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I’m sure every last drop was pure bliss, but now it’s all gone. You wonder what can you do with empty whiskey bottles? Of course, you can throw them out, but the most efficient way is to recycle whiskey bottles and use them at home.  

If you’re crafty or creative, turn them into a gorgeous piece of art that has a purpose. This way, you’ll have a souvenir that reminds you of the event and every sip of happiness the bird dog whiskey gave you.

With that in mind, here are 10 exciting ways you can recycle old whiskey bottles at home and turn them into a useful piece of art.

Table Centerpiece

Preparing for a wonderful dinner gathering with your friends? How about an exciting centerpiece made from your Jack Daniels bottles? Add some water and drop beautiful roses or lilacs into them. This will make a simple yet charming centerpiece.

If you wish to make it a little more creative, spray them with flashy colors such as orange, yellow, or pink. Add contrasting colors of flowers to the bottle to add charm to a candlelight dinner.

Etched Water Bottles

Etching the bottles to reflect the words from your heart in the most artistic way could be fun. Glass etching creams are available in the market. Use them with stencils to get wonderful designs and quotes etched to your whiskey bottles.

You can use them as serving bottles, during outdoor parties, or a backyard barbecue. You can find beautiful properties with gorgeous backyards through Treasure Coast Real Estate.

Personalized Lamps

Your interior décor reflects your inner style and persona. Use Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles to create mood lighting around your home.How to Recycle Whiskey Bottles Into Pieces of Art

Now you’re neighbor wants to know how to recycle whiskey bottles. Well, one idea is to fill the bottle with colorful pebbles or stones and use them as lamps in your home. You can coat the bottle with ceramic colors and use them for a lighting effect. This way you can experience an aura of soft light from your lamp that will look unique and stylish.

Hanging Lights

Create a simple yet classy décor for your kitchen and recycle whiskey bottles you wanted to keep as memorabilia. A beautiful row of hanging lights above the outdoor bar is a perfect accent to the backyard party. 

  • Pick out bottles of similar size and shape
  • Add small lights inside each of these bottles
  • Use a wooden plank to attach these bottles in a row
  • Suspend them from the ceiling

It will give a stylish vacation home a new look without much effort or expense. You can use different colors of light inside the bottles and use them in your garden as decoration.

Aroma Candles

If you are into candle making and have some aromatic mixtures, recycle whiskey bottles to make your own candles.

Cut the bottle down to size and pour the scented wax into the bottle. You can add a wick, colors, or cover it with decorative papers. Put them in your living room, dining room, or enjoy a relaxing bath and the fabulous scents.

Yarn Vase

Wrapping yarn over bottles gives an empty bottle a unique look. It belongs to both indoor and outdoor decor and can create a subtle, yet classy look to the setup.

  • Use different colors of yarn
  • Wrap the bottle starting at the bottom and move up to the top
  • Glue the yarn to the bottle
  • Decorate with paint or other materials on top of the yarn to add more fun

You can also use jute to give it a rustic look.

Fish Tank

The wide neck whiskey bottle will make an amazing fish tank. This is a space-saving idea that will look incredible. Fill them with brightly colored stones, add small plants, and tiny fishes. Watch as they swim in a bottle that once contained exotic flavors. This is one of my favorite ways to recycle whiskey bottles and makeover small spaces.

A Small Garden

The sight of small plants growing in bottles is interesting, don’t you think? If I was going to recycle whiskey bottles, I’d use them to create my own personalized garden. The balcony is the perfect place for this.  

  • Cut out a side of the bottle and plant herbs and spices you want to grow for your home
  • Attach the bottles to wooden planks
  • Hang them from the ceiling for your very own hanging garden

Plants will look exotic when displayed in the bottles, plus they are easy to maintain.

Liquid Dispensers

If you are wondering how to add glamour to your bathroom or kitchen, recycle whiskey bottles! Replace the tops with soap dispenser heads and use them in your bathroom or kitchen decor.

Finish the bottle with glitter, velvet cloth, yarn, or spray paints to add color or in any other creative way. Use the bottle to match the color theme of your bathroom or kitchen accessories to give it an extraordinary finish.

A Colorful Glass Wall 

If you have a collection of colorful bottles of similar sizes and shapes then you can create a vibrant wall. Get a metal frame that will serve as the door or window frame. Make provisions to fit 4-5 rods between.

Drill holes through the bottom of the bottles and thread the pipe through them. You can also experiment with different shapes and sizes of bottles in each rod. Place this art piece in such a way that light enters the bottles.

You can also use this to separate a room. The morning light will illuminate the entire place through the glowing bottles. This will be a sight you will never get tired of adoring.


You can also use these bottles as salt and pepper shakers. By recycling old bottles, you add an aesthetic touch to your home without paying a high cost at craft stores. You also do your small part for the world by reducing waste.

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