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New relationships can be scary but they can also be exciting. Maybe you think you finally found someone you can relate to… someone you just click with immediately. Still, you make one silly little mistake and botch the new relationship up anyway. Perhaps my advice for women in a new relationship will help someone.

I’m shaking my head over the numerous times I’ve done this. Does it make me feel any better knowing other women have done it too? Heck no, but okay. We’re going to talk about it anyway. 

You both seem to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest and everything is just lovely. The last thing you want to do is ruin a budding relationship so you walk on eggshells.

Remember, there are stages of a new relationship and the last thing you want to do is worry or feel insecure. To help get rid of the new relationship anxiety, here are some things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship.

Pick and Choose… Pick and Choose!

You want to pick your new relationship like momma said to pick your friends… wisely. If you date a guy who tells you up front he doesn’t want a relationship, you’re giving your time to the wrong guy. Point blank… period. Nothing I say or do will help you if you continue to date him. 

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In this instance, you really must think like a man as they can see clearly the relationship for what it is and who you are. Yep, they surely can. If you act as though you don’t have your ish together, then men will ghost.

They see those red flags waving and they take heed. So should you, ladies. My best advice for women in a new relationship is you shouldn’t hook up with a guy who isn’t marriage material when you want to get married.

Continue Doing What You Love

Most of us have a side hustle or a hobby we wish we could turn into a profit making business.  Whatever it is, don’t stop doing you. Keep working on your dreams and your passions. It will keep you busy so you’re not constantly worried about what he’s doing.

Advice for Women in a New Relationship people-yoga-in-a-park_53876-30649
Continue to work on you and the things which make you happy, especially when you’re in a new relationship.

This is a clear sign of the start of an unhealthy relationship. I bet you your next paycheck, he isn’t giving up his activities to hang out with you.

Don’t Ask How He Feels

Men don’t always open up and discuss their feelings especially in a new relationship so don’t ask how he feels about you when you two just met. If he likes you, he’ll show it. If you’re feeling some type of way or having doubts and insecurities, keep that to yourself.

The truth of the matter is nothing he can say or do will change how you feel. If he continues to call and ask you out, it means he likes you, okay. Putting the pressure on him so soon will take all the fun out of the new relationship and he’ll do what? Yep, he’ll leave you hanging like a wet rug. Instead, concentrate on fun things to do in a new relationship.

Don’t Try to Impress Him

Women in a new relationship try to show men how good we are. It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking, taking care of business or just a good person. We want the guy in our new relationship to notice how caring we are as if he wouldn’t notice just by being ourselves. Okay. At the same time, he will also notice if we’re just fronting. Men think we’re desperate when we try to prove who we are, so avoid it. Relax and be you.

Relationship Tips for Girlfriends

I know some of y’all are confused and asking yourselves “What are ’rounds?” Well, ’rounds’ are the people we hang around. All of them are not really friends or close friends but you get together and do girly things.

You shouldn’t throw your girls under the bus because you are in a new relationship.

For those who have these superficial relationships, it could be the reason why you latched on to the new guy. But here’s the headline – No one likes a needy person. With that said, take my advice for women in a new relationship and stop acting like you’re brand new.

And another thing, what happens in a new relationship is women forget that just yesterday we were all besties and now, there’s no sign of girlfriend. Well, you can’t stop doing the things you did before you met this guy, not even quit dating other men. Don’t give up your power and independence for someone you don’t know. Dang…learn how to be patient in a new relationship.

Think, Speak, Believe and Exert Positivity

What guys want in a new relationship is a woman who’s cheerful and positive. There’s no one more beautiful and sexy than a confident woman. Just the same, there’s nothing more undesirable than an insecure and whining female. You know the one – she never has anything good to say, and she’s all about that drama.

Yeah… no, she’s not going to be in this new relationship long. Don’t worry… be happy is the motto. Let the sunshine in and let it flow out through your thoughts and words. You’ll be happier and so will the people around you.

New Relationship Advice for Ladies

Stress doesn’t do anyone any good. In fact, it can cause health problems. When you relax and let things happen naturally, the new relationship will turn out healthier. Give the man time to be a man. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

I know, you’re excited and hopeful, but don’t chase him and take care of yourself! You’re a terrific person and he’ll see this. If not, his loss, right? Yep, I know I’m right. Listen, if he doesn’t grow to love you, continue loving yourself. Just be patient and that’s my advice for women in a new relationship.

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