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Okay, ladies, the natural makeup bloggers have returned with organic makeup reviews. In light of this, we all should know more about natural cures. These remedies are healthier than the chemicals in our prescriptions, foods, hair dyes and even makeup.

We are also aware we can’t put everything on our skin. Ingredients such as parabens, lead and phthalates are extremely harmful. Additionally, these cosmetics are linked to diseases such as cancer. They are responsible for even more problems with our skin and hormones.

Who knows these things better than these natural makeup bloggers. These ladies bring us the information we need to know and that’s no small task considering we want to know everything! Let’s take a look to see who’s got the goods on makeup. 

3 Chemical-free Makeup Bloggers

As we are considering new alternatives… new chemical-free makeup brands to look our best, I thought I’d make a quick list of some really inspiring beauty blogs. These natural makeup bloggers feature organic cosmetics you may be interested in.

With that in mind, I also suggest that you view any attached YouTube videos they offer to increase your understanding of how the products are made and how well they perform.

The Glamorganic Goddess

Although not specifically for African-Americans, The Glamorganic Goddess’ website impresses me as an excellent source for green beauty tips and product reviews for organic makeup.

The breast cancer survivor lists plenty of “how-to” articles so you’re not left in the dark wondering if you’re doing it right. I especially love the article on how to make a honey and lemon lip polish. Check it out and let me know what you think about it or share your own organic lipstick recipe.


Afrobella wins awards for her contributions to the glamorous world of all-natural makeup bloggers and blogging overall. The Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging covers multiple layers of ethnic skin tones.

Patrice Grell Yursik’s reputation as a top natural makeup blogger is known worldwide as she is recognized as a significant voice in the beauty industry.

Patrice’s success is in part due to her collaboration with Vogue Italia’s Vogue Black magazine and is a regular content contributor to Cosmo, Essence, and Ebony online magazines.

Shalom Nchom 

Ms. Shalom Nchom, one of the newest natural makeup bloggers, squeezed out sweet lemonade with the lemons she was given. Shalom was only 9 years old when she suffered burns on her body.

Needless to say, her face was left severely scarred. It is a no-brainer why she’s on the list as a superior natural makeup blogger. 

Because the face is the first thing we see, Shalom was a target for bullies at school. However, when she learned how to apply makeup, her life changed. The young and beautiful Nigerian was no longer viewed as a victim but a makeup mentor!

Shalom reinvented those same faces who gawked at her for a nominal fee, of course, and her story and tutorials have gone viral. You can see Shalom Blac’s amazing transformations on YouTube where she has thousands of subscribers. That’s how you make lemonade, my friends.

Are You a Natural Woman?  

Only if you have been just been born, you wouldn’t recognize the fact Black is beautiful. The women who make up the African-American population spend billions on beautifying cosmetics.

And those of us who have made the switch to vegan makeup, buy or make our own natural mascara and other nontoxic makeup brands. Nonetheless, we’ve had to fight for a mere spot on the common beauty aisle in our local stores.

A change has come and the credit goes to women just like you and me. We are Bloggers and Vloggers who educate and inform the reader on natural makeup brands, Black hair, and skincare.

In addition to those names, here’s a list of aspiring beauty and lifestyle bloggers worth mentioning. 

Bloggers Finally Getting Recognized

The Suburban Socialite: a personal style, beauty, and lifestyle blog by Amber.  She’s married and has a lovely baby girl.  Amber also is a lady [Southern Belle] at all times and knows her fashions.

She takes seriously her “not so thin” fashion style and shares the latest trends so the BBW is always on her game. Give her blog a look to see how they doing it in Alabama [Roll Tide! hahaha].  

Another inspirational blogger is Amara. She contributes to lifestyles everywhere by encouraging women to be their best in Azarya [Hebrew name meaning ‘God Helps’] Life & Style.

She and her closest friend and sister, Chidera feels Azarya Life & Style is a reflection of themselves. Hopefully, we will watch them and Azarya grow with a purpose.

Now, there are a plethora of reputable, chemical-free makeup brands for women of color. Perhaps, one of them is your go-to for natural makeup tips and advice on skin complexion and organic cosmetics.

You can find the best natural makeup tips by visiting Black Beauty Bloggers where you’ll find the top ten beauty consultants. 

Natural Makeup Bloggers Conclusion

Well, that’s all, folks, for this natural-looking makeup girl. I’ll come back with more tips and tricks so we can look our Nubian best.

Until next time, keep doing those facial exercises and DIY remedies to tone and tighten face and neck skin. You’re looking younger every day, girl! Keep up the good work.

Image Source: Pixabay
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