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Considering a detox weight loss diet plan to lose weight? Detox teas have endured generations and people have confidence in a weight loss diet plan to deliver various health benefits, so maybe you should consider taking detox tea as an option to lose weight.

The detox weight loss water recipe involves removing dangerous substances from the body to keep it working in the best condition. Stay clear of junk food, alcohol and cigarettes while you increase nutrition standards.

With this in mind, add fresh fruits, vegetables and good fats like almonds and avocado to your meal planner.  This way you’ll make the most of your detox weight loss smoothies and goals.

Green tea time

Hollywood celebrities cemented this allegation by claiming fast weight loss results after gulping several cups of green tea daily. So long as you are already engaging in healthy eating and exercise, a detox weight loss cleanse can prove advantageous when it comes to meeting your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, take in the hype with a pinch of salt because some believe there still isn’t enough scientific evidence proving detox teas work. The most important aspect is gathering as much information as possible before diving into a program or using detox weight loss pills.

The Best Detox Weight Loss Teas

  1. EveryDay Dandelion Tea – EveryDay Dandelion is made using the leaves and roots of the dandelion plant. It serves as a liver detoxifier as it assists in flushing out toxins and ensuring the body is well-hydrated.
  2. Lemon and Ginger Twin Tea – Wakes the body up in the morning, reducing appetite, treats common illness such as colds or digestive issues and other health-related issues.
  3. Yogi Detox Tea – Enhances the liver’s role in the body. It’s pocket-friendly and ingredients include naturally occurring herbs like dandelion, cinnamon clove and a battalion of other beneficial herbs. Yogi has exceptional reviews and there are many varieties to choose from.

What’s in the green tea?

The most popular ingredients in most detox weight loss teas are green tea, dandelion and milk thistle. Green tea contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals that damage body cells.

Consumption of green vegetables, black chocolate, and chocolate, in reasonable portions, of course, will assist green tea in removing waste, boosting nutrient absorption, and losing weight.

Being that, dandelion root helps in detoxification, it has a variety of minerals that dominate anti-inflammatory properties. Milk thistle has a dynamic ingredient known as silymarin, which has strong antioxidants that help the body fight disease.

The benefits come fast and furious

  • You will have glowing skin if you consume detox weight loss drinks consistently plus it will regulate your blood sugar
  • Detox weight loss program enables individuals to get good quality sleep which is of assistance to the body’s well-being
  • Reduces cholesterol, flush out toxins and converts food to energy, assisting weight loss
  • Acts as natural appetite suppressants thus reduce intake of food which automatically converts to weight reduction
  • For easy-breezy bowel movements, detox tea comes in handy and ensures the digestive system is performing at its optimum
  • A boost in the daily intake of water necessary for successful dieting

With all the benefits, it is perplexing to know detox teas do have side effects or does it? Unfortunately, like most fine stuff, it does. Detox teas have an active ingredient known as Sierra.

While Sierra aids in the body’s cleansing process, it has lasting effects that may cause health problems if taken for too long.


Facts surrounding a detox diet plan are not conclusive. Inasmuch as the popularity of detox recipes receives its motivation from the Hollywood vibes. Before you go out and buy hundreds of leggings and new lingerie, you should know the jury is still out and conducting research to prove or disprove detox weight loss tea.  

At the end of the day, weight loss teas won’t work alone. They need the companionship of regular exercise, proper rest, the right attitude and healthy eating.

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