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If she’s thinking of cheating, then there’s a problem because statistically, the majority of women don’t cheat. This is especially true of women who are in healthy, happy relationships.

Personally speaking and I’m sure this is true for other women as well, but I’m loyal to the man I genuinely like. Besides, women are taught to be faithful as a rule of dating. I think it’s also in our nature to be this way like it is to protect our children.

I suspect there is a small number of women who do cheat. Research backs my claim as they say only 25% of married women have affairs. However, the numbers are higher for single women. These women could possibly have low self-esteem the study says.

Some people say it’s the man’s place to compliment the woman in these cases and to do it often. Well, I believe it starts at home, with friends, family, and of course, with the young lady in question.

Parents and other adults own the responsibility of helping to build a young woman’s self-confidence so she’s not vulnerable to men who prey on women with confidence issues. Still, there are other reasons and specific times when women cheat.

When a Woman Cheats

Author Peggy Vaughan conducted a survey and found that 86% of the couples she interviewed discussed a prior affair one of the spouses had are still together. On the other hand, 59% of couples who hardly talked about the betrayal are not.

Although you’re pretty confident your wife or girlfriend would not step out on the relationship, you may need to pay close attention. She’s is an imperfect being and the urge or opportunity may arise at some point in your relationship.

Take a look at the list of signs that tell you she just may be thinking of cheating and see if any of them turn a light bulb on.

She’s Not Satisfied Sexually

Because of the hormone oxytocin, a woman normally develops a bond with her partner when having sex. If you guys were going at it strong and it was basically her idea, but she’s not asking you anymore… this could be one of the signs she’s thinking of cheating if she’s not already cheating.

She Locked Her Phone

If all of a sudden she’s overly protective of her devices like her laptop or cell phone, she could be hiding something. Does she act funny or defensive when you’re around and she’s on one of them?

Dating coach Johnathan Bennett agrees that when a woman starts guarding her phone and closing the laptop when you enter the room, there’s something going on she doesn’t want you to know about it.

Her Job is Now So Important

Normally, you know her routine, but lately, she’s hanging out more with her co-workers or even staying later at work or so she says. She does more work-related activities which don’t include you now, including business trips. These are the signs she is cheating at work or at least crushing on someone at work.

She’s Unpredictable

When your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to be at home or go out with you, she could be seeing someone else. If the girl’s night out becomes so important she’s not tending to chores and staying out to questionable hours, you may want to secretly install a tracking device.

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Yes, it’s a little dishonest, but you want to know what’s going on, don’t you? I mean, these are signs she cheated on you last night so to get answers, you need proof and with the tracker, oops… there it is.

She Had a Birthday

11 Signs She’s Thinking of Cheating On You sexy-bride-amp-bridesmaids-lying-in-bed-before-wedding_8353-60Birthdays do something to some people. They start thinking about what their life is or what direction it’s going in. If it’s not the way they think it should be at 30, 40, and especially 50, women, in particular, think they can fix it with an affair, claims the author of Infidelity: A Survival Guide and psychologist Don-David Lusterman, Ph.D. Makes no sense to me whatsoever, but okay. It is what it is.

She Insists That You Go Out

When your significant other almost pushes you out the door, you may want to question the motives. Normally, the woman complains she doesn’t get enough time with her boyfriend or husband, but when the tables turn, it could be yet another one of the signs she’s thinking of cheating.

Her Attitude Stinks

Now, she’s complaining about the things she once loved about you or maybe criticizes the little things you do. This is a clear sign something’s wrong in Mayberry. There could be someone new in her life she’s anxious to see. But if she starts giving you gifts for no reason, you guessed it… signs she cheated and feels guilty.

She’s Unbothered

This is perhaps the most important sign she’s thinking or is cheating on you. When your woman doesn’t seem to care that you came home at two in the morning, you need to wake up if you interested in keeping her at all. This woman is emotionally involved with someone else. The next step is physical. What are you going to do?

Revenge Cheating

Cheating to get revenge is typical. Women use these affairs to gain their self-confidence back. Because of your lack of interest, she may feel undesirable and look to someone else who’s giving her the attention she desires.

She Withdraws

A woman will isolate herself from the man she loves when she thinks about cheating. If you guys were texting and calling each other several times a day and it’s trickled down to a couple times, she’s probably giving that attention to someone else.

She’s Over You Already

A woman will generally move on to another relationship if she’s ready to break up. If this is the case, she doesn’t care what you do. She’s mentally and physically done with the relationship. It may be a little too late, but this is how to tell if she has cheated.

See Any Familiar Signs She’s Thinking of Cheating?

Cheating is more common than we may like it to be according to the evidence published in Social Science Research. They prove 1-4 people have either cheated or will cheat on their partner. Of course, there are physical signs your girlfriend is cheating. Some are obvious while others are not so evident.

While there are all kinds of red flags and signs she’s thinking of cheating, it’s up to you to either fix the relationship, forgive and forget or to move on. If you decide to continue on with the relationship, don’t bring it back up every time she’s late for dinner or an appointment.

Communicate how you feel and your desire to keep the relationship healthy and happy. Get to the root of the problem. Surprisingly, relationships are often stronger after an affair or traumatic experience, but we don’t want to see you on the Jerry Springer show. With this in mind, keep it classy and private.

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