled oats and those that have the least processing done to them are the most beneficial as they are all-natural and fill you up quickly and healthily.

5. Lose weight eating beans

As part of your diet plan include beans! Eating beans such as kidney, lentil, and cannellini offer the benefits of fiber and protein all rolled into one. Beans can be eaten in a fajita mixed with lean beef or chicken, or made into a healthy casserole or even tossed into a salad.


How to lose weight fast? Simply eat the right foods. Not only are these foods ideal for losing weight, but they are also tasty and versatile as well. In addition to an exercise plan, weight loss should be easy peasy, so eat more natural foods that promote weight loss.

One important point to remember is to never give up, especially when you see evidence of your hard work. A relapse, however, is expected, but it does not mean failure. Keep up the good work!

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