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You have relationship weight gain if you’re gaining weight in your blissful relationship. You may have noticed it, but you may not have ever really thought about why you’re jumping to fit into your jeans. Well, my friend, you need to hear this from someone who cares – you have happy weight.

In fact, Fox News reported a study on 2,000 people in relationships and found the average respondent gained 36 pounds since they first dated their current partner. They gained 17 pounds in the first year alone!

The research, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jenny Craig, found this “love weight” phenomenon is due chiefly to the uptick in dining out when starting a new relationship, with 41 percent of participants citing just that as one reason.

If relationship weight gain is a real thing, the question becomes how does it happen? Well, that’s what I will share with you today. But before we go into the particulars, I want to share this video with you by Jay Morris Group. He puts his two cents on the subject in a way I’m sure you’ll love. Check it out. 

Trust me, I’ve had personal experience with this during the relationships throughout my life, but don’t take it my word for it. Now, let’s look at what the experts are saying about this thing called happy weight. 


In the beginning, it’s pure bliss. Your partner is trying to show his or her best side. Many new couples get to know each other through dinner dates at the “nicer” restaurants.

It probably involves a glass or two of wine and foods you typically wouldn’t eat at home.

Then, once you get cozier with your partner, he or she comes over and you cook more elaborate dinners because you want to show off your fabulous cooking skills to your potential new lifelong mate.

Alcohol usually accompanies these fancy dinners. Typically, a bottle or a glass of wine is more romantic than having a diet coke or unsweetened iced tea.

In that same study by OnePoll, they discovered over 30 percent of couples said their relationship weight gain resulted from eating more takeout or cooking and drinking together at home.

You Get Comfortable: Happy Weight Gain

You are probably all too familiar with the “comfortable” feeling you fall into after the courtship.

It’s been a few months now, and you both have established that you are smitten with each other, and you sort of roll back into your old habits.

According to the same OnePoll survey:

  • On average, the comfort zone in a relationship occurs after one year and five months.
  • Individuals (ages 18-24) reached the comfortable phase of their relationships the quickest at just over ten months.
  • Older adults ranging from 45 to 54 took the longest to reach this phase, clocking in nearly a year and a half before they felt comfortable.

There comes a time in the relationship when the gym becomes less important as it was before you met. I mean, let’s be real here… we would rather stay in bed and cuddle with our significant other than get up and face a tough, grueling workout.

A family physician and medical director at Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dr. Beth Donaldson confirms this by saying in an article by Healthline, “In the first year of a relationship what ends up happening is that people feel like they’ve found their mate, so they no longer have to try to attract the opposite sex.”

You’d like to think your partner truly loves you no matter what, right? Will gaining 20 pounds influence the relationship of your dreams? Unless you have someone who eats healthy and clean as you do, you will probably be the recipient of a few pounds.

Happy Weight

The joys of being in a happy, healthy relationship can cause you to have relationship weight gain as studies have shown. But why does this happen?

Couples newly together spend a lot of time together and stop doing things they used to do when they were single, such as going to the gym 3-5 days each week. Now instead, going to the gym has dropped to only two days each week.

Another thing that happens is because you spend so much time with your new partner, some of his or her habits are rubbing off on you.

Men aren’t typically the healthiest eaters, to begin with, so hanging around your new partner can rub off on your healthy eating habits.

Stress and Healthy Relationship Weight Gain

Did you know there is a condition called “good stress,” or eustress, that can help fuel your relationship weight gain? You know that feeling when you’re so happy that nothing else matters, not even how much you weight! I’ve been there. I love that feeling!

Even if you are in a happy relationship, there will be days when you don’t agree. This can cause you to get angry, maybe jealous, etc. Think about how much-added stress that can come from a new relationship.

We have always known stress causes weight gain. The reason it hits us harder in the first year of our relationship is that our entire life is changing.

It is important, however, to simultaneously imbibe healthy ways of living. Not only to counter stress but also to check excess weight.

Happy Weight: Before and After

Relationship weight gain happens because you are in a happy and secure relationship and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want the happy weight to take control of your body.

If you decide the weight is too much, there is something you can do to strengthen your relationship even more. Work out with your new partner and lose the fat that comes along with gaining weight.

Happy Weight: The New Relationship Weight Gain - man cooking on rooftop wearing apron
Ahh, the joys of cooking outdoors. You can eat a healthy meal that’s filling and enjoyable without all the calories.

Even though you may gain a few extra pounds during the first year of your relationship, there is data that also found that 52% of couples exercise together to reverse the effects of weight gain. I’d much rather wrap my arms around his hard body than a body soft as mine.

The data shows that while people have gained weight in a relationship, they recognize that they need to lose it, and that is great news for their health,” said Monty Sharma, president, and CEO of Jenny Craig.

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Here’s the thing about working out and gaining muscle. You can weigh the same amount of pounds, but you will have a more defined and sexier body.

So don’t fret if you gain a few pounds in the first year of your relationship. You can lose it and have just as much fun taking it off as you did putting it on. The best part is being able to share your relationship weight gain story with others.

You have someone now who loves you who can help you get motivated again to get back to the gym and get back to being the best you! Besides, you will want to look your best for the next stage of your relationship… walking down the aisle.

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