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You know you’ve had too much sex when your body starts to react to it. But really, how much is too much when according to an online survey approximately 70% of sexually active females have multiple orgasms?

What’s too much sex? When speaking about sex and what’s too much and what’s not enough, Dr David Delvin and Dr. Christine Webber knows there are limits. However, the celebrity sexual health couple says if you can have two or more orgasms, then there’s room for more.

Nonetheless, the couple decides when it’s enough, but please play this video. The ladies at The Real will shed more light on the subject. 

Robert Weiss, author and sex therapist, agrees as only the individual knows when his or her body is in disagreement with the current and sudden changes. However, the experts are up in the air about whether or not sex is an addiction.

Characteristics of a Sexaholic

In comparison to gambling, drugs, or alcohol, would compulsive sexual behavior qualify as an addiction? Red flags are obvious, but let’s go over a few to see if they match someone you know even if that someone is you.

  • The first sure sign of a sex addict is when they participate in risky behavior or obsessive behavior, like watching porn in the middle of the day or attempt to pick up strangers and seduce them for sexual gain.
  • Secondly, the sex addict puts having sex over important tasks like household chores, hanging out with friends or even going to work.
  • Thirdly, when you disregard the consequences of your behavior and you know the result of your actions is not going to turn out well in the end.

Dr. Weiss believes the increase in sexuality could lead to a more involved and provocative experience. When you see yourself drawn into situations you may have otherwise found uncomfortable or goes against what you believe in, you may want to rethink what’s happening in your life.

In light of this, we should take a look at a few of the disadvantages of sexually active individuals or rather what happens to the bodies of overly active people.

Having Too Much Sex Causes Infections

The experts say there’s no such thing as too much sex, but where’s this odor coming from and the pain when I pee?! The good, the bad and the ugly of too much sex could be a bladder or vaginal infection.

What’s more, is a painful urinary tract infection. If you have never had one, I suggest you take my word for it and avoid it at all costs.

Having a UTI is one of the most uncomfortable sexually active side effects, to say the least, and it can require treatment from the doctor.

To help prevent this from happening, you should pee before and after sex plus drink cranberry juice and lots of water daily to flush toxins out the body.

In addition, you should also use a lubricant to avoid scaring or tears, especially if you’re not taking the time to enjoy foreplay. This is particularly important to older women due to the side effects of menopause and aging.

According to Prevention, you should look for the typical indications of an infection. They include:

  • A sudden increase and urgency to urinate but almost nothing comes out
  • It burns like you’re on fire down there
  • Urine could be cloudy, pinkish looking or even bloody
  • Pain, odor, and discharge

Extreme Back Pain

The experts say there’s no such thing as too much sex, but what about my back? The back pain comes from all of the long and hard thrustings. They say you can try different sex positions which takes the pressure off, however, I would refrain from having sex for a while. Back pain is almost like having a toothache… highly uncomfortable! 

Climaxing Becomes Difficult

You may be wondering how many times in one night can a guy come? Well, what I know is a man can have three orgasms in a row and within 10-15 minutes. Oh, yeah… he surely can.

With that said, sexologist Ava Cadell, Ph.D. explains there’s a difference, however, in orgasm and in ejaculation. “The orgasm is the part of the sexual experience that happens between two and seven seconds before ejaculation. Ejaculation is the final step of stimulation and involves the release of semen.”

But if a couple has too much sex, both may have trouble reaching a climax. No worries, a couple of days of recovery and you’ll be on the road again.

Just Plum Wore Out

portrait-of-a-yawning-student-girl-at-the-desk_1163-2569 Experts Say There's No Such Thing as Too Much Sex
When you can’t perform your duties during the day because you’ve had too much sex, it’s time to get some rest.

How many times can a woman come in a day? Well, when you take into consideration women are capable of having up to 20 orgasms in a single lovemaking session, how many times in a day would she want to have sex?

When you engage in sexual activities beyond your normal, other side effects happen because of it. Overdoing sex can have a draining effect on you and well, you’re tired all of the time.

And you know, just thinking about coming 20 times makes me limp, so I don’t think it’s something I want to happen every day. I’m just saying, honeymoon or not, can a girl get a break?

Vaginal Dryness

When you have too much sex, the vagina may feel dry and in some cases, extra dry. The more you have sex, the less a woman is able to produce natural juices. Yep, and for the men reading this, we just want you to know forcing your joystick inside can be painful. How?

Well, the woman can develop tiny micro-tears down there which causes the pain. With this said, it is possible for you to tear the kitty up, so watch it. Be more considerate next time!

Swollen and Sore!

The experts say there’s no such thing as too much sex and I’ve heard plenty of men say a good thrashing never hurt anyone, but they were wrong, wrong, wrong! Sex can be extremely painful to women who’s vaginal walls are thin. Thrashing causes friction and irritation.

It can also cause the labia to become swollen and sore. That just makes it more difficult to have sex and to sit in a comfortable position. 

Heart Attack

People have been known to have a heart attack from too much sex!
Well, when having a heart attack is the result of having too much sex, it’s time to stop.

Although it doesn’t happen every day, you hear about it from time to time; Man dies of heart attack while having sex” with his wife, girlfriend or a prostitute. It can happen to women, too, so if you have experienced heart failure, you may not want to be on your back while having sex. It can cause fluid to develop in your lungs and the results could be less than pleasurable.

If you have unstable cardiovascular disease, you should be treated and stabilized before having sex,” says Glenn N. Levine, M.D. He’s the director of the Cardiac Care Unit at the Michael E. DeBakey Medical Center in Houston.


While you’re having fun, your eyes are going through changes. No, I’m not kidding. Check it out next time after you do the nasty. The blood vessels “pop” when you have sex, however, it’s temporary and will heal on its own.


Well, hold on to your hats everyone… this one sounds somewhat unbelievable, however, it must be true. I know it was my ah-ha moment.

The truth is sex increases Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT destroys a man’s hair follicles and he will start to lose his hair as a result of having too much sex. (Yeah, I see ya’ trying to picture all of the bald men you know.  hahaha! That’s too funny.) 


How often do married couples make love? Well, it truly depends on the couple. For those who go at it hard and heavy, just remember, the Honeymooner’s disease is real, honey.

You should also keep in mind there are always consequences for doing too much of anything. I don’t care if the experts say there’s no such thing as too much sex, unfortunately.

Sometimes, one partner may feel obligated to have relations but reluctant to say anything. This can cause the partner to become distant, says Kat Van Kirk, a certified sex therapist.

While you should enjoy life, take matters in moderation. Relations may be good now, however, you shouldn’t have to pay for it later. Just make sure you’re both okay with having a great amount of sex.

Anyways, it’s about time for my date… I hope I remember my own advice. (LOL) Y’all share this blog and let them know the experts say there’s no such thing as too much sex. If it helps you or if you know someone who should be reading it for whatever reason, I’ve done my job. Y’all have a good one… I’m out.

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