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Admit it… you want to explore every inch of this man’s frame. You think about touching the most sensitive parts of a man starting from his sexy dome down to his manicured toes. But you’ve withheld having these special moments until you were sure it was right.

Still, you imagine rubbing his back down with some warm, silky oil, tracing his spine with your fingertips, and caressing his tight, round manly derriere. It’s a sexy scene but you could be missing some of the most sensitive parts of a man.

The time you spend together is absolutely special to you both. When you decide you’re ready, that’s the one night it shouldn’t be difficult to get him in the mood. But would you believe a study of more than 7,000 men proved only 21% said their genitals are the most sensitive part of their body? Only 21%… unbelievable. 

romantic-young-couple-kissing-each-other_23-2147891020 The Most Sensitive Parts of a Man to Get Him in the Mood

A popular dating site spied into 7,158 male member’s bedrooms to uncover the most sensitive part of a man’s organ or body. The study showed when men had to choose the most sensitive parts of the body to touch, a whopping 79% overlooked the box marked ‘crotch’.

But by taking the time for foreplay, mentally and physically, you can easily identify your man’s erogenous zones. Surprising, 75% of the male counterparts said they are okay with foreplay, but the others didn’t require it. In fact, 5% of men said they never take the time to stimulate their partner.

Additionally, a number of men prefer the woman to make the first move. Believe it or not, this is how you find out if a man enjoys pleasing a woman or not. Victoria Milan, founder and CEO of a discreet dating site specifically for married couples seeking individuals for extramarital affairs polled its male members.

The results show men are more erogenous than women seem to believe. On that note, let’s find out what you really need to know about the most sensitive parts of a man.

Spots that Turn Him On

Men love it when they don’t have to tell a woman how to touch him right. Sometimes, however, male erogenous zones may not be where you think. For example, did you know the survey revealed 13% agree the chin is one of the most sensitive areas of man to kiss?

Well… if you know what kissing does to a man, you should kiss along with his inner thighs, lower abs and of course, the neck. However, it doesn’t stop there. Read on for more of the most sensitive parts of a man.

Those Funny Looking Ears

Shower your man with pleasure by whispering dirty thoughts in his right ear. The right ear is associated with the portion of the brain which controls feelings like happiness. Touch him there with your teeth, fingertips or lips. Either way, he will certainly be aroused.

A Man’s Hands

The hands are among the most sensitive part of the human body. To test this theory, take his hand into your hand and massage it. If he’s got those pretty feet, grab them too and caress them. If you do it right, I can almost assure you a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Most Sensitive Parts of a Man to Get Him in the Mood
Happy couples touch. https://www.freepik.com

I don’t know how you feel about sucking toes, but I hear it’s to die for. If you’re like me and haven’t gotten to that point yet, suck his fingers instead.

His Lips are Sensitive Parts of a Man

This, too, is obvious for anyone who likes to kiss. You shouldn’t dismiss passionate kisses as one of the sex zones of a male body. Ever notice that little curve right between his outer and lower lip and his chin? Yeah, that’s the spot you should be aiming for.

But listen, before you lock lips, take his chin in your hand, begin sucking on his bottom lip while gently moving your tongue up and down his lip. This will make it hard for him, but if you want to take it up a notch, put a portion of his lower lip inside your mouth and suck on it. That’ll make him wonder what else are you capable of doing.

His Nipples are Sensitive Parts of a Man 

It surprised me long ago that a man liked his nipples touched. I was “young, dumb and broke” in my Khalid’s voice, so don’t judge me, okay. Haha, Anyway, people, it’s one of the most erogenous zones or sensitive areas of man to kiss.

The Male Body and His Neck

If you were to touch a man to seduce him, the neck would be an obvious place to start. Yeah, like us, he has nerve endings that we can tap into. The back of a man’s neck, Boo, is what’s happening. So, I was shocked to find only 12% of the men love it when you hit that spot just below their hairline or just above his collarbone.

young woman smiling at man cuddling The Most Sensitive Parts of a Man to Get Him in the Mood

Some men can be just as stubborn as they are sensitive. When they pretend not to be bothered, nibble on his ear while holding the nape of his neck, chile and he won’t be able to contain his enthusiasm any longer. And if you really want to show him who’s the boss, go for his “butterfly gland.” You can find the most sensitive parts of a man below his Adam’s apple.

Gently brush your lips against the hollow part of his throat. Then use your tongue and drive it straight up to his apple. Use wide movements with your tongue and in circular motions.

Inner Thighs are Sensitive Parts of a Man 

This spot is really close to his manhood, so it goes without saying, he’s highly sensitive in this area. It makes it simple for a woman to get him in the mood.

Arouse a Man by Touching His G-Spot

You hear so many men and women talk about how to arouse a man with touch. Many mention the G-Spot, but only on a woman. Well, news flash! Men have them, too! It’s the spot right behind his sack.

Yeah, touch that during an orgasm and he’ll appreciate it. However, you can best get to his G-Spot by the rear entry. This is that stuff that is spoiling men cause not every woman is going to do this.

At the same time, not every man will want a woman to touch him there either so ask before you go digging. You might strike a live wire and get shocked or socked. Whichever the case may be, I don’t want to be responsible for any injuries that may result in this technique. 

I also found a man’s eyelids and the back of his thighs are sensitive areas of man to touch. You can try those areas, too. By the way… 68% of men said they get turned on more by mental foreplay and with the body. Just food for thought.

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