Need graduation party ideas? I mean, it’s an important day is a young adults life.  A signature photograph with flying graduation hats is a moment that everyone cherishes for life. You want to celebrate it with your family and friends because being a graduate is a big deal after all!

Making the graduation party a success depends on a well-executed plan with creative decorations, games, food, drinks, dance and basically everything that has to do with a party.

Acing the graduation party ideas

While lots of people prefer hiring decorators or ready-to-use decorations, you can always create your own party theme with DIY graduation party ideas and decorations. Here are some easy, doable and eye-catching DIY decoration tips which will leave everyone in awe!

1DIY photo booth

You want to capture these lovely memories in photos forever. To make these graduation party ideas more interesting you can create a quirky photo booth. Just pick any wall and paste a black chart paper.

You can put different handmade stickers like “Class of 2017,” cute bows, mustaches, graduation hats stickers on the wall to create “in the moment” pictures. For this idea check Pinterest for details.

2Speech bubble props

Create colorful and funny speech bubble props in different shapes like clouds, hearts or a thought bubble, etc.

You can have pre-written messages on them like “We did it,” “Happy graduation,” “Cheers!” In addition, make chalkboard speech bubbles where everyone can write spontaneous messages.

3Air balloons with photos

A galore of air balloons with nostalgic photos tied to their tail can create a visually interesting effect. Not just beautiful but these little details will make your party worth remembering.

4Memory Wall

The memory wall is one of my favorites out of the graduation party ideas. This wall will recreate magical and unforgettable moments spent with your friends. Put your funny, weird and best pictures as a collage on a wall and this will instigate all emotions in you!

5Graduation drinks

If you thought only cocktail drinks were stylish, then wait until you see graduation drinks! With a black and white straw and a black graduation hat, these drinks make a statement.

6Decorative Mason Jars

Use mason jars for creating interesting table decorations. Fill mason jars with different kinds of candies and insert speech props with messages like “Bookworms,” “Smarty pants,” or “Teacher’s pet.” This will grab everyone’s eyeballs.

7DIY graduation kites

Create a backdrop with black chart paper cut into several kites and make the tail out of colorful ribbons. Write interesting and funny messages on the graduation kites and stick them to the wall. You can also hang these kites on your lawn or on tree branches also.

8DIY graduation banners

Graduation banners are one of the most popular and appealing décors for graduation parties. Show your craft skills with this decorative piece; create different shape banners with messages like “CLASS OF 2017” printed them.

9DIY graduation centerpieces

Decorative centerpieces made with pen stands or bottles look very attractive. Tie a ribbon around the neck and insert some dried flowers and photo props. This is a unique and cute decorative piece for the table.

10Colorful ribbons

Hang a variety of colorful ribbons from the ceiling throughout the room. This will create an interesting texture and rainbow effect.

11Food table

This is undoubtedly the most searched for section at any party and it should look nothing less than exceptional. Use these graduation party ideas details to uplift the décor.

  • Keeping foods like macaroons, cookies, cakes, and brownies in a transparent jar look more appealing.
  • Keep a handwritten sticker with the dish name against each dish.
  • Decorate the wall next to the food table with stickers, pictures, balloons, ribbons or anything creative.


When you see a good light décor at the venue, that’s when you know it’s going to be a great party. The following graduation party ideas will light up your party and make it attractive looking:

  • Take an empty glass bottle and stuff them with string lights and keep several bottles together on a table.
  • Roll a string light roughly into a ball and hang at any place which needs to be lit up.
  • Wrap your plants with colorful string lights.

13Floating flowers vase

This part of the graduation party ideas is as simple as it sounds. Take mason jars or any glass vase, add water and put flowers of your choice. These can be used as centerpieces for food table or at the entrance of the venue. This is one of the best DIY floating flower vases you can create!

14DIY tassel garland

Tassel garland made with basic colors like black, white and golden ribbons goes perfectly with graduation party theme. Use tissue papers or ribbons for making tassels and tie them along a wire or string, hand it anywhere. It is a colorful and striking decoration idea.

15Sky lanterns

A classic way to end a graduation party is by lighting sky lanterns or sky candles with your family and friends for a hopeful and bright future. The sky filled with lanterns looks picturesque and postcard perfect!

Make your party a one of a kind of experience with these DIY graduation party ideas. Create moments which will stay with you forever because they won’t come back! Besides, think of all the money you’ll save.  

You’ll likely need all you can get after graduation. If you have more interesting ideas, share them with us. Maybe we can feature your ideas here!