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We have all believed in our share of myths at some point in our lives. Some of those theories, including silly bra myths, have been debunked and busted with time. Still, some of the old wives tales continue to stay with us. However, you shouldn’t let the past weigh you or your girls down. Get them the support they need and deserve.

We listened to a couple of the experts and brainstormed some of our own tried and trusted ways to care for a bra. We did the research just to share with you some of the myths and truths about wearing a bra. Let’s bust some of those bra myths for you and give you a peek into some facts!

White on White is the Way to Go

Whoever said going matchy-matchy with a white color bra for a white top, surely did not try the look. Not only is a white bra too evident and clear from underneath your white top but it spoils your looks. The color you should pick for wearing under white or light pastels is beige, nude or skin color.

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Red Under White is Strictly a No-No

Wearing a red bra under a white shirt used to be an OMG thing in the past but not so anymore.

Josie Soft Cup padded push-up Lace bra with a low-cut plunging neckline frames your cleavage beautifully.Are You Still Falling For These Bra Myths?
Josie Soft Cup padded push-up Lace bra with a low-cut plunging neckline frames your cleavage beautifully.

You can just as easily wear red under a white shirt as the color surprisingly blends well with white and with skin that has red undertones.

Go Easy on the Washing

Let’s face it. The pollution and sweat levels today are simply OTT. And not washing your lingerie every day is simply inviting germs in for a stay. You don’t want to wear yesterday’s sweaty bra after a bath!

Hand Wash Only

There is no doubt washing your bras by hand is the best way to go about it, but it does not mean you can’t put them in the washer. Place all your bras with their hooks clasped in a mesh bag specifically for this purpose. This is one of the old bra myths that have changed. 

Tightening the Bra Strap is the One-stop Solution 

Tightening those straps can only help you as long it is only the straps that are loose. The bra should fit you well from the straps, cup, and the under band area. You can refer to the bra fit guides that are available online.  Bra expert Natalee Woods says that It’s definitely not the cups or the straps, but the bras’ band that truly offers most of the support—if not all.”

Loose is Comfortable

In fact, it is quite the opposite. In a loose bra, the breasts hang loose, jiggling around and you end with a breast pain at the end of the day.

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Once a 36, Always a 36

This is one of those bra myths which certainly needs reviewing. Your bra size has changed from what it used to be. Jene Luciani, author of The Bra Book reminds us that many things affect a woman’s bra size: hormones, aging, weight loss, and weight gain. Yes, we know – you thought you had the perfect size in your hand, however, as your body changes, so will your breast size.

You should get resized if you have lost weight or if your breast density changes. Take a look at the bra size charts the next time you go shopping for bras. You may not know this, but with so many lingerie brands in the market, whenever you switch brands, there might be a slight variation in the bra sizes between two different brands.

Two Wears is One Too Many

Wearing your bra straight for two days is definitely not the way to extend its life.

Are You Still Falling For These Bra Myths?woman wearing a plus-size-josie-soft-lace-bra_coral
The Josie Soft Cup Lace Bra is as sexy as it is comfortable. Perfect to wear every day. It features a soft lace with breathable cotton lining, triple hook/eye closure, and underwire and adjustable shoulder straps for support.

Your bra has done some heavy lifting during the day and it needs time to get back into its shape. Over-wearing the bra over time will only shorten its life.

Heavy-duty Boobs Gives You Back and Shoulder Pain

It’s not the girl’s fault but the wrong size bra that gives you pain and discomfort and not the bra. (I bet some of you Double D’s would argue this is not one of the many bra myths.) Clovia has an amazing bra size calculator that will give you your size and they have just the thing for you: full coverage bras.

You Can Get Cancer from Wearing a Bra

This one is the most outrageous bra myths amongst them all. Don’t believe the hype. Wearing a bra will not give you cancer, not even the underwire or dark colored bras.

A Bra is Forever

Nooooo, this is another one of those horrible bra myths and you know it. Bras don’t last forever, however, when kept in rotation with at least two or more bras, a good bra will last you up to a year. When it’s time for a bra change the signs will become visible to you. You’ll start to notice broken hooks, loose straps, and those annoying underwires poking out.

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