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There are plenty of women in this world who subscribe to free inmate dating sites. They love the idea of prison dating and that’s okay. I mean, I’m not the one to pass judgment or hate on anyone for anything which has no effect on my life. However, I do feel we should educate one another on important issues such as prison dating.

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When it comes to dating a man in prison, by year-end 2010, just over 2.2 million people resided behind prison walls or in jail. Of that estimate, approximately 9% of African American men were behind bars who were not yet 30 years of age, according to Prison Policy and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

While there are hundreds of thousands of good men in prison, there are just as many dangerous and manipulative ones. Nevertheless, just because a man is locked up, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the love and support of his friends, family and a significant other.

But if you didn’t know the inmate before, how to tell if he’s manipulative? What’s the difference between the manipulator and a sincere man? What we know is you have a whole lot of time to think inside prison walls. Sometimes men use the time behind bars to better themselves and other times, not so much.

Prison Dating: How to Tell if He's Manipulative
Sometimes, men do time for small crimes. Doesn’t mean they are criminals. In this case, they will likely come home to their wives or girlfriends the same way they went in. However, with the newfound time to think, some become master manipulators.

Some inmates become obsessed with thoughts of having the American dream and they will do almost anything to have it come true, including using someone on the outside. This man will tell any woman or women what they want to hear in those inmate chat rooms until he gets out. Besides that, communicating with someone in the real world helps to pass the time and makes life inside just a little easier.

Signs He’s Trying to Manipulate You

Again, there are always two sides to a coin. Other men truly want to experience dating and relationships and a better life. They will be loyal to the woman who shows a genuine interest in them. This will likely happen if the man has been in healthy, happy relationships before confinement.

If not, the chances of the prisoner hooking up with a woman for good reasons are not great. Sadly, you can expect the relationship to be chaotic and eventually, have it fail.

Prison dating is different from any other relationship you can imagine. Some relationships developed while incarcerated will work, but you need to know if he’s manipulative or not before cosigning on this relationship.

Does He Respect You?

Oddly enough, prisoners learn respect inside or at least, they receive structure and discipline. Someone having standards should receive due respect and mainly, it happens, however, a woman who accepts and rewards bad behavior will have problems dealing with this man.

Avoid this by setting boundaries and live up to your word. Let him know there are consequences for his behavior.

He’s a Good Listener

One of the reasons you fell in love with him is because he listens… he truly hangs on to your every word. Now, most women know this is too good to be true. Men tune out instead of in. They only hear less than half of what was said, but this man remembers it all? Come on, now. 

Do you ever think why is this? Well, it could be he’s trying to discover your weaknesses. If he’s asking all of the right questions, chances are he’s manipulative.  Until you find out for sure, how do you talk to a manipulative person? Is he going to use what you say against you? 

He Wants to Know Your Whereabouts

He’s manipulative if he’s always questioning where you’ve been and who you were with. It’s been said Jamaican men are notorious for probing questions and jealous accusations. You may think he’s looking out for your best interest or just making conversation, but deep down, he’s wanting to control your moves.

You can tell this if he’s upset when you don’t answer his calls right away or if he’s pissed you’re always with a particular person.

Isolated as a Free Woman

You should know the characteristics of a manipulative person before this stage, however, when it comes to the point where he’s telling you not to be with your friends and family, you should walk away. Once he gains control, your life won’t be the same. He will convince you to cut off your friends and your family.

He will tell you they are only trying to come between the two of you. If they don’t like him in the first place, this will easy for him to do. Sooner or later, you will think your friends are the enemy and your man is the only one you can count on.

Prison Dating and Relationships

Once an inmate is released, you may find life is not going to be peaches and cream. It will be an ambitious adjustment for you both. He may have a difficult time finding a decent job, positive friendships, or depending on how long he’s been incarcerated, relating to the free world again.

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He was locked up for a long time. He may bring some of those attitudes and behaviors home to you, your children, and to your relationship. The man you knew on the inside may not be the man you bring home. Are you ready for the changes? How far would you really go for this man?

Maybe you know how to manipulate a manipulator and this will work out to your advantage. Nevertheless, this kind of dating and relationship is not for everyone and no one will blame or judge you if you back out. Whatever you decide, good luck and keep your eyes open for signs to tell if he’s manipulative if he’s just being honest. 

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