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The ways to ruin a perfectly good date are plenty, but hopefully, you have not made the ultimate fail already. Meeting someone has become extremely easy thanks to social media and online dating sites.

Your next relationship could be just a swipe away! But despite this, dating is still difficult for some.

Men and women are confused, under pressure and they never know what to expect from their dates. But dear men, listen to this woman’s relationship advice to save your romantic evening.

These are the ways to ruin a perfectly good date

1Simply, don’t ask her

If you don’t speak up, you will never go on a single date successfully. However, if you think she’s the kind of girl you would like? Call her. Invite her to dinner.

Pick her up and choose the restaurant. We like a man who make good decisions, that saves us from having a panic attack and lets us relax, at least, from making date arrangements. And, by the way, we appreciate your efforts to make it special.

2Go on and on

Want to ruin a perfectly good date? Talk an about your gym routine for an hour straight. Or your car engine. Or even worse, your amazing seducing skills. Don’t bother us with annoying monologs trying to show how amazing you are when you can’t hold a candlestick to the toothpick guy. 

We don’t care about this kind of stuff and we will not enjoy your show. Or would you like we discuss the memoirs of the stiletto shoe? Try to keep the conversation alive and dynamic, it’s the best way to get to know each other.

And if you want to talk about yourself, give us information about who you really are, we are not looking for another empty box.

3Ask about the ex

Never do this. Forget they exist. This is the failed U-turn and is not a great idea to explore it unless we are already a stable couple. But, when dating, don’t do it.

If you want to survive the night, never make a comparison between the girl sitting in front of you and your hateful ex.

4Touch her body

If you want to ruin a perfectly good date, just touch her body on the first date. Whether she shows signs it could be okay, don’t do it unless she touches you first, but then and only then do you touch her hand lightly while she’s talking.

We are happy to see that you’re looking to get closer to us, but at the same time, we don’t like to feel like you’re not respecting us, pretending too much. Always respect our space and our timing. 

5Look at another woman

Yeah, just look at another woman. Go ahead and watch her walk away and watch us walk away at the same time. You’re just on a date for a few hours and then you’ll be back to your wild single life. Please avoid looking at that “amazing waitress” while you’re sitting with us. Don’t be rude.

6Ways to ruin a perfectly good date? Be boring

No one likes to be on a first date with someone who doesn’t have anything to say. Why not make her laugh? Conquer the smile of a woman, and you’ll conquer her heart. It’s so easy. And you don’t need to be a clown to do it.

7Ask her to pay the check

Yes, we are modern women, strong, independent and free. But this does not mean we don’t like the fact that you’re offering us a dinner. We know that we could pay it if we want, and we want you to have this clear in your mind. But, we still love chivalry.

Ways to ruin a perfectly good date? Ask her to pick up the tab

Now, you know ways to ruin a perfectly good date and, more important, what not to do on a date. Take the relationship advice and follow them, but most important, be yourself.

We are tired of all these masks and these games between men and women, just show us your true self and who knows, maybe there will be a second date. And a third. You never know.

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