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In today’s time when everyone is trying to achieve greatness or something close to it, most of us forget the importance of self-care tips to reduce stress. You become accustomed to exhaustion – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there.”

-Bo Jackson

Practical self-care is not negotiable if you wish to have a long, healthy life. Taking a step back and relaxing will always lead you to a more functional and positive place.

Self-care to reduce stress is something that has to become a routine and not taken once a year as vacations are. Learn to make self-care a routine and then it will come naturally and be a permanent part of your personal care for good.

Once you make it a habit to look after yourself, your body and mind grow healthy.

Let’s take a look a some of the approaches you can take to look after your mental, physical and emotional well-being:

  • Wake up Early and Meditate

    As one of the many self-care tips you can do to maintain your sanity, add meditation to the list. Research has proved that people who wake up early are comparatively more constructive, successful and positive.

Meditation is used in so many areas in our lives to improve them, it only makes sense to use the practice to reduce stress. Photo by Freepik

Although waking up early is a huge task for some people, early morning meditation helps you keep your focus throughout the day. You will notice that even just 10 minutes of morning meditation profoundly lower stress and induces peace, calm, relaxation in your brain.

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  • Workout

    Working out helps to keep your body awake. When you exercise or go to a gym, you increase your metabolism rate and your body releases the ‘feel good’ hormone in response. Good gym outfits also make you feel confident about yourself and motivate you to get up and get going.

  • Turn off the Tech

    Top 11 Basic Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress man-sleeping-on-bed-holding-digital-tablet_23-2147911954
    Sometimes, we just need a break from everything around us. Turn the lights off, including the blue ones on your devices. Turn ’em off! Photo by Freepik

    We all have experienced the pressure of social media and day-to-day interference of technology. Taking a total digital-detox is a great idea for self-care tips to reduce stress and it will do wonders. If not entire days, take a few hours away from the blue light on your televisions, cellular devices, and computers.

  • Pamper Yourself

    It is important you take the time to pamper your body. Take yourself to a spa, go to a movie or just get yourself to an art gallery, and every art lover knows how to get into an art gallery. How you relax depends on what your definition of ‘me time’. 

    The best part is you don’t necessarily always have to go out for all this. You can arrange a spa day and relax with some easy DIY ideas from Pinterest on how to have a self-care day at home.

  • Eat Good

    One of the easiest tricks on basic self-care tips to reduce stress is eating right. What you eat determines not only how you look, but how you feel. If you don’t eat healthy foods, it affects your body and allows stress to invade your body.

    Self-care for stress is not just eating healthy food though, but actually eating well. Make a few changes like maybe switching to organic vegetables and lean proteins. Even a tiny step counts.

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  • Maintain a Journal

    Emotions and life’s events are sometimes too much to take in all at one time. So at that point, you just have to let your emotions out. Maintaining a journal helps you to keep yourself organized and stress-free. Write down your dreams, your hopes, what big event happened to you or what stirs your thought process. It is pretty easy to maintain but makes a big difference.

  • Get a Hobby

    Having a passion for something makes physical self-care unbelievably fun. You don’t have to make your hobby your career, or put in a lot of money or time. A hobby can be something very simple and easy. But that should spark passion in you the minute you start it. You should find some time to do whatever makes you feel better.

  • Interact and Socialize

    Enjoying solidarity is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need someone to lean on, talk to and confide in. Sometimes you just want to talk and be around people. Take time off work, spend evenings with your family or friends. You don’t have to plan something extravagant. A simple plan, sitting with your loved ones talking about nothing and everything.

  • Get Proper Rest

    Top 11 Basic Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress beautiful-young-woman-relaxing-on-wooden-chair-at-patio_23-2147923022
    There’s nothing like a lazy day to relax and rejuvenate. Take in the sun, chill out at home, do nothing for a change. Photo by Freepik

    Sometimes self-care is nothing more than a good night’s sleep. It is doing nothing at all, just resting. The human body turns exhaustion into stress and to take it away, it needs rest. That is it! Sometimes just a power nap or peacefully lying on the beach is the self-care you need.

  • Keep a Positive Attitude

    If you think good, you will feel good. It’s not just for saying. Believe it or not but you have to give it a try. Being positive brings in a vibe of being at more peace and happiness. There are various self-care tips to reduce stress linking to studies showing that positive thinking reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Take Care of Priorities First

    Make a list of chores or assignments you must do and the tasks which are optional. This will help you to make decisions during the day and throughout the week. You want to put things in perspective and set reasonable goals so you’re not so disappointed if something doesn’t get done. At least it was optional.

Use these self-care tips to reduce stress

Everyone has different self-care tips to reduce stress and to look after themselves. Whatever works for you, the bottom line is self-care and self-love should be first and foremost in your life. Create a routine that works best for you and then follow it religiously.

By the way, there’s plenty of research regarding the association between religion and a healthy lifestyle. Most of us belong to a religion or practice holistic teachings which allow us to take solace on a personal level. Perhaps adding one of them to your day would give you the stress relief you’re looking for.

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Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She believes a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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