Swimsuit Hacks Every Curvy Woman Should Know About This Summer

Summers have a direct correlation with water, beach, swimming and sunbathing. Some of us allocate a special budget for beach and swimwear shopping; the thought is so exciting!

Swimsuit hacks - two piece with hat and glasses on white sand
Swimsuit hacks because we all want to cool off in the summertime, including curvy girls.
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Choosing the right swimsuit for your body can be tricky, especially for curvy women.

Thirty-five-year-old Maria is planning to go on a beach vacation with her husband and kids. She is ready with everything except her swimsuit. Why?

She has so many doubts about the kind of swimwear that will fit her curvy body. Yes, the struggle gets real, honey! You should look for a swimsuit that shows off your curves and yet diminishes them at the same time. Look at some of the swimsuit hacks ideas we put together for you:

Swimsuit hacks

One piece swimsuit

This is one of the best swimsuit hacks for curvy women. The classic one-piece gives full coverage and tones down the body shape, putting your curves in all the right places.

You should expect confusion with so many different styles available, but you could just close your eyes and pick one and be okay.

Halter bikini top with wide band

A halter bikini top with a wide band underneath the cups will provide full support and shape. Extra support allows you to feel comfortable and the thick fabric around the neck makes sure the top stays in place. So, you can dive into a pool or play water sports without any worries of a wardrobe malfunction.


It seems the tankini was made with curvy women in mind! It is a tank top with a fitted bust and a bikini bottom. Like a one-piece swimsuit, this also provides maximum coverage to support to a full and curvy body. The tankini is absolutely beach appropriate, fashionable and hot!


Say “hello” to the voluptuous sister in the one-piece swimsuit! A strategically cut swimsuit which will expose your skin in the sexiest way. It looks like a one-piece from the front and the back looks like a two-piece bikini.

Various kinds of designs can help you choose what you want to conceal and what you want to draw attention to. Dare to try this unconventional and new style and keep reading!

Bustier bikini tops

This is a version of chic bustier tops. With extra fabric band attached to the cups, the bustier bikini top provides full support to your assets. For a fashion-forward and edgy beach style, this will make a perfect choice!

High waist bottoms

Curvy women can rejoice; the vintage high waist swimsuit is back! This retro style of bikini has a high waist bottom and wide bands on the sides. It will cinch your waist perfectly and give you a round, shapely bottom. Show off that classy, retro-chic inside you with a curvy beach body!

Ruched swimsuit

Those of you who want to sport a fun and flirty beach look, ruched swimsuits will do the trick! Gathered strips of fabric run across the waist, creating the illusion of a well-shaped body, concealing those extra inches.

Cut-out swimsuit

To flaunt more skin, cut-out swimsuits are the best swimsuit hacks for a curvy body. With a little skin peeking through those cuts, you will look like a sassy beach diva. Do not go overboard with the cut-outs; the secret to wearing this style is keeping it to a minimal.

Plunging neckline swimsuit

Don’t be hesitant to try a gorgeous plunging neckline swimsuit; this little detail gives length to your upper body. For women who have a heavy bottom, an attractive neckline can divert the attention to the upper part of the body, thus balancing the proportions. Can you say, “Baywatch diva?”

Underwire bikini top

This is not exactly a style but a pre-requisite to choosing a bikini. Underwire bikini tops will give solid support and form to your bust. It’s a more secure and comfortable swimsuit experience.

Solid colors

Though wearing colors and patterns is a matter of personal choice, for curvy women a better choice are solid colors like black, blue, and pink. Solid colors are flattering and attractive on a curvy body. It also makes you look slender while hiding any extra bulges.

Small prints and patterns

Sometimes you may feel the need to experiment with prints and patterns, it is no different with swimsuits. But curvy women need to have an extra eye to choose what will look best on them. Avoid big and bold prints.  That’s one of the first steps to finding the right print swimsuit for your body.

Small floral prints or tiny polka dots are the safest choices. If you are willing to experiment with stripes, go for closely spaced vertical thin stripes. Do not by any means choose abstract prints as that can lead to a disaster.

Color block bikinis

Wearing contrasting colors can help create the illusion of a lean body. Wear dark colors like black, navy blue etc., on the heaviest part of your body to conceal it and lighter colors where you want to draw attention!

Beach Cover-ups

If you are not in the mood to dive into the water, wear a sheer cover-up to give you the perfect pool party attire. The swimsuit cover will hide those extra inches so you can strut your stuff and maintain your sexy, classy position.

It is a poolside must-have and comes in various styles like kaftans, sarongs, tunics, etc.


This is not any swimsuit hack, however, a positive attitude is a wardrobe essential! Don’t leave home without it.  It doesn’t matter what size or shape you have, being comfortable and confident in your skin is the key to pulling off any style. Be poised and rock that swimsuit or bikini!

Now you have all the swimsuit hacks and ideas that I know so I hope you have some for me. Are you invited to a beach party? Grab a beach bag, your sunglasses, and hat but don’t leave home without your sunscreen!

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Image source: Pixabay

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