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This Is Why Cheaters Get Caught

How many cheaters get caught? It’s only a matter of time, but I think all cheaters get caught at some point in a relationship. It’s not something you want to think about, especially if you’re in love but the fact of the matter is it happens.

IllicitEncounters.com interviewed a thousand people and they revealed some interesting facts about why cheaters get caught. For starters, they claim over half (63%) of the people who cheat get busted. I’m sure they did as this website caters to people wanting extramarital affairs.

What they found was affairs lasting for four or more years have the highest rating for being exposed. How do they get busted after getting away with it for so long? Cheaters get caught on Facebook!

But only a small percentage are found out during the first and second fling, according to the survey. On the other hand, 86% of those people said they cheated on their spouses during and before marriage.

Funny Ways Cheaters Get Caught

If you’re smart, you know the signs of infidelity when you see them. However, you look over them too often because you don’t want to believe your partner is cheating on you. You don’t want to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out though. Just install the current cheaters get caught app. (I’m just joking!)

Now, some of you may already know, in many instances, this is not a justifiable cause for divorce anymore. Nope, the majority of couples work it out and stay together. Considering the influence open marriages has had on society these days, having an affair is almost acceptable. Those are the marriages which are not Bible-based, but okay… it’s your thing.

For those of you who care to know or until you get the app, I suggest you keep reading the results of the survey on how cheaters got caught. You may be surprised to know this information.

IM/Text Messages

Cheaters get caught texting 39% of the time. It’s actually the most common way in which the other person finds out. Your SO is suspicious because you hiding it all of sudden, put a lock code on it or you’re acting funny when you’re on it. Either way, the phone will get you into trouble more often than any other reason.

You’ve Been Seen

The chances of people spotting you out in public with the other person are only 14%. It’s not always your girlfriend’s girlfriend who sees you, but your partner. There’s no way of denying this but the master manipulator will have you doubting your own eyes, so get up close and personal. Take pics if you must.

Ways Cheaters Get Caught Through Emails

More than 1-5 people get caught because they were acting shady. They start doing things out of the ordinary like checking their inbox more often than they used to. It’s really no different from text messages.

cheaters lesbian-asian-couple-using-laptop-making-budget-living-room-home-sweet-couple-enjoy-love-momeOne participant admitted to letting his girlfriend use his laptop and forgot to close out his emails. Of course, she scanned through them and found the evidence. At the same time, it’s easy to walk away from your phone when you’re going to the bathroom or kitchen for a snack, but not so much your laptop. 

Are going to take the laptop with you to the bathroom? No, I don’t think so, but no sooner than you leave, a message pops up and your girlfriend sees it and the pictures she sent.

A Friend Snitched

Although it’s not always the friend, it sometimes is. We don’t like to tell because it can open up another can of worms. Often we don’t believe the person who’s telling us and we wind up believing the wrong person.

cheaters young-woman-talking-mobile-phone-showing-stop-gesture-her-boyfriend_23-2148056018This happens only 5 percent of the time but being the last to know is not a good feeling or hearing ‘I told you so.’ 

When cheaters get caught it’s because they want to

Sex therapist Tammy Nelson said some cheaters are so overcome by guilt or pressure to maintain a secret affair, they want to get caught but they do so in a passive-aggressive manner.

Nelson believes some clients who are having extramarital affairs are in some kind of crisis. It’s not necessarily an intimate relationship but they want to experience sex with another person. I suppose this is natural. However, take a look at this video. Would you agree these people were going through a crisis?

Many people in this situation can’t “take the pressure” and try to get caught although passive-aggressively. This is why “they leave their computer open; they leave their phone out,” Nelson said.

Cheaters Always Get Caught but What Now?

Okay, you made a mistake and eventually, you were found out. What now? That’s a question maybe you should have asked before you starting cheating. However, I can’t judge. I’m here to help. My mistake was assuming Vern was a dude. 

As I said earlier, this doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship if you both want to stay together. The road ahead is going to be difficult. You’ve got to work through the pain, disappointment, and anger. You can be forgiven and move ahead, but are you willing to do the right thing?

First, you must make sure you’re trying to repair your relationship for the right reasons and not just because you’re feeling a little guilty about it. Do you still love your SO? Was the relationship healthy before the affair?

I mean, because according to MayoClinic.com not every relationship is a good one and therefore, shouldn’t be salvaged. Betrayal is a serious offense and it causes a lot of damage.

Read more: Infidelity: Mending Your Marriage After an Affair

If you want to proceed and try to save your relationship or marriage, here are some useful tips to help you get through it.

Be Responsible

First and foremost, apologize to your partner. Accept responsibility for what you did because you made a choice. You can’t blame anyone else for your actions. If you wanted to date someone else, you should have ended your marriage first. You don’t do it while you’re committed to another person.

Give Your Partner Room to Think

Sometimes, it’s best to remove yourself from the situation so the other person can get their thoughts together. You may need to find a new way to deal with the situation and the other person. Besides, you’re both so emotional at this point, talking is not going to help. You may even end up arguing and further damaging the relationship, so chill.

Make Up Your Mind

Is the reason for the affair is that you want to leave? If not, then you must decide to stay true to your vows and be faithful. This is assuming your partner is willing to take you back. It’s going to take some time and you’ll need to be patient. Rebuilding the trust you once had won’t happen overnight.

Don’t Do it Again

It’s difficult for some people to stop cheating even after they have been caught. Your partner may want to know where you are from now on at all times. All those vague answers from before are history. You’ll have to be completely transparent for her to trust you again. Are you with it?

Your Relationship Won’t be the Same

Sorry, you can’t go back to the way things were. You can try but it’s always going to be that little thing in the back of their minds that pop up when you don’t something out of the ordinary. They may not speak about it, you can be sure it will cross their minds.

It’s a little extreme, but do you remember the movie about this guy in a phone booth who cheated on his wife? The caller held him hostage until he admitted to cheating. I’d hate to think that could be a reality, but we do have some crazies in this world.

Just remember this; cheaters get caught and karma comes back to haunt you. But to help prevent some of the repercussions, you have to be completely honest this time around. You will need to listen to your partner and help her heal. Letting go of the pain may take a while, but this is where you start rebuilding the trust and your relationship. Good luck!

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