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Lately, I’ve been giving some thought to that man and his sex that makes you cry. Not like the boo-hoo-ing you do when you’re upset, but there’s just something different about his sex. A woman crying during intercourse generally means she’s in pain, right?

But in this case, you’re emotional because it feels amazing and maybe, you’re so overwhelmed with emotions that it makes you cry. This is something that happens to women and just so you know, men, too.

What is this? It’s called postcoital dysphoria (PCD), postcoital responses, or “crymaxing.” Yeah, it’s totally unlike the usual effects during or after sex like firing up a cig or going fast asleep. Well, I hope those things don’t happen during sex, but it does happen afterward and sleeping occurs far too often. But given that it happens, some men think if she cries she loves you.

What About His Sex That Makes You Cry? Woman sitting on the side of the bed, head down, crying, pretty hairstyle
Women aren’t always crying because they are sad… there is such a thing as crymaxing, which is good.

When I started to cry the first time, I was surprised and I felt embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do or who to ask about it. We didn’t have the resources we do these days. Any time we’re confused about something now, we Google it.

However, it didn’t happen all the time and especially, not with every guy I was with, so I had to ask myself what is it about his sex that makes you cry? What was this phenomenon called? After I researched it, the act resulted in a name I had never heard before, but I was relieved it was an actual thing and I wasn’t the only one crying during sex.

What are Postcoital Tears?

Well, what we do know is not all tears are because we’re sad. I found it was caused by endorphins plus some intense emotions coupled with intimacy. All of this together can make anyone have a crying orgasm.

Crying during sex for me was all about how I felt about my partner, therefore, the chances of it happening with someone I didn’t have the same connection to was slim to none. As I was reading, I found Jan Day had some interesting information.


Day is a relationship expert and was quoted saying, “Sex comes in different flavors and colors, so there are different reasons why” his sex that makes you cry doesn’t make other women feel the same way.

Coach Day went on to say in an interview with the Telegraph that the “release of oxytocin magnifies emotions, which promotes “good feelings,” trust, and empathy. Because of these feelings, you find it’s much easier to let go of those pent-up feelings in the heat of the moment during sex.

While there isn’t much research on PCD, I can also tell you postcoital dysphoria causes panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. You want to talk about a serious love hangover, this is it. Who wants to have a panic attack after intimacy? No one, I tell you, no one!

If that isn’t enough, you’ll be shocked to know more men experience PCD than women! How can that be when men are experts at separating sex and intimacy. When women are in heaven, men are somewhere on Mars Drive daydreaming about the brand new GT 500.

Is There a Connection Between Closeness and PCD?

Robert D Schweitzer, PhD, Jessica O’Brien, MA (Clin Psy.), and Andrea Burri, PhD all got together and completed a study which they published in October 2015. The survey involved 239 women and examined the connection between a woman’s “attachment anxiety and avoidance, differentiation of self, and the experience of PCD symptoms.”

Of those women, 46% experienced PCD only once in their lives, but only 5.1% had symptoms within the last month. The outcome of the study was vague. PCD is not researched enough and unfortunately, they couldn’t find a connection between closeness in intimate relationships and PCD.

Intimacy, Lust and Just Sex

When you’re mentally in touch with your man, he can make a woman cry and she’ll like it. However, you don’t need sex to feel close to them. You get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about him. The sexual tension is exciting but you’re twisted about it becoming a reality.

You want him, but you don’t want to do it right now, but you do, don’t you? But, you don’t. Yeah, I understand. Been there, done that. You want these lustful desires to flourish into something more meaningful, so when you are intimate, it’s with someone you care about and with any luck at all, the feeling is mutual and his sex will make you cry.

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Thank goodness, it doesn’t happen to everyone, so what is it about his sex that makes you cry? He’ll hit every nerve in your body simultaneously and you’ll cry because you literally can’t help it. Because it was so good, you’ll want it again.

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