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Disclaimer: This blog was not written by a licensed therapist. Mary Ambrose is a compassionate CPA/MBA, banker, blogger, and entrepreneur. She is the creator of Queens Domania designed to help women achieve financial independence and live like a queen. Please consult a trusted health care provider before making any decisions about your treatment plan.

It’s no secret depression is a real problem in society today. Contrary to what anyone may believe, this disease does not discriminate against race, gender, nationality, or age.

Not only do we hear about celebrities committing suicide, you probably have had friends or family members to attempt taking their own lives or sadly, were successful in attempting to end their lives.

I have suffered from mild depression. Because I didn’t think I could do it alone, I went to get professional help.

After the initial session, I was given a common anti-depressant called “serotonin.” On the surface, it appeared as if my symptoms improved.

However, sometime afterward and for whatever reason, these symptoms would come back. Frustrated, I decided I would not continue to buy prescription drugs every time I felt down.

Depression has a spiritual root and cause

With my own Christian belief and almost two decades of researching the spiritual realm, I found the ultimate explanation and cure for depression which must be prevented and cured spiritually.

Peace and joy is our natural state of being, not depression

Some people believe anything that deviates from that graceful state is not from God. I remember very vividly a perfect example of this from an experience about 10 years ago.

I was in the middle of a devotional, praying and meditating on the Word of God. Then all of a sudden, a judgmental thought about someone I knew came to mind.

If you can guess what happened, you know I fell right out of that blissful state of mind. Immediately, my whole way of thinking changed all because of that one negative thought.

If something that small can throw us off balance and off the right frame of mind with God, then it only gets worse with continued negative thinking. Holding grudges, feelings of jealousy and bitterness are much more harmful to our mental health in comparison.

If you allow these thought patterns to become habitual, you’ll feel depressed and unhappy on a regular basis.

When we live unholy lifestyles, the devil rules over our lives and mind

There are always consequences to sin. If you indulge in promiscuity, substance abuse, emotional or physical violence, etc., chances are you need help. Sometimes we feel compelled to do these things even if our rational minds tell us not to act on these impulses.

When you let your flesh control your behavior, you also give power to the dark forces to exert influence over your mental state.

Depression and darkness seem to come hand and hand. Turn on the light, become the light that shines bright in the night.
Depression and darkness seem to come hand and hand. Turn on the light, become the light that shines brightly in the night.

For your own sake, get the spiritual help you need to treat your depression symptoms.

When we don’t truly repent, we cannot forgive ourselves and move forward

The first step in making positive changes is to have true repentance over whatever wrongdoings that have been holding you back.

If you can’t forgive yourself, you’ll find it hard to forgive others and move on with your life.

As soon as you forgive yourself or someone else, I guarantee you a big part of that dark cloud over your head will be lifted and you’ll feel instantly lighter and happier.

There are also a variety of ways you open yourself for depression such as not taking care of your body properly which, in turn, contributes to your unhealthy emotions.

Eating a poor diet will have an adverse effect on our minds and bodies

Ditch the junk food. Try your best to eat whole, natural foods. Make fresh and healthy meals yourself to the extent you can. Frozen meals from the supermarket’s freezer section and fast food on a regular basis won’t be good for your body.

When your physical health is not at its optimal state, how can your mental health thrive?

Not getting enough rest and exercise

Remember, one of the key ingredients in anti-depression medication is serotonin. If you exercise regularly instead of retreating to the couch or bed, you can get that secret ingredient or “feel-good” chemical totally free of charge! Isn’t that great news?

Depression: Is the Cure in Your Spiritually? A man with a pillow over his head
When depression sets in, sleep becomes a problem, whether it’s too much of it or not enough.

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I’m glad to share with you quite a few friends of Amber’s said they benefited a lot from reading her article on depression. They suffer from mild depression and felt better because of the perspectives in her post. Granted, the methods were not what they typically saw out there.

On the other hand, other readers revealed they needed more help for severe depression symptoms.

Amber is fully aware of the situations relating to the spiritual warfare that her friends were talking about and believes she has just the right approaches to fight the battle.

For those of you who need to learn more about hard-core spiritual cleansing techniques to combat serious depressions, get your free PDF copy here. If you have questions about these spiritual cures, drop author, Mary Ambrose, a message.

We hope you find the tips helpful and refreshing and most importantly, we pray you will be completely healed and depression-free.

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