Shonda is a real beauty herself - her smile and her hair is pretty - the both light up the world
Shonda Rhimes, a real beauty, is a delicate face and new addition to Dove's Real Beauty
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Real beauty, they say, comes from within. Over the years, Dove has created organic products which take care of skin aesthetics in a way which no ordinary soap does.

Dove’s campaigns have always revolved around bringing out the real beauty while maintaining the moisture and glow of the skin in real women. Giving them the confidence to embrace their own skin.

Real Beauty: Dove’s Most Empowering Campaign

Real Beauty is an attempt to change women’s perception of themselves and feel beautiful irrespective of their skin color, body type or whatever standards society has set for beauty.

They have created several campaigns in the past like “You’re more beautiful than you think”, “A girl’s beauty confidence starts with you”, “Beauty standards of weight are a form of bias” and many more. This is a movement by Dove which is strong, challenging and defying all stereotypes!

Adding to this legacy, Dove has roped in Shonda Rhimes, the American producer, author and screenwriter of shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” this year to shape the concept of ‘Real Beauty’ in her own style.

They have collaborated to launch Real Beauty Productions where they will redefine the paradigm of beauty.

The aim is to widen the concept of real beauty, what women truly are, breaking myths, telling stories that reflect the real world and giving an opportunity to women to tell what beauty is through their eyes. Real women with real stories which no one has ever heard before!

This collaboration with Shonda Rhimes is a really thoughtful and conscious effort; where the world has created its own standard of beauty through magazines, models, and celebrities, they are trying to contravene all the perspectives.

Let us hope it sets a right platform to bring these amazing stories to the limelight!

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