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What is CBD Oil? Well, if you didn’t know, CBD is short for cannabinoid oil. It is a byproduct of the cannabis plant and has recently been popularized for its usefulness and healing properties.

Some of its health benefits include pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-depression. But that’s not all. It helps to manage epileptic patients’ seizures.

If you’ve seen the video in which a man with Parkinson’s uses marijuana or the video of a little girl with epilepsy tries cannabis oil, you’d know why anyone would want to at least try it.

Because of the undeniable evidence of its benefits, many people are now drawn to use it. If you are thinking about using CBD oil for pain, there are things you should know first.

It Should Not Make You High

Contrary to popular belief, CBD oil will not make you high nor is it an addictive substance. After it goes through the CO2 extraction process, the THC, which is the psychoactive component in cannabis, is removed. The extraction process also removes any chemical residue, propane, butane or ethanol.

CBD oil should only contain 0.03% THC or less to be considered as a legal hemp product. This way, there’s no worry of failing a urinalysis or feeling the mind-altering side effects of marijuana. In addition, it meets with SAMHSA’s guidelines.

Consider the Source

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. Just like any other product in the market, you have to be cautious about how the hemp was sourced out.

7 Things To Know Before Using CBD Oil For Pain

Since you are trying to purchase a product which many are still skeptic about, the only way for you to assure yourself about its safety and efficacy, is to check its source. The National Pain Report advises us on the key factors in sourcing. It must:

  • Come from an organically-grown farm or manufacturer
  • Be Grown in the US
  • The seller must be transparent

The last thing you want is to have the oil inflicted with toxic products; this would defeat your purpose of trying natural treatments. Your seller should be transparent with you as to where they were able to source out these products.

With this in mind, you should be aware of a study published in 2017 by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers found almost 70% of the products containing CBD which were sold online contained a high amount of THC. For peace of mind, only purchase your CBD oil for sale from trusted sellers like trustedcbdoil.com.

Comes in Many Forms

There are many options you can choose from of the CBD for, depending on your need. Some of these include the following:

  • Oral pills – suitable for anti-depressants and controlling seizures
  • Topical creams and gels – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory creams
  • Lotions and face serums – useful as a natural acne treatment

What’s most important for you to remember when purchasing a product with cannabis compounds is the concentration level and CBD oil dosage. It will help determine the product type that will best suit your needs.

For example, a 4 oz bottle of CBD containing 250mg would have only 62.5mg of CBD per each ounce. This is not enough for the user to receive the full advantages of the CBD oil.

How To Use CBD Oil

Before taking the CBD, you want to consider all of the factors along with knowing exactly how to use it. Please, check out the video below for instructions on its use for pain.

Using CBD oil for pain relief is not for everyone. No two people are exactly the same, therefore, not everyone will respond to the vape oil in the same manner. Some people can have adverse reactions to the oil, unfortunately.

CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD oil is not free of any risks. The most important thing for you to remember is to always take everything in moderation. Do not think because it’s all-natural, you can go all out with your dosage.

Laboratory studies and animal research have found that taking CBD oil can potentially affect fertility, and it can interfere with the efficacy of other medical drugs you may be taking already.

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In light of this, you should know some of the possible side effects when taking CBD oil. They include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Loose bowel movement

These side effects can vary from person to person, from mild to severe. While others may not experience them at all, if you experience any side effects, it is best you consult your doctor immediately.

Thus, it is crucial that you are cautious in taking the oil and to seek expert advice first before ingesting it orally. This is especially true if you are taking maintenance medications for other health issues such as your cholesterol levels or heart disease.

Supporting Research

Yes, CBD oil has become quite a trending topic today. However, there is still little research to support its use for pain. Its proven efficacy has only been for its use as anti-depressants and anxiety management.

Hence, the only evidence you may have for using the oil for pain management is through the anecdotes of individuals who have previously used it for the same purpose.

It is up to you to decipher whether these testimonials are strong enough for you to believe in, or if you should pass the CBD oil to someone else or save it for later.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

In your state, CBD might be legal. But, as natural as pure CBD oil is, remember it still comes from marijuana, whose medical use is not yet legal in all states. This should not be a cause of concern for those of you living in a location where CBD oil and medical marijuana is legal.

However, if you plan on bringing it with you when you travel, for example, then you probably should check if it is legal in the state where you are going to avoid any serious problems with the law.


Now, you have the basic knowledge about using CBD oil for pain. More patients than ever are trying this form of treatment and with the small risk of side effects, there is likely no harm in trying it if you are keen on doing so.

However, don’t forget to exercise caution when taking CBD oil. Start with small doses and work your way up to full speed.

The best anecdotes of success you can use for yourself are from those who are using CBD oil for pain as well. Check online for CBD oil reviews and just remember that anything in excess is harmful; so do keep it in moderation.


Last updated: January 20, 2019

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