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When it comes to applying our daily makeup, we sometimes fail to acknowledge if our glam routine is doing harm to our skin. We all make an effort when it comes to beauty, but when it comes to your skincare, do you know the common makeup mistakes to avoid?

These recommendations are made to fit oily to dry skin. It also helps if you have blemishes or large pores. These treatments will leave your skin feeling cleansed and amazing. Here’s how to make up for your makeup mistakes.

Prep the Skin

Of the top 10 makeup mistakes, applying makeup to dirty skin ranks high on the list. Before putting anything on your skin, you should prep first using a facial tonic lotion and cleansing gel. I prefer using a tonic lotion that has a delicious, refined mixture of natural extracts.

makeup young-woman-with-cosmetic-lotion-and-cotton-pad_23-2147649469 Make Up for Your Makeup Mistakes
Be careful of the ingredients in your makeup as you put that on your face. It’s equally important to know what’s in your makeup remover.

The cleansing gel should be a soap-free, foaming gel that removes pollutants and impurities from the skin, but mild so it will not disturb the natural balance of moisture in the skin. You’ll only need a little of this to feel revived, like the morning after a rainy night.

Natural Makeup Remover

Take off your foundation with a makeup remover. Check to see if it’s a dual base, non-greasy formula that will remove even cantankerous makeup and leaves your face feeling sensational.

The best makeup remover will have antioxidants and demulcent properties, which allows you to get rid of the oil and dirt effectively, but gently. Sleeping with your foundation on is one of those makeup mistakes that age you.

Use a Primer

The one question women ask all the time is “Why does my foundation break up on my face?” Well, are you using a primer and a moisturizer? Using a primer only extends the daily wear of your foundation. It soothes while it’s fighting dryness, fine lines, excessive oil, and enlarged pores.

makeup master-class-make-up-girl-makes-make-up-to-her-friend_1321-1461 Make Up for Your Makeup Mistakes

Your foundation should go on smoother, giving you a look that lasts for hours longer. Makeup artist Jessie Powers says “Thicker, creamier formulas are usually made to provide fuller coverage, which means they’re packed with more pigment.”

Store Makeup Properly

Do store your makeup in a cool, dry place and not in the bathroom. Storing it in the bathroom only lessens its effectiveness and can cause bacteria due to the moisture. Also, keep it away from heat and sunlight. All of these elements can do serious damage to your radiant skin and ruin your cosmetics.

If your vanity is not separate from your bath, keep it in your bedroom on your dresser or makeup table. Storing makeup in a nice case will provide a dark and organized space for your line of toiletries.

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Makeup Tips: What Not to Do

  • As tempting as it is, do not sleep in your makeup. Sleeping in your makeup can cause exposure to free radicals and free radicals break down collagen. Makeup is like a magnet and it will hold on to toxins, cause clogged pores, acne, damaged skin and without collagen, the results could be fine lines.
  • Stop using the same color eyeliner. Use a different color eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line. If you’re going for a soft touch, use a light shade on the bottom lash and on the top, the darker shade.
  • Avoid using makeup with a lot of potentially dangerous chemicals and ingredients, especially if you wear makeup every day. Makeup can be absorbed into the skin and in reality, you can take it in through the lungs. Natural ingredients in makeup are likely better for you to use rather than run the risk of allergic reactions and health problems.
  • If you have thin lips, don’t use dark lipsticks. They make them look smaller. Use bright colors instead.
  • Always clean cosmetic brushes and do not share them. It’s possible to transfer bacteria this way. While applying makeup, the brush spreads germs all over your clean face. Attempt to clean cosmetic brushes weekly if not after each use.
  • Refuse to use makeup that is expired! Look for and read the dates on your products. Using makeup that is out of date can cause skin irritation and infection. Lipstick is one of the products to watch out for due to it being present in your mouth. Trash them after a year. If there is an unusual odor or flakiness, toss them in the can. Liquid and cream foundations that have started to change color or appears to be crumbly after a year should not be used. Powder makeup should last for a couple of years.
  • Do you remember when your mother told you to smile as she applied your blush? Well, don’t do that anymore. When you return your face to its natural resting position, the color on your cheeks is now lower than it should be.
  • You shouldn’t use an under-eye concealer two shades lighter than your complexion or skin tone. Use one shade lighter or a half shade than the foundation. If you don’t wear a foundation, then choose one close to your natural complexion. It will brighten the skin under your eyes without creating a contrast.

Break Up to Makeup

As another piece of makeup advice, don’t be a follower. Not every trend is for you. While Becky may look fab in extremely long lashes, you may not. Don’t wear cool blue shades or draw on eyebrows if it makes you look like a cartoon character. Stay true to yourself and not to the trends.

Make Up for Your Makeup Mistakes

Do treat yourself to a professional makeup artist at least once a year. It will give you a fresh face and you’ll also get some great tips replacing your makeup mistakes. 

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