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Every woman wants to look good, but some of us shop of a budget.
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How to shop for outfits to wear to work on a budget? That’s easy, but first, let me say “Congratulations! You got the job.” That’s wonderful news, huh? Not only that, but you have a copy of the women’s business attire guidelines. 

Having someone write the resume for you was a great idea as it paid off. I’m happy for you, but now you seem to be puzzled as to what to wear to the office. Suddenly, there’s absolutely nothing in your closet that fits properly, or it’s too short or shows too much skin… it just won’t do.

You’re on a budget and that’s completely understandable plus there’s really nothing in your closet suitable to wear. Since I’m not the one to argue, let’s get you ready for work.  

Outfits to wear to work on a budget

Some of us must adhere to a business attire dress code while at work and that’s wonderful, however, dressing for success can be expensive.

We all love the name brands like Nike, Steve Madden, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, but not everyone can afford to buy those overpriced items… new anyways.

I have learned over the years that buying at full price is somebody’s job, but it’s not mine! I’m always on the hunt for a deal, honey when it comes to buying affordable professional clothing.

Where to shop offline

If your goal in life is to save money, but look fashionably fabulous, then you must be smart about it and shop at department stores such as TJ Maxx, Belk, City Trends and Ross Dress for Less. It’s easy to plan it out but you must know what you need and buy it within a reasonable price range.

It takes patience to find outfits to wear to work on a budget. There are so many resources out there that will make shopping for women’s business suits, stylish tops, and bottoms easy and fun! 

Use Coupon Codes Online

It’s nothing for me to shop online for a savings code or coupon to apply to the total balance, saving me money on the already low price of online stores like Lulu’s and Rose Wholesale. That’s where you’ll find the real tickler.

In-store savings and clearing rack

Depending on the retailer you visit, the clearance and sale racks can either be a nightmare or a dream come true. Just have patience and go through the outfits to wear to work on a budget.  

You never know what you will find. I find ladies business suits at 75% off! Cha-Ching! When I buy a dress for $25 when it was originally $100, I feel like I stole something. (haha) I would say it’s worth the extra time browsing through the racks.

Join Membership Shopping Sites

I am not going to lie, these sites are my weaknesses. I’ve found some great outfits to wear to work on a budget on a few of these member’s only club. Signing up is easy and depending on the site, you are eligible for a credit when people you invite make purchases. How cool is that?

These flash sales are usually for a limited time or until the item sells out. If you’re looking for business wear for women, look no further that Ideeli, HauteLook, Beyond the Rack, My Habit, and Gilt.

  • ASOS is your style destination if you are looking for a place where you can shop if you dare to be different from the crowd. They have the hottest brands of men’s and women’s business casual attire and accessories at a great value.
  • Papaya Clothing is an online retailer offering casual clothing and accessories for ages 16 to 25. Constant sales and hot deals abound for tops, dresses, sandals, swimwear, activewear, summer rompers, and much more. Basics for as low as $2.99 come in tons of colors and styles. It’s easy to find work outfits or accessories to fit your budget with Papaya Clothing.
  • I love wearing Indian beads and other jewelry because it completes most outfits. I have grown fond of Mala Collective. Once you join their mailing list, you automatically receive 10% off their merchandise.
  • Rose Wholesale is a place I shop for my headdress. They have a great selection of wigs that don’t cost a lot of money. It’s easy for me to transition to the next style without having to wait at the salon all day. For the price of one salon visit, I can own two or three wigs from Rose.

Shop Unseasonably

I swear this will make sense once I explain it. Shop for next year’s winter coats at the end of the winter and swimwear at the end of summer. You know you’ve seen that cute coat on sale, but you thought you shouldn’t buy it because the weather already warmed up.

Well, winter’s coming again, isn’t it?  Of course, it is, so buy it. Put it away, along with the other outfits to wear to work on a budget and wait a few months until you need it again. That’s all.  

This pretty much goes for seasonable items like flip flops, sweaters, hoodies, shorts, and so on as well, but buy it and store it for next year. I’ve scored flip flops at 50 cents a pair and shorts at a dollar.

Now, who can beat those prices?  It’s hard to beat.  I know it’s not part of the outfits to wear to work on a budget, but it was one of those sales I couldn’t resist.  

Oh yeah, I was more than ready for the summer and had enough flip-flops to share. You can easily dress them up and have a hundred different looking pairs. Cute DIY ideas on Pinterest. It’s also one fabulous idea to make side money. 

Well, ladies, that’s how I shop. I hope this information is useful to you and that you have appreciated reading the blog.

However, this is the end of outfits to wear to work on a budget but stick around and enjoy another blog. I know you have some budget shopping tips, so share, share, share! 

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