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I’m a spontaneous person and I’d like to think I have an open mind when it comes to dating and outdoor sex. I especially try not to judge people because I know the things I’ve done solely in the name of love and well, human nature, too. The experts say it’s natural to have sex outdoors, so you’re not as strange as you may think you are.

Being young and adventurous, I’d try almost anything once and twice if I had a good time. When it comes to sex, there’s so much you can do after you break down stigmas and barriers which prevent you from doing anything out of the missionary position.

Outdoor sex pretty much does it for a lot of single men and women as well as couples. Sometimes, they get so carried away, they don’t care if they get caught. In fact, some couples get a kick out of the possibility of being caught on outdoor security cameras as they say it makes having sex outside more exciting.

For me, its all about being unpredictable and getting away from the norm. Bedroom sex is so 90s. (haha) If you’re looking for a new position or a new venue, try spicing up your relationship with outdoor sex. I mean, if you can get over the thought of bugs crawling in your hair and having the police shine their spotlight on you, go for it.

No, I’m just kidding, but if you’re having problems getting started or finding a spot, I can help. I asked my friend (she loves older women younger men relationships) and she gave me these tips for couples who break the rules!

Be Ready for Outdoor Sex

Half the battle of anything you do is preparedness and outdoor sex is no different. Because it’s not always safe in the woods or on the beach, you’ll need to look for and remove any sharp objects and creepy crawly insects nearby.

Outdoor Sex: Tips for Couples Who Break the Rules outdoor sex - young-couple-blanket-sitting-sea-shore_23-2148019902-minCarry enough blankets to cover you and the ground or surface you’ll likely be on and at the risk of taking the romance out of having sex outside, pack bug spray (unscented) and a first aid kit. Depending on the level of privacy, battery operated devices such as candles will add a special touch to your surroundings. (You can get all of these items at Target for low prices.)

Outdoor Sex on the Rooftop

I’m afraid of heights, but you may not be. With this in mind, having your first outdoors experience on the top of your roof could be nothing short of thrilling. I think I could go there if the roof was flat and we had plenty of room to move around. Nonetheless, I invite you to try it.

Sex Outside in the Pool

Well, my friend suggests making out in a body of water. It doesn’t have to be a pool, because you don’t want to go all the way in the water. Women aren’t able to produce the natural juices as they normally would in water nor can a man use condoms.

Because the vagina is extra dry in water, it’s possible the woman will experience tears and the quality of the water could cause infections. Not cool. In fact, this would suck!

If the Boat’s Rockin’…

I’m afraid I can’t swim either, so I’m not going to be as much fun as you hot outdoor babes. However, if you and your SO aren’t afraid, trying rocking it in a canoe or a small boat. The serene sounds and natural surroundings would be romantic for sure.

outdoor sex cute-lovely-couple-beach_1328-1303-minMy friend says to sit comfortably on or straddle your partner’s lap so you’re face-to-face. Be careful to balance each other so you don’t tilt the canoe. Done right, this could be one of those magic moments that help save your marriage.

Tailgate Party for Two

Most every city has a make-out point overlooking everything the area has to offer. Drive up there, let your tailgate down, spread the blankets out, and have fun under the stars.

Have him stand at the edge of the tailgate and you assume the position on all fours. Alternatively, you can simply sit up, lay back or you both can stretch out in the bed of the truck. It’s up to you to try one or all of these outdoor sex positions.

The Backyard Tent

You can play it safe in your backyard or pitch a tent in the woods. Look at it like a condensed camping trip. Still, you don’t want to forget the bug spray or incense, wine, and candles. Bring plenty of thick blankets and pillows to help master positions.

After talking to my friend, I found out she has some interesting ideas on which positions to try for great outdoor sex as well. Check them out.

Outdoor Sex Positions You Should Try

Sex outdoors isn’t just for teens, you know, so don’t frown on Baby Boomers for doing it, okay? Okay. So, what we know is sex is good and there’s just something special about a man and his wife having sex outdoors. Sorry, not sorry if the couple is your grandparents.

outdoor sex senior-couple-love-garden_23-2148060159-minAnyway, getting away from kids is tricky… parents have to get it when and where they can sometimes. Therefore, couples squeeze hot outdoors sex in during the strangest of times. But in doing so, they put themselves at risk.

Sex therapist Kristen Lilla, LCSW says, “The last thing you want to do while having a sexy rendezvous is get ticketed or arrested.” If you’re doing it in a public place, you run the risk of getting caught and facing some very embarrassing charges. Plan ahead for this special date night if possible.

The sex therapist suggests the lady wear something that allows the man to have easy and quick access. With that said, you already know what to wear and what not to put on. Once you have picked out the perfect dress, you’re ready to practice these positions.

Outdoor sex is child’s play

Do you remember back in grade school when they made you bend over and touch your toes? Well, okay… you didn’t have to do that in your era, that’s fine. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about anyways. This time you have a partner to help you.

Speaking from a heterosexual perspective, he will likely take control of the speed and depth of this position. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s similar to the yoga position downward dog.

The best furniture for outdoor sex

Outdoor furniture can be extremely comfortable. You get the whole nine – two-seater sofas, wide chairs, and picnic, end and coffee tables. If you have a picnic table in your yard, ask the one who’s receiving to sit up top and rest their feet on the bench.

The rest is up to your imagination, but if it was me, I’d wrap my long legs around my dude, you know just to get closer and add friction.

Outdoor sex on the edge

This is a spin-off from the above position, but it’s also simple to master. Have your man sit on the edge of a bench so you can sit on his lap, facing away from him. Don’t have a bench? Try going to the beach and practicing the reverse cowgirl position.

Outside sex will be more comfortable there, but bring plenty of blankets and pillows. You may want to cuddle and check out the sky view at some point after. No matter where you go, you should always have on hand protection and I’m not only talking about from STDs and pregnancies but from bugs and debris.

Last of the Tips for Couples Who Break the Rules

Well, those are just a few of the basic techniques. I’m sure as you progress, more will come to mind. If you’re going to stay home, don’t forget to turn off the outdoor security lights. You don’t want the neighbors to call the police or end up on World Star videos.

One more piece of outdoor sex advice: If you’re going to be by a tree, try hanging a blanket around it so you don’t get scratches that bleed out and make sores. That’s not sexy at all and may make having sex outside not worth the effort. Also be on the lookout for poison ivy, spiders, and deer. Good luck and have fun!

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