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Sometimes, it hard to resist the attractive co-worker, but the golden rule is you must never date your co-worker! It goes against everything you were taught about dating. However, just the smell of him or her drives you crazy, crazy, crazy, not to mention their voice just warms your freaking insides.

You’re with them so many hours a day, side by side. If not together then so close you can see their every move as they float past you attending to their job duties. You tell jokes and chat about your family and colleagues. You assume you know each other.

Things are great at work. Should you risk ruining them by dating your co-worker?

This is common among co-workers, says author and attorney-at-law, Mirande Valbrune. These are the conversations which spark interest in people. However, before you pop the question and start dating a co-worker, Valbrune wants you to consider these questions:

  • Are you willing to risk your job and comfort zone for office romances?
  • What about your co-worker and their past relationships… are they questionable?
  • Are you even allowed to date within the office or place of employment?
  • What kind of dating history do you have?

You wouldn’t believe it, but a Namely poll reveals at least 14% of the participants agree dating a co-worker makes coming to work so much easier if not enjoyable. That’s not all. Another 14% said they were more productive at work, but 15% said they did less work.

Well, I guess if you’re going to do it, you should be smart about it. And because I know you’re weak in the knees, I managed to come up with some helpful dating tips for anyone in this predicament.

Let Your Boss Know You Date Your Co-Worker

Don’t hide the relationship from your supervisors or managers. You don’t want them hearing the gossip from the ‘haters’ or the girl who simply can’t hold water to save her life, let alone your job.

Japanese woman in a cafe with her friends
You should for sure let your manager in on the secret dating arrangement but no one else in the workplace.

Besides, it’s a sign of respect and maturity that you’re honest about dating a co-worker. Reassure your boss the relationship won’t get the way of your responsibilities and live up to your promise.

Don’t Involve Co-Workers in Your Relationship

Don’t date your co-worker and tell everyone in the workplace. The fewer people who know about your office romance the better off you guys will be.

Don’t put them in the middle of conversations or arguments. Leave your disagreements outside in the parking lot or better yet, at your front door. If you ever break up, your other colleagues won’t have to worry about choosing sides.

Be Friends Before You Date Your Co-Worker

While you shuck and jive (e.g. kick it, have fun, hang out) at work, doesn’t mean you’re really friends. Take your time and actually date your co-worker. Don’t be easy is what I’m saying. That’s the worst thing you could do even if it wasn’t someone you work with.

Should You Date Your Co-Worker? Not Before Reading These Tips bedroom-relaxation-flirting-looking-happy-home_1418-18
Sometimes, it hard to know if the other person is sincere or if they just want a good time… for the moment. Get to know them first before you show them your bedroom.

Don’t date your co-worker and think you are in a committed relationship when you’re not. While you’re thinking it is the start of a relationship, he may blame it on the alcohol and it means nothing to him or vice versa. Try to develop that bond true friends have before going there.

While at Work, Don’t Date Your Co-Worker

It may be difficult now more than ever to concentrate on your work, but since you didn’t take my advice when I told you why you shouldn’t date your co-worker, you must suffer from the wicked temptations of seeing your lover walk slowly by and not get a kiss or hug from them. Nope, don’t even think about making suggestive eye contact or hold hands under the table.

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Don’t Bad Mouth Your Co-Worker

In the event you guys don’t make it as a couple, that’s still your personal business. The office doesn’t need to know about her flaws underneath the work ‘uniform’ or his screw ups as a boyfriend.

It’s petty and you know it. You consented to the relationship and it has nothing to do with their job performance, Monica, so you need to zip it. What happens when you date your co-worker, stays with you and your co-worker.

Keep Your Old Friends and Hobbies

Don’t date your co-worker and forget about your friends. While it may seem like the best idea, in the beginning, working with and dating a co-worker can drive you insane. It may be a cliché but it’s true – separation brings about appreciation.

Too much of anything is not good for you and that’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t date your co-worker. Maintain your friendships and lifestyle before you met.

If you don’t, chances are you’ll be sitting at home while he’s hanging out doing what he or she wants to do. This is going to make you resentful and angry. In other words, don’t put everything into a new relationship.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t make dating a co-worker your thing. Please, don’t own the reputation of being the office thot. Once you gain this title, it’s difficult to get rid of.

Besides, it doesn’t look good on you when all you wanted was a little love and happiness. At the same time, if you have psycho tendencies, you should never date your co-worker.

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