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Relationships as a single mom can be few and far between, but why? You’re one smart cookie… classy but outspoken, have a small circle and you’re gorgeous. You’d think this woman would be either dating or in a relationship.

However, the single mom doesn’t have much time of her own. Much of it is spent working, taking care of the children, and the home, however, she’s structured (another valuable quality as a mother) and knows what she wants out of life.

Although there are not many hours left in the day for dreams, she does. She thinks of falling in love with the right guy and completing the family circle. The single mother wonders how in the world can she make any relationship work on her schedule.

But here’s the deal: The man coming into her life has the responsibility of not wasting her time. If he’s going to come for this woman, he should be real and honest or their relationships don’t work. Let her know you’re interested but don’t try to ‘bed’ her or ‘fall in love’ too soon. You’ll scare her for sure.

Are Relationships a Waste of Time?

Back in the day, mothers and fathers stayed together but these days casual sex is all too normal. In fact, 40% of the babies born today have single mothers. Some of the women are happy about their pregnancies, others are not so thrilled about the results and neither are the fathers.

The twist on this story is test tubes are in demand. Sounds silly, but it’s not. These women want children but haven’t found the right partner yet. There’s nothing wrong with women taking matters into their own hands, especially since the chance of the father sticking around are not 100% certain anyway.

Men, you know relationships are hard work and it’s natural to ask yourself are they worth it? Absolutely, they are. I can’t imagine any man not ever having the pleasure of dating a single mom before, but in case you haven’t, here are a few pointers.

Take Your Time

Relationships end for a reason. It’s important you don’t rush in or try overly hard to impress her. Let the relationship develop over time. You don’t want to move in when you don’t know each other, let alone the children. Slow down and develop solid relationships before getting serious.

Don’t Discipline Her Children

Some relationships fail because the new guy disciplined the kids way too early. If you’re dating a single mom, don’t act like you have the authority you don’t have.

Relationships as a Single Mom: Are They Worth It? couple-with-children-having-quarrel_1398-4947-min
As a single mom, she’s been the one to discipline her children. Don’t take it upon yourself to do that for her unless she asks you. Many women are offended by this and they may ask you to leave.

In other words, let her handle her kids. If she didn’t ask you to step up, don’t. However, if you are having problems with her children’s behavior, talk to your lady about it in private.

Don’t Do Baby Daddy Drama

Relationships don’t last if you step out of line with the baby daddy. That’s another touchy subject like disciplining her kids. If they have problems, let them work it out. Don’t make situations worse by giving the BD a black eye.

Her Children Come First

In a childless home, you and your woman can hang out as much as you want. However, when you have a child, you can’t do this. If you think the time she spends with you tells you how much she cares, you have come to the wrong conclusion.

Relationships as a single mom are tricky because of this. She may be headed out the door and will have to cancel your date night due to a child’s fever or he needs help with a project due the next day. You can’t hire a sitter for every scenario, so be understanding and look for other ways she expresses her feelings.

Get to Know the Children

When it comes to the kids, you don’t want to involve yourself with them too much too soon, either. This, too, should be natural.

Most children are easily influenced and they know if they like you or not. In fact, a lot of women say if their kids don’t like you, then you gotta go. That’s how important it is, so take it slow and let the relationship happen naturally especially if you intend to stick around.

If you don’t know about the ‘kid thing’ you should take some time and really think about it as they are a package deal. You’re entitled to your feelings, but she needs to know how you feel.

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Are Relationships Supposed to be Easy?

Single moms have found successful relationships from Tinder. Women who have children deserve to have the same advantages as single women who don’t want children. They need love and affection, too. They have a right to have relationship goals and to be married. Hopefully, they will wait for the right man.

He will know that loving her means loving her kids. Her kids are very much a part of her. Relationships as a single mom can be rewarding if her partner is ready for a family. If a woman finds this man, she should keep him. There’s something to be said about a man who will happily accept another man’s kids as his own.

It’s not even just the kids, it’s the whole family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as well play an important part in the family unit which includes the father’s family. So, the takeaway on relationships as a single mom is this: Don’t come into her life if you’re just playing games. She has kids to play with.

Relationships as a single mom, are they worth it? Yes, if you find the right woman, it’s easy dating a single mom. Should you be the man that meets her standards and of course, the kids, consider yourself a lucky man.

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